Is Clearblue Pregnancy Test Accurate? Clear blue pregnancy test instructions & Review!

    Is Clearblue Pregnancy Test Accurate? Clear blue pregnancy test instructions & Review!

    When it comes to a pregnancy test, accuracy is all that matters. The Clearblue Rapid detection pregnancy test and the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy test have emerged to deliver the easiest testing experience with greater accuracy of all time. With this technology at hand, pregnancy test results can be found within a minute. This revolutionary design has been proved by women and has gone as far as winning a Red Dot Design award in the year 2012.

    What is the Clearblue Pregnancy test?

    This is a test that provides early detection of the pregnancy hormone, where 71% of most pregnancies can easily be detected six days before the missed period or, rather, five days before the expected period. Here are the features of a Clearblue pregnancy test;

    • It delivers a clear result within a minute- just from the day you missed your period; with this technology, you stand a greater chance to get the pregnancy result in as little as one minute. In the case that you are not pregnant, it will take up to three minutes to deliver the results.
    • It is developed to be the easiest to use- this test provides extra-wide colour-changing tips that, when results are positive, turn from white to pink; this Clearblue pregnancy test design features an ergonomically curved handle to give you the ease you need during sampling.
    • Over 99% accuracy-this pregnancy detection test technology has been proved to be absolutely accurate and clear, and it is trustworthy for all users.
    • Floodguard Technologyis a vital Clearblue technology that helps reduce the main cause of user error by over 70%, and this pregnancy test method is highly recommended.



    It is trustworthy

    It is more expensive

    It is fast and accurately

    It may not be accurate on the days leading to your period

    It is easy to read




    Can Clearblue Pregnancy Test Shows Weeks (with weeks’ indicator)??

    With the Clearblue Pregnancy test, you can tell how many weeks have elapsed since you conceived. It can be within one to two or two to three or even more than three weeks of accurate testing, just like how accurate the ultrasound is.

    Clearblue Pregnancy Test Instructions & Review

    The Clearblue Pregnancy Test Combo Pack involves two Clearblue Pregnancy Tests that feature smart countdown and also the Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy tests that offer you two functioning methods of pregnancy detection. This gives you a better chance to make sure that your pregnancy is positive or negative.

    With Smart countdown on the Clearblue, Digital Pregnancy Test will offer you actual results in words. This is the only tool that counts down to your final result. Once you use this pregnancy test method, you are assured of receiving correct results within one minute, if not three minutes latest. This device displays its results as “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant”. The “pregnant result remains for up to 6 months for you to share the news, whereas the “Not Pregnant” result lasts for 24hours approximately. 

     When it comes to another pregnancy test method which is the Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy test, gives you a visual sign of the test results. If you are pregnant, the tool will show you a ‘+’, and if you are not, it shows a ‘- ‘. If the results are positive, you will have to wait for one minute, while if it is negative, you will have to wait for another two minutes extra.

    Below is how you can take your self- pregnancy test;

    1. First, remove the test stick from the foil wrapper off the cap and use it immediately, then place the colour change tip for five seconds in our urine stream or in a urine sample collected in a clean and dry container. 

    Note: The color change tip will turn instantly pink showing that the urine is being absorbed but you have to hold the tip in the urine for the complete five seconds.

    The second thing you have to do is to wait for a minute for positive results or three minutes for a negative outcome.

    2. Read the results and if your results are positive, its best time you visit our doctor

    Questions and Answers

    Here are some questions that you can be asking yourself in the process of using the Clearblue pregnancy test.

    My result is “Not Pregnant”. What does it indicate? This can mean hormones that you are not pregnant, or the level of pregnancy may not have reached the high level that is enough to be detected. All you need to do is to test again after three days, and if it gives the same negative results and your period has not yet come, you will need to consult our doctor.

    My result is Pregnant. What should I do?

    You will be required to see your doctor for you to be advised on what you should do next. The doctor may wish to confirm the results for further advice.

    How can I test?

    It is okay if you take the test even five days before your unseen periods. You can have negative results, but later, you find that you are actually pregnant. This is possible when the test is done earlier than the expected day of receiving your period. Look at the following chart that contains the lab testing with early pregnancy samples.


    Days before the expected period





    Pregnancies detected






    1. How does Clearblue work?

    This technology detects pregnancy hormone known as Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin in urine. The tool’s test sensitivity is 25mIU/ml.

    1. Can any medication or medical conditions affect the result?

    The rule of reading the manufacturer’s instructions should be embraced for any medication you take before testing. If the results turn out to be contrary to what you expected, it is advisable that you seek your doctor’s insight after you have explained your past medical records and conditions. For the cases of ectopic or recent pregnancy, even if the pregnancy was terminated, misleading test results may be found. Common painkillers, alcohol, antibiotics, or being on a contraceptive pill can cause misleading results.

    1. I previously tested positive but again later tested a negative result, or m period has commenced. What does it mean?

    There is a possibility of getting a positive result and later turning out to be negative. This condition is termed as early pregnancy loss, which is not uncommon as it affects one in four pregnancies. The better part of it is that most women go-ahead to having a healthy pregnancy thereafter.

    1. Is there anything I need to do if I am planning to get pregnant?

    Before you try to get pregnant, it is better you talk to your doctor. Most doctors normally advise taking folic acid or prenatal vitamin supplements, quitting smoking, avoiding alcoholic drinks and maintaining a healthy weight. You may wish to consider an ovulation test to identify your most fertile days.

    1. How soon after unprotected can I test for pregnancy?

    Normally, pregnancy tests can be carried out right from the first day of your missed period, and if you are not sure of the exact date you will be having your period-irregular, you are advised to take the test a least 10 after having unprotected sex.

    Positive pregnancy test picture of Clearblue pregnancy test?


    How do you use an easy home Clearblue Pregnancy Test?

    There are Clearblue instructions that come with the test, and this is how you should use it;

    Unwrap the test stick and take off the ca

    1. Place the absorbent tip in your urine for around five seconds, or you can choose to dip it into the urine sample collected.
    2. Make sure you have kept the tip pointing downwards throughout the testing procedure.
    3. Ensure the cap is replaced and lay the stick flat
    4. Wait for one to three minutes 
    5. Read the results.