Is Walgreens Pregnancy Test Accurate? Instructions & Review!

    Is Walgreens Pregnancy Test Accurate? Instructions & Review!

    Pregnancy tests are conducted to determine whether one is pregnant or not. The tests are carried out either on a person’s blood or urine. They check for a hormone known as the human chorionic gonadotropin, which is produced in the body when a fertilized egg gets attached to the uterine wall.

    Blood pregnancy tests are conducted in a hospital setting, while urine tests can be taken either at home or in a hospital setting. Most people prefer the home tests because of their privacy, comfort, and ease of use.

    What is the Walgreens Pregnancy Test?

    The Walgreens pregnancy test is digital. It detects human chorionic gonadotropin levels in the urine. The human chorionic gonadotropin hormone determines whether one is pregnant or not. It has a piece of reactive paper that detects the hormone. After fertilization, the hormone levels start to rise, resulting in some of it entering the urine from where the test detects it.

    The indication pregnant on the results window means the test is positive. If the test is negative, the test indicates not pregnant.

    Pros of the Walgreens pregnancy test

    Simple and easy to use

    The Walgreens pregnancy test is so easy to use. You have to follow a few simple steps, and you’ll be done with the test. The test's simplicity allows it to be used by many people at home.


    The Walgreens pregnancy test gives accurate results. Most people who have used the product have attested to its ability to provide the right results—over 99% accuracy from the day of your expected period. Hormone levels vary from one person to another, but the test is good at detecting typical pregnancy hormone levels. That's five days sooner than waiting until you miss your period to test.

    Quick results

    When using the Walgreens pregnancy test, you only need 3 minutes of your time to get your results. Comparing this with the time taken when using other brands, Walgreens is way better at saving time. Most people are nervous when carrying out a pregnancy test, while others go to the extremes of getting stressed, so a quick one reduces worrying time.


    Another advantage of the Walgreens pregnancy test is that it can be carried out in different places. It is a small device that can be carried home. Most people love carrying out these pregnancy tests from the comfort of their homes.


    The Walgreens pregnancy test is sold at retail in most shops, whether physical or online. Who doesn’t want to purchase a high-quality item at a throw-away price anyway?

    Cons of the Walgreens pregnancy test

    In cases of home pregnancy testing and the result is positive, one has to go for further testing in a hospital to confirm the results.

    Can the Walgreens Pregnancy Test show weeks (with weeks indicator)?


    The Walgreens pregnancy test does show weeks. The Clearblue ‘Weeks’ estimator has a 93% accuracy index when testing your early morning or day’s first urine. The overall accuracy level of the Clearblue test when testing for pregnancy is 99%.

    The Walgreens pregnancy test instructions & review.

    Following the laid down guidelines is crucial when carrying out a pregnancy test. All the pregnancy tests come with instructions that may vary from brand to brand. To avoid getting faulty results, it is essential to follow these instructions.

    In most cases, the pregnancy tests come with a user manual.


    Steps to follow when using the Walgreens pregnancy test.

    There are two ways to carry out the Walgreens pregnancy test:

    1. A) The test can be carried out inside the washroom. It would be best if you exposed the testing stick to a running urine stream. Turn the device so that the absorbent tip on the test stick points Channel your urine towards the test stick’s absorbent tip for around 5 seconds. Afterward, remove the test stick from the stream and place the overcap over the wet absorbent end, keeping the absorbent tip pointing down. Wait for 3 minutes, then read the results.
    2. B) 1:Unwrap the Walgreens pregnancy test stick from the foil wrapper. Do this by tearing the foil.

    2:Remove the overcap.

    An overcap is the small plastic lid on the test stick. Overcaps are helpful because they protect the sensitive part of the pregnancy test stick.

    3:Hold the test stick with the results window facing you. That is for easy reading of the results.

    4:Dip the exposed part of the test stick into a cup with the urine. Allow it to soak for about 5 seconds. Caution: the urine level should not go beyond the plastic housing of the test stick. After five seconds, remove the stick from the urine and place it on a flat surface with the result window facing upwards. After 3 minutes, read the results.


    Always check for the expiry date of a product before using it. That is because expired pregnancy tests may give wrong results. When handling a pregnancy test, ensure that you store it at normal room temperature. Not very hot or very cold.

    When purchasing a pregnancy test, make sure that the package is tightly sealed. If the seal has been tampered with, don't use the test. That is because someone else might have used it.

    A pregnancy test should not be within reach of children. The device is also made for external use only. Don't attempt to insert the device inside the body.

    Thirdly, it is advisable to always confirm with your doctor regardless of the results before taking any further action steps.


    How soon after unprotected sex can I test for pregnancy?

    Most people test for pregnancy immediately after a missed period. However, with the Walgreens pregnancy test, you can test for pregnancy four days before a missed period. That means that you won't have to wait till it's late to know whether you are pregnant or not.

    Testing for pregnancy before a missed period may lead to erroneous results because it takes up to 6 days for an egg to get fertilized by the sperm. If you experience a rare type of period, you can take the pregnancy test ten days from the day of unprotected sex.

    There can be 1-3 weeks between sex and pregnancy because it’s a fact that conception does not necessarily happen immediately after unprotected sex. Therefore, it is most advisable to take a test after missing a period.

    How do you use an easy home Walgreens Pregnancy Test?

    When carrying out a pregnancy test at home using the Walgreens pregnancy test, there are a few simple steps to follow. First, you have to get your urine. Most doctors advise that you get fresh morning urine before eating anything.

    Second, get the pregnancy test stick and insert it in the urine stream, or it could be in a container. It's only the tip of the stick that is not plastic that should be exposed in the urine. After 5 seconds, get the stick and place it on a flat surface with the results window facing upwards. Wait for 3 minutes and then read your results.

    Is Walgreens pregnancy test accurate?

    Yes! The Walgreens pregnancy test is accurate. Home pregnancy tests are 99% accurate, given that one follows the instructions. They are just as reliable as those carried out in the doctor's office. Timing is what makes the difference in pregnancy tests.

    The Walgreens pregnancy test checks your urine (pee) for the hormone Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). The hormone is only made in the body when one is pregnant. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is released when a fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall when pregnancy begins. If your pregnancy test results are positive, it means you're pregnant. If they're negative, it means you're not pregnant. We only have those two options in pregnancy testing.

    Good timing means waiting until the first day of a missed period. Taking a test too early may lead to a false negative or positive. That is because there is not enough human chorionic gonadotropin in the urine. However, the faintness of the second line in the pregnancy test is proof of the stage of pregnancy. If the line is faint, then the pregnancy is ‘young.’

    A false negative pregnancy test is when you get a negative result after a test, but in real sense, you are pregnant. False negatives are mainly brought about by very early pregnancy test-taking. Your period might be late, according to you, but that could have been caused by other things that are not necessarily pregnancy. Some people experience irregular period cycles.

    What does it mean if the second line is very faint on the Walgreen’s Test Kit?

    The strength of the second line in the Walgreen's pregnancy Test depends on the amount of HCG in your blood. If the second line is faint, the HCG amount is too low, and you might be in the early stages of pregnancy.