Jetson Electric Scooter Review: Are they Worth it?

    Jetson Electric Scooter Review: Are they Worth it?

    Is Jetson Electric Scooter good?

    Electric scooters are becoming the new way of commuting around the town. Each generation of the electric scooter comes with lasting improvements touching the battery life, power, ride efficiency, run time, and cost.

    Jetson Scooters are the definition of perfect electric scooters. The sophistication used in designing these scooters beats any other in the market. They are made of top-of-the-class materials, and they’re strong enough to give you several years of service.

    So, how will you probably choose the best Jetson scooter? We have numerous choices, and the best will be the one that checks your performance, ease of use, and price specifications. In this article, we'll look at the best Jetson Electric Scooters and help you make a choice. Let's dive right in.

    Before that, what are the pros and cons of Jetson Electric Scooters?


    • The construction material used by Jetson in constructing the scooters is outstanding.
    • Jetson electric scooters can be folded easily for the convenience of use.
    • Jetson Scooters endure different terrain.
    • The technology used in making Jetson Electric Scooters is top-notch.


    • Some Jetson models don't come with a stand, which can be an inconvenience during parking.

    Here are the best Jetson Electric Scooters Models

    Jetson Knight Adult Electric Scooter

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    The Knight Adult Electric Scooter is among the best offerings of the Jetson Electric Scooter family. It comes with a sophisticated matte finish and an impressively sleek design. The Jetson Knight Adult Electric Scooter comes with two rechargeable li-ion batteries, meaning that charge and ride time have been highly improved. Each battery dishes about 16 miles on a full charge.

    Moreover, your Jetson Knight Adult Electric Scooter comes with a gorgeous LCD that shows your battery status, speed, and other important information. You can also change your speed using the numerous speed modes under the LCD.

    You'll have a turn-on headlight feature to beautify your night rides. Moreover, the bike is convenient enough to be easily folded and carried even when traveling by any other means. The scooter is equipped with a functional rear braking system for safety and smooth stops. Again, you get to enjoy the service of a powerful, noise-free 250 W motor. The motor is effective on surfaces with a maximum incline of 15 degrees.

    Pros and Cons


    • Cutting-edge finish build quality
    • Comfortable to ride on
    • Durable
    • Suitable for all-weather


    • The customer care could be better

    Jetson Element Pro

    The Element Pro is one of the best electronic scooters with an eye-catching finish and some of the most impressive features. One of its unique features is its compact size, making it an easy fit in your car's trunk or on a shelf. Moreover, the scooter spots a futuristic design that makes it extremely lightweight to carry around.

    Which other electric scooters do you know that have a phone holder? The Jetson Element Pro comes with a phone holder to ease your navigation. With a reliable rear-braking system, stopping is made hassle-free. For a better experience, install the RideJetson app on your smartphone.

    The Jetson Element Pro’s frame is strong enough to sustain any terrain and offers extra stability and balance so that you can enjoy a smooth ride. It has a 250W motor that has a top speed of 16mph. One charge can take you 12 miles.

    You can easily fold and unfold the scooter, which can withstand around 235lbs. The motor is effective on terrain with an inclination of up to 15-degrees.

    Pros and Cons


    Durable and lightweight body

    Speed modes work perfectly

    It comes with an LCD


    Hilling might get a little difficult


    Jetson Eris Folding Electric Scooter

    If you’re too cautious with your budget and still want something to give you quality service, the Jetson Eris Folding Scooter is your best deal. It is a portable electric scooter; that you can use and carry around quite easily.

    The Eris Folding scooter has a maximum speed of 14mph, and a single charge will last you around 12 miles. The scooter comes with an 8.5-inch pair of wheels for excellent grip on any surface. Its robust 250W motor is a bargain at this price point. Moreover, you get an LCD on the scooter's handlebars that show the remaining battery charge, current speed, and other metrics. Again, you'd never go wrong with its phone holder, which enhances convenience.

    The Jetson Eris Folding Scooter also has rear brake light and a headlight to enable safe night travel. The scooter has three drive modes; standard, eco, and sport. What more do you need?

    Pros and Cons


    Cruise control enabled

    Great build quality

    Has a mobile phone holder

    The 3-speed mode works perfectly

    The scooter is durable


    No pneumatic tires

    Jetson Echo Kids Electric Scooter

    The Jetson Echo electric scooter for kids is an attractive-looking low-profile, high-quality scooter from Jetson. It is an easy-to-ride option, and it never ceases to amaze with its sleek design. The scooter is all about balance, and you'll find it easy to ride through any terrain. If you seek a comfortable way of commuting from one point to another, the Jetson Echo is your ultimate choice.

    How about the scooter weighing only 16 pounds for an effectively lightweight design? You can comfortably fold it and put it back in its bag. That, coupled with all other bells and whistles, gives kids unlimited fun. Again, with an easy-to-access thumb throttle, parents don't have to worry about their kid's ease of ride as everything is catered for.

    The Jetson Echo Kids Electric Scooter gives you 6 miles on a single charge and its 8-watt motor cruises at speeds of up to 9mph. That is perfectly safe for young riders. It also has a phone holder and a rear-brake system that ensures your safety. You can incorporate the Ride Jetson app for a more interactive session.

    Pros and Cons


    Rear-brake system

    Fast charging feature

    The scooter is perfect for kids (no high speeds)

    Durable body

    The motor is not much noisy


    The handlebars can’t be adjusted.

    Jetson Quest Electric Scooter with Speed Modes

    The Jetson Quest has a distinct sleek matte-black finish. It comes with a 250W motor and gives a top speed of around 15 mph. However, the maximum speed is relative to the weight carried, as higher load amounts reduce it. Therefore, this scooter is not suitable for heavy riders for one reason or the other.

    The design and quality of the scooter are outstanding, and we also have a white variant. Again, the Jetson Quest comes with wooden handles that give it a touch of uniqueness and sophistication.

    Weighing only 30lbs, the scooter is not entirely weightless, but its weight is convenient enough to keep balance and enhance portability. Again, the e-scooter has a 270Wh li-ion battery that can take you around 18 miles on a single charge. Moreover, you get to enjoy an LCD-controlled infotainment system at the front that showcases your battery status, current speed, and other pieces of information.

    The battery is non-removable and, therefore, carrying a separate one is not an option. You also get a massive headlight on the front, mounted on the handlebar, and other multi-color LED lights around.

    Pros and Cons




    It has a reliable braking system

    Balances its value with features


    Plastic throttle body

    Has no phone holder


    Comparison Table


    Jetson Quest

    Jetson Knight

    Jetson Eris

    Element Pro

    Jetson Echo

    Motor Power






    Top Speed






    Travel Range

    18 miles

    16 miles

    12 miles

    12 miles

    12 miles

    Max Weight Capacity

    220 pounds

    220 pounds

    220 pounds

    235 pounds

    120 pounds

    Wheel Size


    8.5 inches

    8.5 inches

    8 inches

    8 inches


    Guide to buying the Best Jetson Electric Scooter: What Should Be Considered Before Buying?

    1. Range

    It's essential to consider the range of your scooter so that you don't inconvenience yourself in the case of an emergency. The range is dependent on the scooter's speed and your weight, and, therefore, it might vary from the advertised value. As a result, it is always better to go for the scooter with the maximum range.

    1. Scooter’s weight

    Is there a handle/strap for carrying the folded scooter? How heavy is it? An electric scooter's weight is essential, especially if you find yourself moving it around more often.

    1. Your Weight

    Jetson scooters can handle a maximum of 235 pounds. Anything above that will decrease its operational capabilities, and, therefore, it is essential to find something that can comfortably hold your weight.

    1. Tire Quality

    Jetson has both Solid and Pneumatic tires on their Electric Scooters. Solid tires are more efficient because they won’t require you to use a pump, but they offer bumpier rides. Pneumatic tires will also need replacement at some point.

    1. Safety

    Safety is a crucial factor to consider when selecting an electric scooter. How is the braking system? Does the scooter have a headlight for night travel? Check out those and other specs before purchasing your dream scooter.



    How much does the Electric Scooter cost?

    Ans: Anywhere around $399.99 and above.

    How long can it take to charge the Jetson Electric Scooter?

    Charging the Jetson Electric Scooter can take up to 2 hours. It has a red light that automatically turns green when fully charged. It is advisable to charge the scooter each time you deplete the charge.


    The Jetson Electric Scooter is among the best electric scooter models. It showcases pretty robust features to offer worthwhile competition in the market. Nonetheless, some major selling points are portability, a great design, and safety measures. Get yourself a Jetson Electric Scooter today!