Large Number & Simple Smartphone (Verizon), Flip Cellular Phones (AT&T, ATT), and Landline Phones for Seniors

    Large Number & Simple Smartphone (Verizon), Flip Cellular Phones (AT&T, ATT), and Landline Phones for Seniors

    1 - Why Do We Need Cell Phones for Seniors?

    As we grow older, many of our organs, especially our eyes, ears, and minds, function less effectively. Seniors have poorer vision, poorer hearing, and poorer memory than they did when they were much younger. Nevertheless, this doesn't negate the fact that seniors need cell phones to stay connected and safe or to meet peculiar needs. Thus, there's a need for cell phones built specially for seniors, considering their short-sightedness and other impairments.

    Seniors need cell phones that let them make emergency phone calls easily, meaning there shouldn't be complicated settings. Cell phones offer seniors many entertainment and safety benefits, including the SOS buttons and other useful features. For seniors, good cell phones will feature numerous health apps for monitoring and recording health information like blood pressure readings. These features can also be useful tools for setting reminders for when a senior has to take their medication.

    Seniors also need cell phones to connect with the outside world, ensuring they maintain social connections with friends and families. They are especially useful when those friends and family don't stay close by; they help combat isolation and loneliness. Moreover, good cell phones for seniors contain fun activities like video games specially suited for seniors. However, the cell phone has to be one they are comfortable with, or their purposes will be defeated.

    2 - What Kind of Cell Phones Do Seniors Need?

    The cell phones seniors get have to include features they will find useful and enjoy using. Moreover, older people are mostly used to old phone models and brands and aren't willing to change. Modern cell phones for seniors feature adapted technology that offers settings to make calling, texting, and connecting easy. A good cell phone for seniors should:

    • Be Kind on Poor Eyesight: The phone should not add strain to their already stressed-out eyes by having a large screen or add-on magnifier. These are the two major solutions to the changing vision of older people. A large-screen phone will have larger buttons and numbers and more surface area to view web pages, texts, and emails. An add-on magnifier works like a magnifying glass to enlarge the information on the screen.
    • Be Loud Enough for Poor Hearing: The phone should have a high decibel with sound, loud enough for someone with impaired hearing to hear. Smartphones typically can do many things without touching the keyboard, thanks to the voice-activated features they have. Besides ensuring the voice-control features are present, you want to ensure they have sound amplifiers to help them listen clearly. You can find phones compatible with hearing aids, but check to ensure both the phone and hearing aid match before buying.
    • Be Suitable for Poor Memory: The phone should be one a senior finds easy to use, without complicated features and settings. For example, old-fashioned landlines provide a quick way to contact anyone when in need of help. Smartphone manufacturers now include these features in smartphones. For example, SOS messages that let you send an emergency alert by pressing a button three times in a row.
    • Long-Lasting Battery: You will want a phone with long battery life, which means fewer charging worries. Seniors surely will not have to worry about charging up mid-day, a welcome relief. Look for a phone whose battery can last at least a full day, from morning till night. This is a great option for seniors looking for a phone to stay connected during full and active days.

    3 - Easy Unlocked Simple Smartphone:

    ●      Cricket Phones for Seniors: UShining Large Keypad Senior Flip Phone


    This cricket phone features a dual-screen, FM radio, a 2.8-inch LCD, and a large keypad with a red charging cradle. It is a classic style that's easy to use for the elderly, requiring only that you flip to answer calls. It has a large volume with knobs for adjusting and a built-in SOS button for emergency calls. The phone has a 1200-mAh battery that offers 200 hours of standby time and 300 minutes of voice talk, suitable for all-day use.

    It features an ergonomic body for a comfortable grip and an external color screen to see your caller's name and other information. Its large volume ensures easy hearing for seniors.

    ●      AARP Smart Phones for Seniors: ZTE Cymbal 4G LTE Phone Z-320


    This is a great and easy-to-use smartphone for the elderly, allowing quick and emergency calls, among other things. It has 4G LTE enabled, meaning you can play games and surf the net if you wish to without hassle. It has a 2.8-inch main display and a 1-inch external OLED display for comfortable viewing, so it puts no more strain on your eyes. The phone allows up to 15.5 hours of talk time upon full charge and longer on standby.

    It also has the Bluetooth 4.1 version and FM radio if you want to do other things on the phone. It is a very handy, useful, and highly convenient phone for the elderly.

    4 - Large Button 4G Unlocked Flip Phones for Seniors

    1.     Large Button Cell Phones for Seniors: Ushining 4G Cell Phone with High Volume


    This easy-to-use phone is designed specifically for the elderly, featuring big icons, fonts, and large buttons. It has a user-friendly UI interface, including messaging, multimedia, contacts, and call features. The phone has an enhanced speaker and receiver to make calls or any sound clear enough from the phone.

    The phone is compatible with H2O wireless, Best Cellular, Simpl Mobile, Ting, and several other service providers using AT&T. It has a 2.4-inch HD landscape screen and external FM radio that doesn't require a headphone. It has a design convenient for seniors, including separate function keys and a keypad backlight.

    5 - Large Number Cordless Phones for Seniors

    ●      Big Button, 40+dB Amplified Cordless Phone


    This easy-to-use phone made specifically for seniors features ten-speed dial memory buttons, among other things. It has a large keypad and Caller ID display light to ensure easy and convenient call making. It is a cordless phone perfect for seniors with eye or ear problems like vision and hearing impairment.

    The cool and stylish buttons are big enough for a senior to use without needing help. With this easy-to-use cellphone for seniors, your elderly can have an active, fun-filled day.

    6 - Landline Home Phones for Seniors

    ●      Easy to Use: AARP or AT&T Landline Phones for Seniors - Panasonic TGE433B


    These phones typically come with big fonts encased in extra-large backlit keys, which are easy to press and dial. These AARP or AT&T phones are best for seniors that are visually handicapped, with fully-automated and digital answering systems. You can easily read or get what's in it with the phone's LED message counter when any message comes.

    It features high-contrast black text for easy reading through the LCD. It records outgoing announcements or messages for up to four minutes and lets you add up to five handsets for your big family.

    ●      Landline Phones for Seniors Hard of Hearing: Panasonic Cordless KX-TG7875S


    This phone is especially great for seniors looking to set up a small or home-based business. With its Link2Cell synchronization, you can simultaneously pick up a call from two phones. That way, you can track calls while on call; plus, it is excellent for seniors with hearing impairment.

    It also has a talking caller ID feature that tells you your caller's identity without checking. It has a noise reduction feature that comes in handy when making calls in a crowd.

    7 - Which Phones for Seniors with Dementia?

    ●      Smartwatch GPS Tracker: AngelSense


    Angelsense smartwatch tracker offers an effective way of viewing your loved one's activities, including their movements. Attached to a senior with dementia, it helps their family know their whereabouts; it sends an instant alert.

    This tracker lets you communicate with your loved ones and locate them wherever they are. You only need to attach the AngelSense device to your elderly's clothing; it is only designed to be removable by the caregiver.

    ●      Smartphone for Medical Emergencies: Jitterbug Smart3


    This smartphone by Lively is equipped with advanced features like video chat and an emergency button. It is ideal for seniors with dementia, keeping them safe and providing a quick and easy way to request help. One of its advanced features is the Urgent Response button for emergencies; the phone automatically connects to the monitoring center if lost.

    With this on, every fall is detected, and the Urgent Response Agent is connected, all without pressing a button. Moreover, it contains Brain Games that are particularly useful for improving memory, concentration, and focus.

    ●      Tracfone LG Classic Flip

    The Tracfone LG classic is a budget-friendly "burner phone" that is simple to use. Although it is not specifically made for seniors, it is still a suitable choice and can serve as an emergency phone.

    It has a special SOS key that allows the user to contact preset emergency contacts with a single push. This SOS button is located on the back of the Classic flip, which makes it even easier to access during an emergency.

    It also features a 4G LTE national coverage and comes with a pay-as-you-go contract arrangement provided by Tracfone wireless. It has a 1470mAhLithium-Polymer battery that can provide 6 hours of talk time and last up to 15days using the standby mode. It features WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and is lightweight and durable.