List of 24 Cute iPhone 8 Cardholder Cases

    List of 24 Cute iPhone 8 Cardholder Cases

    Why is a phone case with a cardholder so important?

    Among the many types of phone cases currently available in the market, wallet cases or those phone cases with cardholders are one of the most unique and functional phone cases that you can find. Buying this kind of phone case for your iPhone 8 is not simply following the trend (they’ve been around since 2010); buying it means being intelligent in terms of space and in protecting your phone.

    The first of the many appeals of this kind of phone case for your iPhone is that it saves space and time. Forgetting your wallet, phone, cardholders, and ids that you are carrying is not new to most people. All of these are essential, so if one is missing, then it requires time, and what more if two or all of them are missing or misplaced. iPhone 8 cardholder cases partially address this problem, these cases do not guarantee that you would no longer forget where you placed your phone, but it minimizes the probability that you’ll forget anything. If you are using iPhone 8 phone cases with a cardholder, then your phone, cards, ids, and money are all together.

    Your phone is a frequent companion, and it is almost like a fashion accessory. As such, protecting it with fashionable, classy, sleek, and smart-looking phone cases with cardholders (wallet cases) is almost like hitting two birds with one stone. iPhone cases with cardholders are both unique and fashionable; at the same time, they protect your phone through the added bulk of inserting your cards into its holders. As you put cards on the holders, it becomes a little bulky, and this characteristic can serve as an additional shock absorber in the event of a drop. And this means a lot, iPhone 8 is quite expensive, and you will spend some bucks for repair so that additional bulk could determine whether you will pay for repair for a broken screen or damaged phone, or nothing at all.


    What to consider when buying an iPhone 8 Cardholder Wallet Cases

    1. Capacity is the most important thing to consider when buying wallet cases. Remember, you are looking for a phone case where you can put your phone and cards at the same time. Hence, check the number of cards that you can put. And if possible, check whether it also has some space for cash and receipts.
    2. Look at the material specification of the case. Not all cases are suited for your needs and circumstance. Do you work on a construction site? Do you always go out? Do you have children at home? Do you travel a lot? The durability of the case is affected by your surroundings. For instance, leather is a nice and fashionable choice, but it is quite pricey and not as durable as those made from nylon materials.
    3. Form factor. The folio factor should also be considered. Cases without folio display covers have bigger capacity and protection compared to those snap-on cases. However, despite the fact that the elegance and convenience cases without folio display cover offer, they might not work with wireless chargers.
    4. Charging Compatibility. Another consideration that buyers should remember is the charging compatibility. Check whether you can do wireless charging with that case or not.
    5. Same with everything, price should always be considered. Is it worth it? Is the price justifiable based on its specs? Am I going to pay too much? Is the price too good to be true? You should answer this question and assess the price based on the features and characteristics of the case.

    List of 24 different kinds of iPhone 8 cardholder cases

    1. Silk Innovation Q Card Case

    Silk Innovation Q Card case is one of the best on-the-go wallet cases for your iPhone 8. This case has a leather back and a cutout where you can store your cards. The cutout can also serve as a kickstand if you are watching a video, drama, or movie on your phone. At most, this case can carry three cards.

    1. Vena vCommute

    Vena vCommute is a space black wallet case with military-grade drop protection. This iPhone 8 case is both fashionable and durable as it is made from faux leather, polycarbonate, and thermoplastic polyurethane materials. Vena vCommute is truly a functional case as it features up to 2 card slot holders, metal plates in the flap, and a foldable leather flap that could double as a kickstand.


    1. UOLO 2-in-1 Case

    Uolo 2-in-1 case is a full-on replacement case and is a wonderful case with lots of cardholders. And though it has lots of cardholders, the cards will not touch the phone’s screen. Like the others, this case latches together magnetically. Moreover, the detachable case of the iPhone does not interfere with the Qi-charging of the phone.


    1. Tech 21 EVO Check Wallet

    If you do not want a bulky case and you are only looking to bring 2 cards, then the Tech 21 EVO Check Wallet might be the right fit for you. This wallet cover case offers a touch case, a protective cover, and a design that does not let the cards touch the iPhone’s screen.


    1. Dreem Fibonacci 2-in-1 Wallet Case


    Available in 9 colors, Dreem Fibonacci 2-in-1 Wallet Case is one of the best wallet cases for your iPhone 8. It has RFID theft protection in three cardholder slots. It could also comfortably carry three to six credit cards with remaining space for five to ten bills. This product also has a 1-year warranty period.


    1. UAG Metropolis


    If you covet texture when it comes to phone cases and does not mind a single card capacity, then UAG Metropolis might be a good contender. This case has a soft texture in it and a cool cover design case. The magnetic wrap also latches around the phone, which ensures a greater degree of protection.


    1. WenBelle Blazer

    A fashionable and durable faux leather iPhone 8 case that can protect your phone from occasional drops and splashes is what WenBelle Blazer is. This case is not so thick and not so thin either, which makes it a perfect case that will not worry you about carrying a too bulky item. It has three card slots and a currency pocket where you can place your essentials like IDs and cards.


    1. FYY Luxury Genuine Leather Case

    Created from the finest leather, FYY Luxury Genuine Leather Case is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cases for your iPhone 8. It has a good capacity for your cards. It also has a money sleeve where you can put some cash. In addition, this case has an RFID blocking technology which is a good safeguard against unwarranted things.


    1. Smartsish Wallet Slayer


    If you are not comfortable with cases with folio, then the Smartish Wallet Slayer is right for you. This TPU case has a silicone back where you can place up to three cards or IDs. The silicone holds the cards tight while maintaining an accessible characteristic.


    1. Moshi Overture

    If you are looking to bring 4 cards, some cash, and some receipts together with your iPhone 8, then Moshi Overture might be the one you are looking for. This full-on replacement case can bring almost everything into your wallet. You also do not need to worry about using your RFID access cards, as they can work just fine in this case. And there’s more, and this case also has a built-in screen cleaner.


    1. Speck Presidio Wallet Case

    A good shock-absorbent case is ideal for protecting your iPhone 8, and Speck Presidio Wallet Case has that quality. Made from polycarbonate (exterior) and rubber (interior), the impactium material of this case can offer as much as 10-foot drop protection. Speck Presidio Wallet Case can store as many as three cards.


    1. Belemay Leather Flip Wallet Case

    A premium and classy iPhone 8 case would surely awe you if it’s made from leather and has both comfort and convenience in it. Aside from being a slim fit, this phone case is also compatible with wireless charging. The foldable cover could also be used as a kickstand.


    1. Spigen Slim Armor CS


    Like some of the few in this list, Spifen Slim Armor CS does not have a front cover which makes it more convenient. It is also a slim phone case for your iPhone 8. This phone case has a sliding door on its back where you can place your cards and IDs.


    1. LAMEEKU Shockproof Case with Credit Card Slot.

    LAMEEKU Case is a less bulky option for your iPhone 8 case. It has a slightly hidden slot on the back of the case where one can store up to 3 cards. This case also has an RFID blocking technology to protect your cards.


    1. Otterbox Strada

    A fashionable on-the-go wallet is what Otterbox Strada is. Made from real leather, one would really be amazed by its aesthetic. This phone case is quite bulky, but on a positive note, it means more protection for your phone. However, despite the true leather and great protection, this case can only carry one card.


    1. Olixar X-Tome Book Case

    A fancy-looking wallet with a 2-card capacity describes this iPhone 8 case. This case does not have a latch but instead a magnet that is directly integrated into the cover, which results in a cleaner design.


    1. Incipio Stowaway hard Shell Card Case

    This iPhone 8 case can store three cards or IDs on its card cover. The card cover of Incipio Stowaway can also double as a kickstand.


    1. Silk Innovation vault

    Silk Innovation vault is quite the thicker phone case. But this extra-durable case is also a well-designed on-the-go phone case. You can store 3 cards in this iPhone 8 case, and you can easily access them through its nifty feature that pushes cards to the top of the card area.


    1. ZVE Zipper Wallet Pocket Purse Case

    Made from quality leather and TPU material, ZVE Zipper Wallet Pocket Purse Case is one of the best iPhone 8 phone cases that you could buy. It can store more cards compared to the others and up to 15 dollar bills.


    1. TUCCH PU Leather Wallet Case


    A highly useful case with 3 card slots and 1 money pocket is what TUCCH PU Leather Wallet Case is. Moreover, this case has a lifetime warranty.


    1. ZVEdeng Rotating Wallet case

    Despite only having 2 card slots and 1 money pocket, this iPhone 8 case still counts as one of the best due to its unique design. Its 180° Rotational Card Holder is a good feature that hides cards in the back.

    1. ULAK iPhone 8 Wallet

    ULAK iPhone 8 wallet case is an affordable but beautiful iPhone 8 case. Its folio is made from premium PU leather, while the inner case is out of soft TPU material. It is truly a convenient purse where you can store your card.

    1. MONASAY iPhone 8 Wallet Case

    MONASAY iPhone 8 wallet case is a highly durable case due to its double-layer faux leather. You can place 3 credit or ID cards in this wallet case and up to 4 bills.


    1. Bocasal Wallet Case for iPhone 8
    Bocasal is one of the good-looking wallet cases for your iPhone 8. It is made from genuine leather and is equipped with RFID blocking technology. This cover also allows wireless charging. Bocasal Wallet case for iPhone 8 has 3 card slots and a cash pocket where you can store your various cards, IDs, and some cash.