Microsoft Xbox One/ Xbox X Wireless Compatible Gaming Headset

    Microsoft Xbox One/ Xbox X Wireless Compatible Gaming Headset

    Need a new headset for your Microsoft Xbox One or Xbox Series X?

    If you're reading this, I'm assuming that you have just recently purchased an Xbox One or series X and are in the market for some cool gear or you're a gaming enthusiast looking to get the perfect headphones with the high quality sound along with comfort.

    Well… you've definitely come to the right place! In this article I will mention some of the best Xbox compatible headphones and list their features so you can make the right informed decision while buying one for yourself.

    List of 4 Best Xbox One Gaming Headsets

    Using a good quality headphone pair while you sit back, relax and play your favorite games will definitely enhance your gaming experience in terms of immersion and competitiveness. Not everyone will think of one brand as the best as priorities and preferences vary from person to person.

    In my opinion, 4 of the best options, wired and wireless, available in the market as of writing are:

    ⦁ LucidSound LS35X.
    ⦁ Turtle Beach Elite Atlas.
    ⦁ HyperX Cloud X.
    ⦁ Xbox Wireless Headset.


    LucidSound LS35X

    Ranging on the top of the line in terms of both quality and comfort, the LS35X is a pair of headphones like no other. It is a wireless option with the added bonus of not requiring a special dongle or docks to connect to the Xbox as it makes use of the Xbox’s proprietary signal for connectivity.

    The headset features a simplistic, yet sturdy design made from a combination of metal and heavy duty plastic that gives you a secure feel while handling them. With 15 hours of battery life, it is difficult to imagine needing a wire to use your headphones but if the need arises, the headphones are compatible with a 3.5 mm jack as well.

    50 mm neodymium speakers with a 20-20,000 Hz response rate make sure that no sound is left behind. To add further convenience, the LS35X also features on-ear controls along with a good quality microphone which is also removable.

    To summarize it all, the LucidSound LS35X has an interesting design with premium quality and comfort. The sound is solid as expected with a high quality mic as well. The only downside to this device is that sometimes users experience audio distortion at max volume and the device needs to be updated via PC.

    Taking into account all of the features and quality, this headset is considered by many as the best Xbox One headset in the market.

    LucidSound LS35X


    Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

    With awesome looks, premium build quality and a detachable mic, the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas is a great catch for gamers who prefer wired headphones.

    This pair of headphones also features 50mm neodymium drivers and Turtle beach is recognized the best in the business when it comes to audio tuning for gaming.

    The selling point for these headphones is the market beating price. It brings its users an experience on par with very expensive headsets at a very affordable price. Some shenanigans like mice monitoring and audio configuration are missing but the raw quality of the sound is unbeatable.

    Turtle beach also works with video game developers to tune their headset audios which enables them to accentuate sounds giving you an edge during competitive gameplay.

    The headphones are connected via 3.5 mm jack which features in-line controls to give you maximum control over the sound while gaming. The only problem so far which users have identified is that the sound leaks from the headphones making them not suitable for public use but I’ve rarely seen a gamer use their gaming headphones while on a walk or on the metro.

    All in all Turtle beach Elite Atlas is considered the best headset in the market for competitive gameplay.

    Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

    HyperX CloudX

    Another wired option which is relatively cheaper in price but is durable and reliable is the HyperX CloudX. The cheap price does not mean a drop of any kind in Audio Quality as the sound is still High-Quality gaming sound

    Considered as one of the best headsets for elevated sound at entry-level pricing, the excellent build quality, subtle design, comfortable wearing and cavernous soundscape make this headset addicting for its users.

    The headset features 53 mm neodymium sound drivers and a slightly higher frequency response range (15-25,000 Hz) which give it an advantage over competitors.

    A 3.5 mm jack is used for connectivity and the braided cable also includes in-line controls. The microphone is also detachable.

    However the low price point does come with a few minor issues like mic recording and monitoring is not included and the Max volume on the headset isn't rated as the best in the market.

    HyperX CloudX

    Xbox Wireless Headset

    A newcomer to the field, Microsoft's very own Xbox Wireless Headset is winning the hearts of masses. This headset is the most affordable option in the bluetooth wireless headphone category.

    Even though the sound quality isn't the best in the line, The software this device features is flawless and being a Dolby Atmos licensed product, the latest surround sound system is a free benefit that you reap.

    The speakers have 40 mm drivers with a frequency response range of 20-20,000 Hz and are compatible with the whole new Xbox line-up. The drive also features wireless and bluetooth sound mixing, on-ear controls and a whopping 15-hour battery life.

    Although minor issues like sound quality not being the absolute best and mic monitoring being too quiet, the cost and other features of the headset makes it a device that definitely won't disappoint.

    Xbox Wireless Headset

    List of best Series X/S headsets

    The headphones mentioned above are forward compatible with Xbox series X/S and are excellent choices. Here are a few more specific to Xbox series X/S for those of you who just need to have the best of the best.

    Steelseries Arctis 7x wireless

    This headset connects to your Xbox console using a USB dongle which provides a low latency connection, meaning that the audio visual sync while gaming is flawless.

    The headset itself is very well-built and comfortable on the ears which enables you to fully utilize its 23 hour long battery! The V-shape sound profile delivers an extra punch to your sound experience and you can even customize the audio to your own liking using the EQ software.

    A boom mic is also featured in this device, enabling you to record your voice clearly even in noisy environments.

    The SteelSeries Arctis 7X is a solid choice if you're looking for the best headset for your new Xbox Series X/S.

    Steelseries Arctis 7x Wireless

    Razer Kaira Pro

    An alternative to the 7X is the Kaira Pro Model by Razer.

    The Headset provides Bluetooth connectivity also with low latency to ensure lag-free gaming. The 19 hour battery life also complements most gaming requirements and the build-quality and comfort is also more than satisfactory to most gamers.

    Most of the features included in the headset are similar to the Steelseries with the only main difference being the bluetooth support by Razer.

    Sound consistency can be an issue sometimes, where you have to adjust the headset on your ears for a consistent sound. The sound profile on this headset is a bit on the warmer side.

    Both headsets are equally good and the purchasing decision relies solely on your preference on brand and a few minor differences.

    Razer Kaira Pro

    How to Connect Wireless Headset to Xbox One

    To connect a compatible wireless device to an Xbox One, following steps are to be followed:

    ⦁ Ensure that both the console and Headset are turned on
    ⦁ Press and hold the headset power button till a repeated pairing sound is heard and the power light starts flashing
    ⦁ Press the pair button on the console (power light on the console will start flashing)
    ⦁ Upon a successful connection, flashing lights on both devices will stop

    How to Connect an Xbox 360 Headset to Xbox One Without an Adapter?

    While there is no proper way of connecting an Xbox 360 headset to an Xbox One without an adapter, gamers being highly intuitive, have come up with a way to do so.

    You simply cut off a jack from an existing Xbox One Headset and strip the wires. You then take your Xbox 360 headset and cut off the jack and strip the headset side wires as well.

    It is then a matter of splicing the two (Xbox One jack and Xbox 360 headset wire) together, making sure that each wire is connected to its own counterpart and if done correctly, Violla! You have successfully connected your Xbox 360 headset to your Xbox One!