Most Accurate & Most Sensitive Pregnancy Tests:1.First Response Early Result, 2.Clinical Guard HCG,3. e.p.t,

    Most Accurate & Most Sensitive Pregnancy Tests:1.First Response Early Result, 2.Clinical Guard HCG,3. e.p.t,

    Why Should I Buy Most Accurate & Most Sensitive Pregnancy Tests

    After conception, the human body produces Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), a hormone that pregnancy tests detect to confirm whether the pregnancy is positive. The most accurate and sensitive pregnancy tests can give results to pregnancies of as early as ten days after conception.

    The recommended time of using a pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy status is after one week of missing your periods. The tests are easy to use; instructions are always availed with every kit, and the different results are explained for a better user experience. The tests provide you with the comfort of knowing your pregnancy status privately

    What To Consider When Buying a Most Accurate & Most Sensitive Pregnancy Tests


    It is considered the test's ability to detect very early pregnancies. The period between conception (the fusion of a sperm and an ovum in the fallopian tube) and the pregnancy detection by the kit is referred to as its sensitivity. The most sensitive tests detect pregnancies as early as ten days after conception. 


    The amount used in purchasing a pregnancy test kit varies due to the difference in design. Although they all function to detect pregnancies, they may have different customizations to enhance their performance. Other factors such as design ergonomics and sensitivity also contribute to the difference in cost.

    Bulk of Purchase

    The use of the product can also determine the bulk of purchase. If the test were for personal use at home, you would not mind purchasing a relatively expensive kit for a better user experience. The equipment is likely to have a higher sensitivity and an ergonomic design for easy use. However, purchasing cheaper kits with reduced features is advised if they were to get bought on a large scale for a one-time massive test run.

    User Friendliness

    It is the ability to use the kit and interpret the readings on it efficiently.


    Reliability is the ability of a test kit to produce consistent results. If one was to test a sample with a particular kit then test the same piece with a different kit, they both should have the same results.

    Here Are 6 Best Most Accurate & Most Sensitive Pregnancy Tests

    First Response Early Result

    It is a manual pregnancy test kit; its operating principle is bare without any electrical involvement. It is currently the most sensitive pregnancy test you will get in the market. 

    It is also easy to use and relatively easy to interpret results. It also has got undisputed reliability with no recorded history of failure. They also have a fast response time of 45 seconds to give credible results. 

    Even the most dilute concentrations of HCG hormone in urine can be detected using these kits; this allows you to see pregnancies in their earliest stages. Strong dark lines appear despite the faintness in the concentration of the hormone. 

    Additionally, it has got an ergonomic shape which enhances its user-friendliness. A large curvy handle with a grippy texture and a wide area makes it easy to pick and hold. Its tip is also wide enough. 

    Unlike other highly ranked tests, First Response Early Result has no separate windows for its control lines. However, this isn’t an issue since these control lines are distinct enough to decipher for both negative and positive results.

    Every packet during purchase has only 1 test. Click here to make an Amazon Purchase.

    Clinical Guard HCG Pregnancy Test Strips

    These manual tests are suitable for saving on cost, especially when buying in bulk. For under $10, you can have as many as 20 strips. Customer reviews have confirmed the accuracy of these strips. They are different from tests because they do not have a plastic cover on them. 

    Although the test has its control lines faint, they are highly reliable. Clear indications are given for both positive and negative results. However, you cannot pee directly on these strips; you are expected to pee on a cup then dip the stick carefully not to exceed the indicated limit. 

    The cost reduction brings about a decrease in user-friendliness. It makes the strips smaller and lesser ergonomic, making them difficult to handle. For those who require reassurance when taking the test, then Clinical Guard is your test. Give the test two minutes for more accurate results.

    The test has a relatively reduced sensitivity; however, its reliability is not questionable. Compared to most strip tests available, Clinical Guard is the cheapest. Click here to make an Amazon Purchase.

    Early Pregnancy Test (e.p.t)

    EPT is among the earliest over-the-counter tests to ever exist in the market. They are highly reliable and earned the nickname “Error Proof Test.” These tests give prompt results with record times of up to 40 seconds. However, the manufacturers suggest that persons wait for at least 2 minutes before reading the results. 

    These tests exist in both manual and digital forms. The digital tests also give timely results in as little as 1 minute. However, the manufacturers advise that the results be read after 3 minutes. Its sensitivity is not as high as the top performers but is reliable.

    Due to their experience in the field, EPT consistently produces quality products with much accuracy relied on by many. Additionally, these tests are also affordable. Each packet consists of 2 tests for redundancy purposes. Click here to make an online purchase.

    Easy @ Home Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Kit

    The kit not only tests for pregnancy but also ovulation. It is also designed for you to track your results via an application to predict ovulation better. The kit has 20 pregnancy test strips and 50 ovulation test strips. You can download a free company application that shall simplify tracking the cycles.

    The Ovulation test strips have a similar working principle as the pregnancy test, but this time, Luteinizing Hormone (LH) is the hormone in context. It has got its sensitivity limited to 48 hours. Both tests employ the line test display method and give their results in 3 minutes.

    Among the disadvantages of using this method is reduced sensitivity, primarily where it tests negative while other tests show positive results. However, it is a budget-friendly option compared to buying the pieces separately. However, a lot of testing gets done with this method for ovulation and pregnancy.

    For an online purchase, click here.

    Clearblue Rapid Detection

    Clearblue is extensively recognized for its high reliability and accuracy. Although it has got a thin handle, its grip is friendly. The test is digital for those who wish to have the results interpreted and displayed for them.

    A wide tip makes it easier for a stream of pee to hit. Additionally, the tip is made of an absorbent pad that turns pink on exposure to moisture. A manual test will give you results in 45 seconds, whereas the digital test would take up to a minute and a half to provide results.

    The digital tests have an intelligent countdown feature that flashes at you whenever the results are ready; this reduces the anxiety and need for time during testing. A digital word display shall give you your test results, eliminating the need to interpret them.

    Each packet has got three tests for use and reassurance where necessary. However, the number of tests in a package is subject to change. Click here to make a Walmart Purchase.

    PREGMATE Pregnancy Test Strips

    These tests are the manual type. They are cheap and recommended for bulk purchasing. Although they have a wider than average test strip, they still lack an ergonomic design; this happens due to the absence of the plastic applicator that encloses the strip within it.

    Although reliable, these tests have a longer than average waiting time. You will be required to pee in a cup, dip a strip in it for approximately three seconds, and let it lie flat for 5 minutes. It shall display the results using lines to be interpreted.

    These test strips can get used to detect pregnancy as early as five days before your periods begin. The low price, high accuracy, and reliability make it a test preferred by many, especially those in health facilities. Click here to purchase the PREGMATE pregnancy test strips.

    Video About How to Choose the Most Accurate & Most Sensitive Pregnancy Tests


    Best Most Accurate & Most Sensitive Pregnancy Tests Comparison Chart


    Fast Response Early Results

    Clearblue Rapid Detection

    Clinical Guard HCG Test Strips

    Early Pregnancy Test


    Manual test

    Digital Test

    Manual Test

    Manual Test


    $19 - $13

    $16 - $14

    $10 - $8

    $12 - $14

    Number of pieces*

    3 pieces

    3 pieces

    20 pieces

    2 pieces

    Response time

    45 seconds

    45 seconds

    2 minutes

    45 seconds, but 2 minutes is recommended

    Display Mode

    Control Lines

    Results in Words

    Control Lines

    Control Lines


    û  Has got a plastic enclosure

    û  Firm grip

    û  Ergonomic

    û  Wide contact area

    û  Large tip for easy urine contact

    û  Does not require a pee cup

    û  Highly accurate

    û  Reliable.

    û  Has a plastic enclosure

    û  Firm grip

    û  Wide contact area

    û  Large tip for easy urine contact

    û  Pee cup is not required

    û  High accuracy

    û  Reliable

    û  Smart Countdown Technology

    û  Fast response time

    û  No plastic enclosure

    û  Relatively small contact area

    û  No firm grip

    û  Small tip; not recommended for direct peeing

    û  Urine cup has to get used

    û  High accuracy

    û  Reliable

    û  Long response time

    û  Has got a plastic enclosure

    û  Wide contact area

    û  Firm frip

    û  Wide tip for easy urine contact

    û  Pee cup is not requires

    û  High accuracy

    û  Reliable

    û  Fast response time


    *The number of pieces indicated above are for pieces as per the indicated price.