Netgear ax1800 Wi-Fi 6 Router Review

    Netgear ax1800 Wi-Fi 6 Router Review

    You wouldn't like to be left behind when it relates to your WiFi connection. Choosing the perfect router available is critical because it is your safety net to rapid and dependable internet. And one of the best routers that could give you this dependable connection is the Netgear ax1800 WIFI 6 router.


    What is Netgear ax1800 wifi 6 router

    To begin, ensure that your router is compatible with multiple internet companies. Effectively yet, look for a router that you know is compatible with your provider's hardware. Most routers will operate with most major internet services, so you should be fine, but double-checking is always good.


    It would be advisable if you also searched for a router that gives comprehensive support for your area. You would require significantly less coverage if you lived in a one-bedroom apartment than if you stayed in a multi-story house. It is also critical to consider the presumed speed of your internet with a particular router.

    You must also look at the number of gadgets that the router can support. Consider how many gadgets are currently connected to your WiFi. A desktop, Television, mobile, smart speaker, and, if you spend time with others, their computers. You must have a router that can enable all of these gadgets, or else your internet will lag. Review out Netgear ax1800 WiFi 6 router, which can handle up to 45 different devices and never lag.


    Experience lightning-fast Internet services on all of your products. The NETGEAR® 4-Stream AX1800 WiFi 6 Router, built with the most current WiFi 6 technology, offers enhancements to at least one 1.8Gbps and increased capacity to handle more devices on your network, ensuring you can receive rapid velocity and dependable streaming.


    A strong quad-core processor secures superior capabilities for real-time apps that run simultaneously, such as multimedia streaming, videogames, and audio/video conversations. With NETGEAR ArmorTM, you get best-in-class cybersecurity to safeguard your family members from malware, stolen passcodes, identity fraud, and cyberattacks. This next-generation router is best suited for small to medium-sized homes (about 1,500 square feet)—ft., with up to 20 connected gadgets.


    Reasons to Buy

    • Enjoy continuous speed throughout your house with dual-band wireless and 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports
    • Hassle-free 4K UHD streaming to Smart TVs, mobile phones, and gaming consoles.
    • Connect more gadgets simultaneously with 4X capacity than before and innovative efficiency for longer battery life.
    • Connect more wired gadgets for quick file transfer and uninterrupted signals.
    • Minimizes interference from neighboring networks with the perks of more channels.
    • 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports on the router and two on each satellite for continuous speed anywhere.



    • NETGEAR Armor– Advanced cyber threat protection
    • 5x Better Performance than an AC Router—4-stream WiFi with up to1.8Gbps for fast wireless speeds.
    • More WiFi for More Devices—OFDMAallows efficient data transmission at the same time.
    • Powerful Processor—Quad-Core processor ensures smooth 4K UHD streaming.
    • 4GHz: 600Mbps, 40/20 MHz 1024/256-QAM
    • 5GHz: 1200Mbps, 80/40/20 MHz 1024-QAM

      Pros of Netgear ax1800 wifi 6 router

    • The Nighthawk app is a great compliment. It is simple to set up, and the USB port is a powerful function. The security controls, such as the VPN and separate guest system, are efficient. With wideband innovation and a strong WiFi 6 signal, the RAX15 indeed provides.
    • One of the first and most stable entry-level WiFi 6 routers is the Netgear 4-Stream WiFi 6 Router. This equates to 1200Mbps at 5GHz and 600Mbps at 2.4GHz. WPA 3 protection, simple app setup, and 1,500 sq ft of coverage are among the modern conveniences.

    Cons ofNetgear ax1800 wifi 6 router

    • Concrete walls and other solid hurdles will reduce signal strength. Why bother with a power button when there's already a reset button? We genuinely don't understand. But this is a minor quibble.




    Netgear ax1800 WiFi 6 router is powered by a quad-core server capable of transferring gigabits of data while consuming almost no CPU power. The most significant result is robust digesting power throughout all cabled and cellular connections. The quad-core processor chip provides excellent overall quality for real-time link applications such as multimedia streaming, online video gaming, and audio/video chatrooms.


    NETGEAR Armor safeguards your attached home against Security attacks. To protect your connected devices, cell phones, and computer systems, Armor's multi-layered cybersecurity is built into your WiFi router. NETGEAR Armor has Bitdefender's® award-winning anti-virus, anti-malware, and information security for an infinite number of possibilities.




    Netgear ax 1800


    ·        1.5x better performance than an ac router—4 streams WIFI with up to 1.8gbps† for fast wireless speeds‡

    ·        Extremely fast WIFI—up to 600+1200mbps†

    ·        4-gigabit Ethernet LAN ports

    WiFi Range

    ·        Improve range—wireless coverage for small to medium houses.

    ·        Antennas—great range with external antennas for best connectivity.

    Reliable Connections

    ·        Powerful processor—quad-core processor

    ·        Simultaneous dual-band WIFI—reduces interference.

    ·        More WIFI for more devices.


    ·        4-Stream WIFI—Stream 4k UHD

    ·        Superspeed USB 3.0 Port—Up To 10x Faster Than USB 2.0

    Ease Of Use

    ·        Easy install

    ·        Nighthawk® app

    ·        WIFI 6 supports current WIFI devices

    ·        Voice control


    ·        NETGEAR ARMOR

    ·        NETGEAR Smart Parental Controls™

    ·        VPN support

    ·        Guest network access

    ·        Standards-based WIFI security (802.11i, 128-bit AES encryption with PSK)

    ·        Automatic firmware update

    Netgear ax1800 WiFi 6 router review Is it worth buying?

    Netgear RAX15 is one of the most potent next-generation routers, so it is definitely worth buying. There's a lot to discover about this router, beginning with the self-confidentiality and configuration options. The Nighthawk app, in particular, is a vital contributor. It makes it simple to set up, even if unfamiliar with network administration. And the USB port is a great addition.

    You've got a strong router when you can set up a shared push without using an FTP server. The VPN and individual guest system are operational security features. Your network system will doubtlessly be as effective as possible with one of these alternatives, even without highly developed tech expertise. The RAX15 provides when beamforming innovations and adequate WiFi 6 transmission are combined.

    Comparison with ASUS router 


    Asus has a wide range of both cheap and high-end wireless routers, but one of their drawbacks is that their software package and remote management functionalities aren't always as user-friendly as those from Netgear. You'll also realize that their most powerful routers are both large and pricey.

    On the other hand, This NETGEAR multi-stream router is highly efficient and provides dual-bands with long-range coverage for 2.4 GHz and 5GHz connections. Moreover, this provides AX1800 speeds (not AC1800). Wideband assistance, performance regulation over your system, Alexa support, intuitive parent controls, and 600 + 1,200 Mbps speeds are all included.



    Netgear ax1800 wifi 6 router

    ASUS RT-AC1750U




    Traffic Control



    Parental Control









    Download master



    FTP Server



    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


    Which router should I choose?

    A router is required to distribute a network service to various devices. Internet companies typically assign a single IP address to the first device connected to their modem or ONT. Consider that contact information to be your internet mailing address; without it, you will be unable to accept or send data across the internet.

    In this sense, a high-end, dual-band router is your top choice if you live in a populated household with numerous devices that are connected at the same time. If your relatives can't get enough of Netflix, a tri-band router with two 5GHz bands is a must-have. On that note, consider how many Ethernet ports a router has.

    Search for a router with at least four 10/100/1,000 (gigabit) Ethernet connectors for connecting to wired connections such as Personal computers, network-attached storage (NAS) drives, and home automation hubs. Choose a router that enables link aggregation if you need accelerated bandwidth for massive file sharing. All that mentioned above points out Netgear ax1800 WiFi 6, so I suggest you purchase it now. 

    What does AX mean on a router?

    The number following AC or AX symbolizes the router's optimum THEORETICAL bandwidth. 1200 Mbps equals 1200 Mbps, 1900 Mbps equals 1900 Mbps, 3200 Mbps equals 3200 Mbps, etc. When you see AC2300 in the router title, it implies you're engaging with a WiFi router that supports the 802.11ac (WiFi 5) requirement and has a total theoretical bandwidth of 2300 Mbps.

    You might be inclined to suggest that an AC3200 router offers a 3200 Mbps wireless connection. That would be incredible, but it is, sadly, untrue. In reality, this designation is useless for buying a product. It's just a marketing gimmick to trick you into thinking a router is speedier than it actually is.

    What differs between a gaming router and a regular router?

    The prior and most crucial feature of any router you will come across or investigate is its speed. This is what differentiates numerous router types and distributors. A router is useless if it cannot access the network.

    The internet speed of the gaming router is faster than that of standard routers. Gaming routers, notably portable wireless gaming routers, deliver lightning-rapid internet speeds. Usual WiFi routers have high-speed internet service as well. A large percentage of typical routers, on the other hand, give a slower WiFi connection. Most of them come with a slow connection unless you have specialized wireless technology or other means of collecting a faster connection.