Proform Treadmills Review:205/305/505/Crosswalk/Carbon tl/Sport 7.0 Trainer Treadmill

    Proform Treadmills Review:205/305/505/Crosswalk/Carbon tl/Sport 7.0 Trainer Treadmill

    Is Proform Treadmills a Good Brand?

    Treadmills are one of the more popular kinds of home exercise equipment. It is easy to operate them and they offer a simple yet effective way of getting the heart pumping. And it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is. ProForm was founded in 1977. It is a fitness brand that is well-known for the state-of-the-art fitness equipment it offers including treadmills. There are 3 series and 5 models you can select from. But the ProForm treadmills cater to a massive range of requirements and budgets.

    The ProForm is a diverse line with models available that offer a range of features such as high maximum speeds, HD touchscreens, and incline and decline alternatives. This line of products is more affordable than other similar treadmill brands. When you buy a ProForm treadmill you are also purchasing a one-year iFit membership. This membership allows you to stream their on-demand classes. The Carbon and the Pro series have a 136 kg capacity with wide running belts for accommodating users of different sizes.

    How Much Are Proform Treadmills?

    The ProForm treadmills are available in the pricing range between $699 and $1799. This price includes assembly and delivery of the treadmills. There are some financing alternatives available with the purchase of the treadmills. This makes the treadmills more affordable for the buyers. In addition to this, in case you are not happy with the purchase for some reason, ProForm will provide a full refund within 30 days of the purchase. However, keep in mind that the pricing and finance alternatives can vary depending on where you buy the treadmill from. Several treadmill brands are working in the market. Some of the major competitors for ProForm are Horizon Fitness and NordicTrack. There are some advantages of using these brands but ProForm beats them in pricing. The company provides the same training alternatives as these companies and similar features at a better price point.

    Famous Model List of Proform Treadmill

    Proform 505 CST Treadmill Review

    The 505 CST is an entry-level, budget-friendly treadmill that is designed for convenience and durability. The space-saving design of the treadmill also comes with a folding mechanism. So, it is easy to fold and store it as required. The good thing is that the compact model doesn’t compromise your convenience for your comfort. There is a ProShox cushioning available with the 505 CST that gives the users good cushioning in the running area for protecting the joints from the impact. There is a 2.5 CHP motor driving this treadmill providing the users a motorized incline in the region of 10% with speeds from 0 to 10 mph. The running area on offer is pretty compact and there are 1.9-inch non-flex balanced rollers available to reduce tension for a smooth run. It is an iFit-enabled machine. If you get a subscription to iFit coach, it is possible to connect the tab to the 505 CST by using Bluetooth. Another new feature of the iFit program is the ActivePulse heart rate training facility.

    Proform 305 CST Treadmill Review

    The 305 CST from ProForm is similar to most other home treadmills. It comes flat-packed and it needs assembly. Aesthetically speaking the 305 CST is at par with any other ProForm machine. It uses black and grey together with a dash of red. It has a functional design, looks, and feel. All in all the ProForm 305 CST is a decent treadmill that delivers a good running experience. The problem with the machine is that in the efforts to save the floor space by making the frame smaller, the makers have also lost more running space. However, it comes with a ProShox cushioning system that provides a comfortable running experience. The iFit is enabled for extra training alternatives. There is a 30-day family subscription included with the package. The console on offer features a two-color backlit LCD that does a good job of displaying workout data such as calories burnt, speed, distance, and time.

    ProForm Treadmill 205 CST Review

    The ProForm 205 CST is a machine designed for people that enjoy working out on daily basis without providing excuses and causing delays in a work schedule. The treadmill is created suitably to cater to your need of working out from your home. You can buy the treadmill from any of the popular online sellers such as eBay and Amazon. In case you wish to work out and do some other stuff at home this is a good product for you. The product is available in a compact form with the right weight and size to fit in any place within the house. The treadmill has an adjustable cushion and it can work by using just a few watts. It is relatively easy to pick it up and move around. The product is iFit compatible and you may connect it with iPhones. It is simple to assemble and reassemble the machine. On the flip side, the machine is not a full-sized treadmill and is suitable only for your home. And there is just a 10% incline available.

    ProForm Crosswalk 415 Treadmill Review

    The 415 Crosswalk treadmill from ProForm is a basic and inexpensive treadmill created by ProForm. You can find the item listed on online platforms such as Sears. This model from ProForm can be bought for less than $400. The Crosswalk model utilizes a SpaceSaver design that allows the users to fold the instrument vertically into a single step. Apart from the folding frame the model is compact and the running area available is 50" long and 18" wide. The overall weight of the machine is 170 pounds. The rollers are pretty small expectedly at 1.9". Unlike the conventional treadmills, this model comes with Crosswalk arms that provide an opportunity to work your upper body when you are walking. So, you get a treadmill that offers an overall body workout which is pretty rare. The motor on offer is a 2.0 CHP Mach Z that is capable of withstanding user weight up to 300 pounds. You also get a protective cushioning deck with ProShox support.

    ProForm Carbon TL Treadmill Review

    The Carbon TL model from ProForm is an affordable treadmill that will transform the space available into a perfect exercise area for training. It is a foldable piece of equipment and it is durable. The item weighs 198 pounds but it can also support a person up to 300 lbs. The running area available on the treadmill is 55"X22" which is a bit shorter than the standard used by the industry however, it gives a comfortable cardio workout to the users smaller than 6'2". The running deck of the treadmill has ProShox cushioning that saves the joints from hard bumps and protects them. There is a small but clear console available that is 5". You can use it for different metric details such as speed, calories burnt, incline, and time. You can also find a provision for monitoring the heart rate. You also get as many as 20 preset workouts with the smart treadmill. There is the iFit membership available with this model as well.

    ProForm Sport 7.0 Treadmill Review

    The Sport 7.0 is a good treadmill for running and walking. Although the machine is not to be used for marathon training it comes with a roomy 60" track. There is a quiet 2.75 HP motor on it that is protected with a lifetime warranty. So, there is plenty of power and protection available. One of the highlights of the unit is its 12% incline. It smoothly adjusts when a button is pushed or you automatically sync with one of the presets. There are as many as 22 programs included on the treadmill console. You can get unlimited daily workout downloads, by using its iFit. It is the most inexpensive ProForm model available in the series. The treadmill is smartphone-compatible and the port available on it makes it simple to enjoy podcasts and music during the time you are doing the workouts. You may even connect the machine with a tablet computer.


    The ProForm treadmills are easily one of the top-selling consumer treadmills out there in the market.  There is a good reason for this as well. These treadmills provide a huge range of features such as interactive displays, maximum speeds of around 19 kmph, and Bluetooth-enabled speakers. You can get both incline and decline alternatives with these machines. In addition to this, these machines are designed to save space and they are pretty affordable compared to several other competitors. Some of the models in the inexpensive range are more suitable for beginners especially because they are working on a tight budget. But the Pro and Carbon series is more suitable for serious runners. Or, they can be used by people looking for high-tech features such as an HD touchscreen. It doesn’t matter which alternative you select; these treadmills are a great solution for workouts from home. There is also the 30-days money back guarantee available. You can return the machine if you are not satisfied with it.