Razor e100 Electric Scooter Review: Are They Worth it?

    Razor e100 Electric Scooter Review: Are They Worth it?

    Hove-1 is an established brand whose popularity has hiked globally for over two decades. The collected experience over the years has made it possible for the brand to produce advanced and high-quality electric scooters that fall into a different economic range. Most people have turned to use scooters for several reasons that will be discussed as you read this article.

    Is Razor e100 a Good Electric Scooter?

    Getting a comfortable and inexpensive scooter that will enable you to move from one point to another can be hectic and needs a lot of know-how in the field of modern scooters. The Razor e100 electric scooter is one of the best models that has proved to be one of the best-selling Razor e100 Electric Scooter models.

    The Razor e100 is among the slickest-looking scooters that you can purchase at a highly friendly cost in the present market. You will access a wide range of colors to choose from so as to use a machine that you will love to see with the color every day. The model features a well-polished smooth line that blends well with the careful finishing and a shiny frame, making it absolutely noticeable.

    The electric scooter is designed with absolutely nice and solid 10-inch tires that are pre-designed by the manufacturer to function properly on rough roads and can easily mute bumps without any struggle since they are filled. The tire manufacturer ensures that this machine uses a pneumatic type of tire that offers a significantly better ride.

    The quality tires go well with the remarkable general body build this machine displays. The handlebars give you a solid feel along with the rear fender, which has a spacious make. The stem of this Razor e100electric scooter model is designed to be both thick and wobble-free, which makes it feel strong and stable. The strong body build enables this model to carry a bodyweight of up to 264 pounds. There is a grip tape that adorns the top side of the deck, which will enable you to have traction when your shoes get dirty or wet.

    The electric scooter features a folding mechanism that is simple and secure. If you have small hands, you may be required to use both hands in lifting the thick stem. This flexibility will allow you to adjust to the scooter height you need. In the package, you will find the rear lights and the functioning front, with the LED-lit X logo on the deck highly conspicuous.

    On the left side of the standard cockpit, there is a quality brake lever, while on the opposite side is the thumb throttle that is very much simple to operate at the center of this scooter model, a clear and easy to read display that shows you the battery life, speed, and riding mode.

    A powerful dual hub of 400 watts is designed with the most recent and advanced technology that enables the machine to move at high speed of 18 mph and a maximum range of 12 miles. By long-pressing on the power button, you will be able to power on the machine, and at the same, you will be able to turn it off.

    Pros and Cons



    Smooth riding

    It takes too much charge time

    Has a high speed


    It comes with a variety of colors


    It can carry a huge weight


    Razor e100 Electric Scooter Review: Is it worth buying?

    It is true to say that the Razor e100 electric scooter is a valuable model that comes at different economical prices. When it comes to speed and power, the model is among the top Razor e100 models that you can purchase. With the equipment of the Bluetooth speaker for music streaming as you take your comfortable ride.

    Another exceptional Razor e100 Electric Scooter is the Razor e100 model that, with the first impression, you will definitely fall for it. This is a lightweight electric scooter that weighs 35 pounds that guarantees an easy ride. All the components involved in manufacturing this electric scooter are meant for heavy-duty and quality.

    There are several impressive benefits and quality features that you get to interact with once you have the e-scooter at your service. This machine displays decent headlights that will ensure you make a safe ride even in the dark. The scooter has the capability to go up to 18 miles at a speed of 18 mph, which is among the top speeds an electric scooter can deliver.

    Unlike other several scooter models, the Razor e100 model has a bell that alerts other people that you are coming through. What will make you comfortable in purchasing the Razor e100 Electric Scooter is the stable ride it provides. There is a very convenient kickstand that will let you pack your machine properly.

    The Razor e100 Electric Scooter is foldable whenever you do not need to ride for easier portability. With this model, you are sure of great fun and safety as you can wear a helmet with effective cruise control for optimum performance. The price of most Razor e100 Electric Scooters is quite affordable, depending on the features the model brings on board.

    Comparison with Razor e100 Electric Scooter


    There are other powerful electric scooter brands; for instance, the Unagi Model One has the ultimate capability to power up hills with aplomb through the engagement of the 250-watt motors. The Unagi Model One delivers a 15-mile range which is slightly less than that of the Razor e100 Electric scooter, which features an 18-mile range.

    Segway Ninebot kickscooter Max is another powerful machine that is large and heavy as it measures 40 pounds compared to the 35 pounds of the Razor e100 Alpha Pro Electric scooter. This Segway model features a powerful rear-wheel-drive 350-watt motor and 10-inch inflatable tires.

    The Glion Dolly is a model worth weighing with the Razor e100 Electric scooter as it is foldable and a bit lighter than the Razor e100 as it weighs 27.3 pounds. The model delivers 15 miles per hour which is a great speed worth experiencing.


    Razor e100 Electric Scooter

    Unagi Model One Electric Scooter

    Segway Ninebot kickscooter Max

    Glion dolly Electric Scooter

    Product weight (Pounds)





    Motor power (Watts)





    Speed (mph)





    Tire Size (Inches)





    Mile range (Miles)





    LED Lights





    Maximum Weight (Pounds)






    Guide to buying the best Razor e100 Electric Scooter? What should be considered before buying?

    For an average commuter, the Razor e100 Electric Scooter is the ideal scooter for the same. You may be indecisive once you venture into the wide market of electric scooters since there are so many enticing models that others may lure you with their physical outlook and make you forget other quality features. With sufficient research, the following are the key things that are considered in determining the scooter model that will work best for you.

    • Consider the speed and the acceleration
    • The machine should feature a long-lasting and should deliver a long mile range
    • The build quality of the scooter should be capable of facing different types of roads and weather conditions.
    • The electric scooter should be portable-easy to carry- hence consider the weight of the machine.
    • Check on the safety measures the scooter guarantees the rider.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Look at the following concerns of other riders and get our questions answered.

    How fast does the Razor e100 Electric Scooter go?

    The machine is able to deliver a thrilling ride of 18mph, which is the top speed among most scooter models. The Razor e100 Electric Scooter is full of fun and brings comfort in every ride.

    How much does Razor e100 Electric Scooter cost?

    With the absolutely impressive features of this scooter, you can be comfortable selecting the model that will serve your desires. The machine comes with a full range of economical prices that you can choose from as an individual.