Real Airpods vs Fake: How To Tell If Airpods are Fake? 

    Real Airpods vs Fake: How To Tell If Airpods are Fake? 

    Real Airpods vs Fake: How To Tell If Airpods are Fake? 

    Given the immense popularity of Apple’s AirPods, it is common for them to be faked. Several brands and manufacturers fake AirPods because of their likeability and image as one of the best earphones on the market today. 

    However, there are several ways to spot fakes because no manufacturer in the world can produce a copy that fully replicates the original because of several technological and patented implications. 

    Here are some common ways to identify fake AirPods: 

    1. The best way to check the authenticity of AirPods is to scan Apple’s code which is provided at the inner side of your AirPods’ charging case. This code can be matched and authenticated on Apple’s website to check for authenticity. All you have to do is simply type in the code and Apple will provide you with the complete authenticity report. 
    2. The next best way is to carefully observe your AirPods’ diffusers, both on the outside and inside. A genuine AirPod pair will have diffusers with no outline. Mostly, there is a silver lining on the diffusers of fakes. The diffuser on the fake will also be of disproportionate size as it will be a bit larger. The inner diffuser on authentic AirPods are dark and of a uniform color throughout. However, fake AirPods have dark gray diffusers that do not follow the same texture and color in entirety as the rectangular part will be of a different color and the diffusers will be of another. 
    3. The inscriptions of “L” and “R” on each individual AirPod will never be missing on real AirPods because Apple never misses out on this detail. Fakes usually do not come with these inscriptions, and if they do, these inscriptions fade away quickly; inscriptions on the genuine do not fade away. 
    4. The speakers of the fake AirPods will appear to be greyer in comparison to authentic ones. You will also see wider and deeper speaker pores on the fake AirPods because of a poor material being used which is neither dense nor robust. A gray material is supposed to be present on the outer sides of the speakers on real AirPods, however this detail is missed on counterfeit versions where you will find a poor material lining that has a shabby appearance. When checking the speaker audio quality, Spatial Audio is a unique feature on genuine AirPods that is hard to replicate because of its innovative prowess. Fake AirPods will usually be rid of Spatial Audio or the speakers will not be able to replicate a similar sound. 
    5. Another major difference, which is a huge giveaway, are the diffusers present on both of your AirPods. A diffuser is present on the interior of your Airpods. It is extremely useful because it detects whether you have the AirPods on your ears or off. It is a common sighting to see fake AirPods not coming with these sensors. Originals will always have a sensor. 

    List of 6 Cheap Alternatives to AirPods 

    Alternative to AirPods 3 - 1MORE Comfobuds Pro 

    This $80 alternative is a severely underrated product. It can easily compete with AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro because of its outstanding Active Noise Cancellation and transparency mode for which it is known for. 

    You can also alter controls using an app. Moreover, it is ideal for gaming due to its low-latency gaming mode. Earbuds are usually shot down due to their poor call audio quality, but this is not the case with 1MORE Comfobuds Pro as they perform exquisitely on calls and recordings. 

    You also get the same colder-to-warm tonality as on the expensive AirPods. And, these splendid earbuds do an excellent job when it comes to playing neutral instruments such as guitars. 

    The only downside is that you can not use features such as Siri and multipoint connectivity. Albeit, for the price, this is definitely an option worth considering. 

    Buy it here

    Alternative to AirPods Pro - Anker Soundcore Life P3 

    With upgraded ANC and better speakers as compared to many AirPods Pro alternatives, Soundcore Life P3 are absolute beasts given their affordable price of $80. A bass-boost mode provides ideal loud sound quality without any implosions or distortions. Moreover, they also have a companion app that allows you to make minor tweaks in the sound department. Additionally, call audio quality is beyond par too. 

    A 7 hours playback time and IPX5 rating are amazing features possessed by Soundcore Life P3. 

    Missing a wear-detection feature and wireless charging makes these the only downsides to this, otherwise, incredible product which has been gaining immense popularity. 

    Buy it here 

    Alternatives to AirPods Max - Sony WH-1000XM4 

    Arguably the best headphones on the market today, Sony WH-1000XM4 is the best alternative to AirPods Max for several reasons. The list of features on these headphones is a lengthy one. 

    Firstly, Sony has massively improved their call audio quality which was lacking in previous models. Moreover, multipoint pairing immensely increases their accessibility. An industry leading ANC and Dual Noise Sensor Technology are just a few of its impressive features to mention. 

    This pair also offers a whopping 30 hours of battery life and quick charging; you do not have to worry about charging one bit when it comes to these. 

    Their price point is still better than Airpods Max, being priced at $348. 

    Buy it here 

    Black Apple AirPods Alternatives - Jabra Elite 75T 

    If you are seeking the best alternative to black Apple AirPods, Jabra Elite 75T is your best bet. A sharp and effective audio experience provides ideal sound quality for a pair of earbuds. Elite 75T's ANC is one of the best in the industry. A battery life of 7.5 hours is higher than that of AirPods’ as well as the industry average, which is about 7 hours. 

    Their rigidity can be best explained by an IP57 rating that puts these above the splash-resistant category. A fit and comfortable design has rarely been a problem for any user. 

    Surprisingly, Jabra Elite 75T beats AirPods Pro in almost every regard, yet these earbuds are still significantly cheaper. Oftentimes, their price goes as low as $100. You can typically get these for $180, which is still a great bargain. 

    Buy it here 

    Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 

    A pricier alternative to the AirPods Pro, the $219 Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are a sublime choice for every music lover out there. Their noise canceling feature and sound quality is arguably the best on the market today, hence a hefty price. 

    However, Apple AirPods are known to have a better fit for a wider audience as they are smaller. A battery life of 6 hours is decent and its transparency mode is the best in its class. 

    Bose QuietComfort Earbuds surely give the AirPods a run for their money due to several common features that are tilted towards Bose’s side. 

    Buy it here 

    Best Cheap AirPods Pro Knock-Off - TaoTronics SoundLibety P10 

    TaoTronics SoundLiberty P10 can be yours for $47. It has amazing call audio performance due to its state-of-the-art microphone. You will get an anti-wide mode, ambient mode, and noise cancellation as well. 

    An IPX8 rating, 6.5 hours of battery life, and Bluetooth 5.2 make it a substantially reasonable AirPods Pro alternative. 

    Buy it here 

    Apple AirPods Pro 

    Since this entire reading revolves around Apple AirPods, it will be a great injustice to this industry standard of a product if we do not talk about it. AirPods Pro can be yours for $249. While they are not the cheapest option, they still pack a multitude of exciting features that can be considered to be right up there at the top. 

    One thing that Apple does not compromise is build-quality and sound quality. A robust body coupled with Apple’s Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking are some of the leading features of Apple’s in the entire industry. 

    The AirPod Pro is a pair which is sweat and water resistant while offering a battery life of a handsome 6 hours. 

    The AirPods Pro are simply worth the hype, and seeing is believing. 

    Buy it here 

    Real AirPods vs Fake, Which is Better 

    This debate has two sides to it. We will address both because every consumer has a different choice. Real AirPods are definitely better because they are genuine, hence they come with quality assurance and reliability. However, the question remains: are they your money’s worth when you have several other options that perform equally well, or even better? 

    So, keeping the price-value proposition in mind, fake AirPods can be a bargain because they do not have exorbitant prices and are known to get the job done. Basically, if you can not afford the originals, there is no harm in buying a fake. 

    However, if you can afford the price tag of genuine Apple AirPods, there is no point in buying fakes because the performance and general feel has a vast difference in between a fake and an original.