Review of Naipo shiatsu back and neck massager 2022

    Review of Naipo shiatsu back and neck massager 2022

    What is a back and neck massager? How does it work?

    Let’s face it, we all have those days where we experience pain in our back and neck. Mostly, it is due to tiring work, sitting for long hours, or stress. And going to a massage parlor is not only time consuming but also expensive.

    It is for this reason portable back and neck massagers were developed. These gadgets are portable and lightweight enabling you to place them around your neck. A neck and back massager can help relieve tension and pain around this region.

    While not as effective as physical therapy and acupuncture, it produces better results compared to fake myofascial release. So how does the Naipo shiatsu back and neck massager work? let’s find out.

    How the Naipo shiatsu back and neck massager works

    As you’d expect, the massager focuses on muscles around your neck and upper back. This includes rhomboids, upper trapezius, and others. Through a series of techniques, the device relieves pain and tension on these muscles. It helps increase temperature in your muscles by increasing blood flow. As such, the muscles become relaxed reducing the tension and pain.

    Techniques that the Naipo shiatsu back and neck massager uses

    Like other neck and back massagers, it uses different techniques to reduce pain on your back and neck. The most popular techniques include:

    • Trigger pointing
    • Skin rolling
    • Kneading
    • Acupressure
    • Effleurage

    Trigger pointing

    A trigger point is a point in the middle of a muscle. When not treated, it can cause bodily pain causing discomfort around the said muscle. As such, trigger pointing is applying pressure on the said spot in a bid to soften the knots. The knots prevent blood flow hence the pain. Once the knots are softened, the blood flows naturally allowing for your body’s natural healing process. This provides the muscles with necessary nutrients and oxygen.

    Skin rolling

    This is one of the most common techniques used in back and neck massage. It involves picking the skin and rolling it between the massager parts. This helps relieve tension and pain within the muscles. As such, the flow of lymph and blood is unrestricted allowing the body to heal itself. The flow of lymph helps in release of toxins and waste products too.


    Kneading involves pressing and pulling the soft tissues of the muscles softly. The friction created during this process helps increase temperature in your muscles improving its elasticity. As a result your back and neck muscles become more flexible. And with improved flexibility comes reduced pain and tightness.


    Another common Naipo shiatsu back and neck massager technique is acupressure. As the name suggests, the massager applies pressure on the muscles. The massager applies pressure on the knots and trigger points to relieve tension, pain, and tightness. As such, temperature within the muscles is increased facilitating optimal flow of the blood.


    Unlike acupressure that applies pressure on specific areas, effleurage involves applying pressure overall back and neck. It is similar to pressing your back and neck using your hands. It is one of the most relaxing technique. It relaxes your muscles significantly improving your moods. It helps relieve pain, tightness, and tension in your muscles.

    There are other techniques used by back and neck massagers. However, these are the most common and offer the best results.

    Review of the Naipo shiatsu back and neck massager

    Now that you know how the massager works, let’s see look at its feature, performance, and more.


    The massager comes in an oval allowing you to wrap it around your neck. It is lightweight so it does not feel bulky on your shoulders. It comes in an appealing black color coupled with shades of red and white. The material is soft to your neck and back avoiding any irritation.

    To enable comfortable use, it has hand straps where you can place your hands. This allows the massager to make ample contact with your back and neck. It is also sweat-resistant allowing you to use it for long. as you’d expect, it is easy to carry around in a bag or around your neck.

    Thanks to this design you can use it on your waist, feet, arm, shoulder, and thigh. Overall, the Naipo shiatsu back and neck massager is designed for practicality and comfort. Get one toady.


    This workhorse comes with many features that allow you to get optimal results. It comes with adjustable massage sped. As such, you can apply the needed pressure depending on the amount of pain and tension. With it, you can choose between high, low, and medium settings. For example, you can use low when sitting and high when you relaxing after a long day of work.

    You also get eight deep-kneading nodes. As mentioned, kneading helps to relieve muscle pain and tension by applying pressure on trigger points. With eight nodes, you are sure to relieve pain adequately. Besides, since they offer deep massage, the blood flow to the said muscles will be optimal.

    The bi-directional massage helps to massage all areas around your back and neck. Besides, it soothes you facilitating relieve of stress. Coupled with the comfy heat, you are sure to enjoy optimal relaxation. Whether you want to massage your calf, back, waist, or neck, this massager got you sorted.

    Another awesome feature is that you can control how the massager operates. For example, you can change the direction of the massage. Also, you can adjust the heat to your desired level. Besides, you can choose between low, high, and medium intensity. And to prevent wastage of energy it automatically shuts down after 20 minutes.

    You’ll love how quiet the Naipo shiatsu back and neck massager is. With a noise level of below 40db, you can use it while taking a nap or around a baby. As you’d guess, it comes with charging cable so you can charge it at home or in your car.

    Pro tips

    • If it is your first time using the Naipo shiatsu back and neck massager, ensure to start with the lowest intensity. Starting on medium or high intensity might cause more harm than good.
    • Always use it for 20 minutes. Do not use it for more than three times a day.
    • Avoid laying on the massager as this can cause defects.

    Reasons to buy the Naipo shiatsu back and neck massager

    • Reduces pain: As mentioned, the back and neck massager helps reduce pain and tension on your muscles. This is by improving flow of blood to the muscles allowing them to absorb nutrients and oxygen.
    • Reduces stress: Massaging your back and neck will help relieve stress at the end of the day. The soft massage coupled with comfy heat will no doubt improve your moods.
    • Portable: You can take this massager anywhere you go. Whether in the office, car, plane, or camping site, the massager will still serve you good.
    • Saves money and time: You don’t need to go for a massage at the end of the day. Just wrap the massager around your neck and you are good to go.
    • Universal: The neck and back massager is ideal for people of different ages and professionals. Whether you are an athlete, office worker, or developer, you can use this massager.



    Product Comparison: Naipo Shiatsu Back, Neck Massager Vs Mirakel Neck, and Back Massager


    Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

    Mirakel Neck and Back Massager

    Power source



    Auto shutdown

    20 minutes

    15 minutes


    Gun Gray Green



    16.14 x 7.08 x 6.69 inches

    15.27 x 7.68 x 6.57 inches


    4.28 Pounds

    4.1 Pounds

    Speed modes

    3-speed modes


    Heat function



    Bi-directional functionality




    Neck, back, leg, thigh, foot

    Neck, back, leg, thigh, foot


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    How often should I use a neck massager?

    On average, you should use a neck massager for a maximum of 60 minutes. Ensure to use it for a maximum of three times per day.

    What is the best back and neck massager?

    Naipo Shiatsu is the best back and neck massager. With a wide array of controls and massaging techniques, it leaves you feeling refreshed and free from neck pain and tension.

    How do I choose a good neck and back massager?

    You need to consider speed ranges, technique used, price, and the brand.