Reviews of Logitech G430,G935,G432,G433,G733,G Pro X Wireless Gaming Headset!

    Reviews of Logitech G430,G935,G432,G433,G733,G Pro X Wireless Gaming Headset!

    If you test the number of Logitech headphones available in the market you will find some good alternatives. There is a fairly big range of gaming headsets available and even the premium models are pocket-friendly. Logitech is famous for creating comfortable headsets that offer top-quality microphone performance, balanced sound profiles, and good customization alternatives. However, most of the headphones from Logitech are heavy, and they come with a gaming-centric design. It might not be the best available alternative for your everyday usage.


    Logitech G933 wireless gaming headset

    The Logitech wireless gaming headset makes for a terrific gaming experience with all the requisites at its disposal. It has pretty low latency, good sound quality, a great mic, and plenty of customization and connectivity alternatives. They are quite sturdy, and comfortable, and come with an RCA and regular cable. Therefore, these headphones will work well with your mobile phone, home theatre, or console controllers. But these are not the most versatile headphones available out there. It might be tough to use them outdoors unlike some of the other headsets. But they are terrific for gaming though. they will work with the PC or PS4 wirelessly. they also have the regular audio cable for use with mobile phones and Xbox controllers. There are certain pitfalls associated with G933, such as poor isolation and a bulky design. The bass delivery is not consistent for all the users and it is sensitive to glasses. But the low latency wired and wireless connections are terrific. Buy from BestBuy.



    Logitech G935 wireless gaming headset

    The G935 from Logitech is a decent gaming headphone and provides a great sound quality. This is a wireless variant of another model Logitech G635 and these two are fundamentally similar in design. Although the G935 is comfortable, it may appear to be a bit tight for certain heads. The bulky design means the headphone is not suitable for the outdoors. It does not isolate much of the noise either. They offer a boom microphone which is good for gaming but does not sound as clear as the G635 version. On a positive note, the headset is compatible with Logitech G HUB software. It is one of the more complete and better apps you can lay your hands on. This wireless model means greater freedom for moving around than compared to the G635. Many people prefer this. The build offered is durable and the app support is good as well. Although the audio reproduction is terrific, there is poor isolation to contend with. The sound delivery may vary for different users. Buy from Amazon.



    Logitech G432 gaming headset

    This model of headphones from Logitech is a straightforward wired headphone intended for gaming. It comes with a top-quality microphone that is useful for online games. The headphones have a great sound profile that helps in emphasizing the sound effects such as those from footsteps during the gameplay. These headphones are comfortable to wear so, they are nice for long gaming sessions. Some people may find the headsets to be too tight. The G432 doesn’t isolate well against ambient noise and they are not too versatile in their applications apart from gaming. On a positive note, they are compatible with the G HUB app and can be customized well. It is possible to use them together with all platforms and they offer terrific value for money. The wired connections from the G432 have no latency issues. The headphone comes with a USB dongle that also offers lower latency. There are Graphic EQ plus presets available in the companion software. On the flip side, there is a plasticky build quality on offer and the sound delivery is not consistent for all users. Buy in Sears.



    Logitech G433 gaming headset

     The G433 headsets from Logitech are decent gaming headsets that offer a well-balanced sound with a versatile design for your day-to-day use. These headsets come with a regular aux cable, a detachable mic, and a headset/USB dongle for your PC. It is also possible for the practical use away from the indoors. This sets them apart from other headsets in a similar category. The boom mic on offer is terrific for making calls and for gaming. The headset is well-built and is comfortable to wear. However, these headsets are not easily portable because they are not easy to fold. Another problem is that they do not block too much noise. The wired-designed microphones are available with lower latency. You can wear them for long gaming sessions without feeling fatigued. The wired design means they are not as convenient as the wired headsets because the cable doesn’t have too much range. Buy from BestBuy.


    Logitech g pro gaming headset

    The Logitech G Pro model has a casual design and is basically an above average headset for almost all the use cases. these headphones appear to be almost identical to the G433 model however, they come with a slightly more polished design. There is a well-balanced sound on offer, a top-quality boom mic, and they are comfortably fitting. However, they do not offer too many accessories like the G433. This means they are not as customizable and versatile as the G433. These are also not the best available headphones for blocking the noise. The sound on offer is well-balanced and it comes with a good bass. This means it will not drown the vocals and instruments. Buy from Walmart.

    Logitech g pro x headset

    The G Pro X gaming headset from Logitech is a wired headphone suitable for gaming. The great thing about the headphone is that it comes with a huge range of customization alternatives. These headphones are extremely comfortable to use. They are well-built and come with a boom mic to provide a terrific all-around performance. On the flip side, these headphones are not different from the other gaming headphones. They are pretty bulky and do not perform well in a noisy environment. The audio delivery of the headset is also not consistent and can vary from user to user. So, the overall performance gets affected by this. But the headset works out well for a neutral sound. The over-the-year headsets offer a balanced sound profile and the bass range is a bit overemphasized. Buy in Amazon.



    Logitech G733 headset

     This model of Logitech headset is called LIGHTSPEED and it is a good wireless gaming headphone. They have a lightweight and distinctive design that also is pretty comfortable. The headset provides a well-balanced sound profile also. These headsets are versatile enough to listen to a wide range of audio content. The app that is available with the headset provides a huge selection of alternatives that can tailor the app according to your liking. Unfortunately, the audio delivery is not very consistent and these devices are not particularly portable either. They are not too good at filtering out the background noise. But, in case you are looking for wireless gaming headphones that are extremely comfortable this is an excellent alternative. Buy from Sears.



    Logitech USB headset H390 with noise-canceling mic

    The Logitech H390 USB headset comes with a noise-canceling mic. It is a pretty handy productivity tool if used in any office. Unlike some of the other office communication headsets, these headphones give you an unparalleled audio performance especially taking into account clarity. Offices can be extremely noisy places and a good pair of noise-canceling headsets go a long way in these environments. This product from Logitech is developed specifically for these kinds of places. It also has a unidirectional, rotating boom mic with noise-canceling capabilities. This mic just captures the active voices to filter all peripheral noises. There are a few drawbacks associated with H390 though. It does not support wireless connectivity and the plastic casing appears to be a bit brittle. Buy from Walmart.


    Logitech USB headset H390

    In case you are looking for an inexpensive and USB wired Logitech headset the H390 is a good choice. This headset sounds pretty decent and comes with a good warranty. For the pricing on offer, you are getting a fairly decent overall headset. The Logitech USB H390 headset is not too heavy and is reasonably comfortable to use. In line, controls are available for volume adjustment and mute functions. You also get a padded adjustable headband. There are other things available such as soft ear cushions and a 7.5-foot cable with the headset. Although this is not a perfect headset for your gaming experience, it is a good value for money. The problem is that it struggles to decrease the background noise. Some negative aspects apart, you get a fair USB double ear wired headset that will get you up and running for your next video call or softphone within a matter of a few minutes. The 2-year warranty on offer is quite nice as it is more than most other headset warranties on offer within the price range. Buy in Amazon.




    Overall, Logitech makes decent headsets that are customizable, comfortable, and provide a good microphone performance. Although they offer a wide range of models from the cheaper ones to the more premium ones, these headphones are generally affordable. The wireless headsets from Logitech work only with PC and PlayStation controls and you will be required to wire them to the controller while using them with Xbox consoles.