Samsung Galaxy Watch Vs Active 2 - Which Is Better?

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Vs Active 2 - Which Is Better?

    A smartwatch is a new trend and is gaining popularity as the smartphone does. A wristwatch that does more than just displaying time is smartwatch. Like a smartphone has so many features and functions, a smart watch is full of functions. When you learn about the benefits and features of a smartwatch it will become an inseparable device. If you are a fitness freak and want to track your body’s fitness levels, a smartwatch is going to be of a great help. This wearable device tracks your physical activities more accurately and keeps you updated.

    Samsung is a giant global brand related to consumer electronics and its smartwatches are popular, trendy, and most sought-after. Samsung smartwatches have many models and these devices are built to last. If you want an extension for your smartphone, a fitness tracking device, or a device that can save you in emergencies, there is a Samsung Galaxy watch to respond to every need of yours.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Vs Active 2

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

    A sleek and sporty smartwatch packed with reliable fitness tracking is an attraction among today’s youth and it is offered by Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. It has improved sensors with some new features for fitness tracking.

    Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2


    Built-in GPS

    Digital rotating bezel

    Blood pressure, ECG monitoring

    Optional LTE

    Running analysis, VO2 Max


    LTE, and GPS drains the battery faster

    LTE costs extra

    Samsung Galaxy Watch

    A traditional look with sophisticated design is something that always remains in fashion and it is for all occasions and all seasons. Samsung Galaxy Watch is an ideal classy-looking watch which does have decent fitness tracking and innovative features.

    Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch


    Sophisticated design

    Longer battery backup

    Built-in GPS

    Physical rotating bezel

    Optional LTE


    Heavier & bulky

    Limited exercise mode

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Vs Active 2 – Which One Suits You The most?

    Samsung smartwatches are some of the best Android smartwatches you can choose. Though the Samsung Galaxy watch and Galaxy watch Active 2 are two different models you going to explore similarities between these two smartwatches. The main similarity is that both the watches are the product of Samsung Company and they both run on the same OS - Tizen. Whatever you choose, you are going to own a trusted and trendy smartwatch.

    Active 2, on the other hand, is a lightweight fitness smartwatch for accurate tracking of your day to day physical activities. If your priority is to have a trendy smartwatch packed with all the latest and smart features, the Active 2 smartwatch may fascinate you. Maybe you are eyeing a classy wearable experience that still boasts the required features. If you want a smartwatch that comes with essential smartwatch features and is classy you might get attracted to the Galaxy watch instead.

    A Samsung Galaxy Watch For a Masculine Vibe

    Samsung Galaxy showed that smartwatches are here to stay. It is definitely a winner in terms of stamina. The galaxy watch is capable of delivering standard features like heart rate monitoring, GPS, an option for LTE connectivity, and music storage. The bigger size and its weight give it more of a masculine vibe.

    A Galaxy Watch Active 2 for Upgraded Features and Sleek Design

    The Galaxy watch Active 2 is the latest model than the Galaxy watch, which means you will get some upgrades and improvements over the Galaxy watch. An irregular heartbeat can lead to serious health issues so an ECG or electrocardiogram is advised. With Active 2 you will get an ECG sensor monitoring your heartbeat in your wearable device. The feature does not end here, it has an advanced accelerometer, an upgraded GPS, and a more accurate LED-based heart rate monitor. You can connect your Active 2 with the Samsung health monitor app to check your blood pressure readings.

    When you set a fitness goal there are some key health parameters you need to track. What is your oxygen level during strenuous exercise, at what rate is your heart beating while running, whether your blood pressure is okay, etc. are something you should be aware of. All these features are available in Active 2. VO2 max is a feature that helps the starters monitor the maximum amount of oxygen consumption during intense workouts. You can improve your performance and endurance capacity with this feature. Similarly, the new Running Analysis feature helps you become a better runner by improving your form and safety from injuries.

    Samsung Active 2 is all about features and one improved update is the Fall Detection feature. If you fell during any activity and you need help to get back to normalcy your Active 2 has an important feature for that. In case of a fall and your smartwatch detects the fall it will let you send an SOS notification to up to four pre-assigned contacts for rescue. Moreover, you can use your Active 2 watch for browsing notifications or alerts rather than using your phone.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Vs Active 2 – Does Size Matter?

    It is the size of the Samsung Galaxy watch that matters. It comes in two sizes 42mm and 46mm and weighs 63g, which is twice the weight of the Active 2 (aluminum model). Now, you can understand that the Galaxy watch is for a heavy-duty feel. It is not just bulky but it comes with a military-grade durability rating. Bigger size means bigger batteries which are an added advantage as they ensure longer battery life. The battery backup depends upon the usage where a 42mm model can last up to 4 days and a 46mm model last up to 7 days. If you do not use battery-consuming features often, the battery will reasonably last. The Samsung Galaxy watch is rated as the best Samsung watch for extended battery life.

    On the other hand, Active 2 comes in two sizes 40mm and 44mm with an option between an aluminum model with a fluorescent strap and a stainless steel model with a leather band. The bands of Active 2 smartwatches are interchangeable. As Active 2 are smaller size watches they come with a smaller battery compared to the Samsung Galaxy Watch. The battery backup depends upon how frequently you use various features available on Active 2. If you are using an LTE model, the battery will run out fast. Similarly, frequent GPS usage with always-on display will consume battery faster. But this is not to worry about as you can charge your device anytime whenever needed.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Vs Active 2 - A Comparison Chart

    Watch Type

    Samsung Galaxy

    Active 2







    5ATM (up to 50 metres depth)

    5ATM (up to 50 metres depth)

    Display Screen

    1.2-inch/1.3-inch (360 x 360pixels) AMOLED

    1.2-inch/1.4-inch (360 x 360pixels) AMOLED, always on

    Operating System



    Strap sizes

    20mm (42mm)/22mm (46mm), interchangeable

    20mm interchangeable

    Rotating bezel

    Physical bezel

    Touch sensitive bezel


    Optical sensor

    Optical sensor and ECG

    Built-in GPS



    Samsung Pay




    Yes (46mm only)

    Yes (both sizes)

    Battery backup

    Up to 4 days (42mm)/Up to 7 days (46mm)

    Up to 4 days (40mm)/Up to 2 days (44mm)


    iOS 9.0+ and Android 5.0+

    iOS 9.0+ and Android 5.0+


    46mm- Silver

    42mm- Midnight Black

                Rose Gold

    Black, Silver, Gold








    Samsung Galaxy Watch Vs Active 2 - Some Similarities

    Optional LTE connectivity is common in both models which let you make calls and send/receive texts. You can also stream music without the need of carrying your phone. The Active 2 is better at executing these features because it is an upgraded version. Both Samsung smartwatches are water-resistant and can withstand water pressure up to a depth of 50 meters.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Vs Active 2- Which One to Buy?

    Samsung smartwatches are an asset and treat them as great investments but each one is for a different consumer. Active 2 is an obvious choice for fitness enthusiasts who will not settle for anything less than a full-blown fitness experience. ECG monitoring, GPS, Running Analysis, VO2 max, blood pressure monitoring, improved sensors, and tracking of the wide range of activities will not let you ignore Active 2.

    The improved design of Active 2 includes eight LEDs to take readings more accurately. Active 2 can monitor your health parameters during 39 different types of workouts. It means you can choose from 39 kinds of activities and design a suitable workout and your personal Health Coach that is Active 2 will track back-to-back workouts. Active 2 is explicitly designed for fitness buffs who want all the details of the vital health parameters handy during physical activity.               

    On the hand, if these many tracking features and vital health parameters monitoring does not attract you; Samsung Galaxy Watch might be a feasible option. With Samsung Galaxy Watch you will get- plenty of health & fitness metrics, LTE connectivity, music storage, app support, GPS, and notification support which are enough to win your heart. People with a sense of style will be more than pleased having Samsung Galaxy worn around their wrist.