Shark Navigator Lift-Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Nv351

    Shark Navigator Lift-Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Nv351

    1. Why choose The Nv351 Shark Navigator?

    The Nv351 Shark Navigator is another powerful vacuum from the great brand Shark. One of the highlights of this vacuum is the giant Bagless dust bin. Additionally, this vacuum comes with a HEPA filters and anti-allergen complete seal technology. This feature is suitable for people who have respiratory issues such as asthma.

    The Shark navigator Nv352 is specially designed for cleaning carpets as well as the hardwood floors. It is relatively light weight which makes it highly portable.

    2. What's in the Package?

    • A Brush
    • HEPA Filter
    • 1 Crevice tool
    • 1 Canister

    3. Specs of the Nv351 Shark Navigator

    • Product Dimensions- 15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches
    • Weight- 13.1 pounds
    • Model number: NV351
    • Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars from 827 ratings(Amazon)
    • Specific Uses for Product: Hard floor, Carpet, Dual action
    • Form Factor : Upright
    • Warranty: 90 days limited warranty.
    • Batteries Required: No
    • Included Components: Canister, HEPA Filter, Crevice tool, Brush

    4. Features

    5. Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

    The Nv351 Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner is equipped with a complete anti-allergen complete seal technology which allows you inhale fresh air even when you are cleaning. It is effective in trapping and catching dust ensuring none of the impurities flies into the air. This feature is favorable to people who struggle with allergies and children too.

    6. HEPA Filter

    Another awesome feature on this vacuum cleaner is the presence of HEPA filters. HEPA filters are mechanical air traps that are highly effective at trapping dust, pollutants, and other harmful substances around the house as you clean. It can trap viruses, bacteria, dust, pet hair, pollen, moisture, and other microorganisms.

    7. Multi-Surface Cleaner

     The NV 351 vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning on all types of floors. It has a powerful suction power which is able to pick up pet hair, dirt, debris, and dust from the carpets and hard floors.

    Also, you can switch from carpet cleaning to the hard floor cleaning fast. To do this, turn off the brush roll and switch to hard floor cleaning mode. Also, there is no need for changing the attachments from the carpet to the hard floor.

    8. Large Capacity Dust Cup

    The Shark Navigator NV351 comes with a massive dust cup with a capacity of 1.2 quarts. The large capacity dustbin allows you to clean large area without taking frequents break to clean up the dustbin.

    9. Detachable Pod

    The Shark Navigator NV351 is a versatile cleaner. You can use it for cleaning your entire house including the ceilings, sofas, upholstery, and not just the floors and carpets. Detach the pod and use it to clean up other areas.

    It comes with various attachments such as crevice tool, pet upholstery, and dusting brush.

    10. Parts and Accessories

    • Soft bristle brush for attaching to the crevice tool
    • Hard bristle brush for attaching to the upholstery tool
    • Dusting brush
    • 5-inch crevice tool
    • wide pet upholstery tool

    11. FAQ: Nv351 Shark Navigator

    1.Does the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Nv351 have a retractable cord?

    No, it does not have a retractable cord.

    2. How often do you need to NV 351 shark clean the filters?

    First, empty off the dust cup and clean it after every cleaning session. If your vacuum has foam filters, clean with soapy water and rinse it off after every 3 months. The same applies if you are using Felt filters. If your NV 352 vacuum cleaner uses HEPA filters, you should clean them after 2 years or only when there is a need to clean them.

    3.Is the suction power for NV 351 adjustable?

    Yes, you can adjust the suction power for your NV351 shark vacuum cleaner.

    4. Can I use Shark Navigator NV351 Upright Vacuum Cleaner to clean up everything?

    This vacuum cleaner is effective at picking up dirt, pet hair, dust, and small particles from the bare floors and carpets. However, it should not be used for picking up sharp objects, liquids, large objects, or large quantities of normal dirt such as dust.

    5. Why is my vacuum not working?

    One common reason why your vacuum cleaner is not working is due to clogged filters or hose. Clean up the filters and unclog the hose. Let the vacuum sit for about 45 minutes before you can start using it again.

    6. How can I reset my shark NV 351

    Switch off the vacuum and unplug it from the power source. Ensure there is no blockage of the filters and the hose. Allow the vacuum to cool down for around 45 minutes then you can start using it again.

    7. What causes the lights to blink on my vacuum cleaner?

    If the lights on the vacuum are blinking and it is not functioning, it means something could be wrong with the vacuum. The brushroll is not spinning as it should or it is jammed. Also, blinking lights could indicate that the vacuum is overheating.

    12. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Nv351 (Video)

    13. Review: Shark Navigator Lift-Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Nv351

    The Shark Navigator lift-away Nv351 vacuum is an excellent Bagless vacuum for all types of floors. It has a nice design and lightweight which makes it easy to move it around.

    It delivers a good performance generally, on both the hard floors, the medium and high pile carpets, picking up dirt, dust, debris, and pet hair. The HEPA filters ensure safety and health of user as the dirt particles and allergens do not escape into the air which is instrumental to people who struggle with asthma and other respiratory health issues. On the downside, this vacuum is a bit bulky which makes it hard to use on tight spaces.

    The Shark Navigator NV 351 is versatile cleaner that you can use for cleaning your entire home. From the carpets, to the hard bare floors, to the stairs. You can also use the vacuum to clean up your car. It is lightweight with a good size hose. However, it might not be convenient for cleaning on the tight spots.

    On the quality of construction, the Shark navigator is made with quality but lightweight plastic materials but the wand is made from a metallic material. Additionally, this vacuum cleaner is easy to assemble and disassemble.

    Pros and Cons                          


    • It is a versatile cleaner which performs exceptionally well on all types of floors, such as low and medium pile carpets and hard floors.
    • It is excellent for picking up pet hair and dander on carpets, sofas, and hard floors
    • The vacuum incurs minimal recurring costs
    • It has surface adjustment settings for cleaning different areas.
    • It comes with HEPA filters which are the best especially for people who struggle with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues.
    • It has super powerful suction power
    • It has swivel steering features
    • It comes with a giant dust cup


    • It has a short power code, which makes it hard to clean tight spots and hard to reach areas.
    • Although not heavy, the vacuum cleaner is bulky
    • Not convenient for cleaning under low-lying furniture

    14. Comparison: Shark Navigator NV 351 Vs. NV 352


    Both the NV 352 and NV 351 have an almost similar design. The color is lavender with a compact body structure. Both have a cord of about 25 feet which is relatively sufficient for all round cleaning.

    Another aspect that makes these two vacuums similar is the HEPA filters. Both vacuums use this type of filters which is much better for health reasons.

    Both the NV 352 and NV 352 have a strong suction power and utilizes approximately 1200 watts.

    Another aspect of these vacuums that are similar is the accessories and the attachments. These tools and accessories are crevice tools, upholstery tool, accessory holder, pet power brush, and dusting brush.


    There is a slight weight difference of the two vacuum cleaners. The Shark NV 352 weighs 12.5 pounds which is lighter than the NV 351 which weighs 13.5 pounds.

    Dust Cup

    Both have a significantly large dust cup. However, the NV 351 have a significantly larger dust cup at 1.2 quarts compared to the NV 352 which is 1.1 quarts.


    There is wide warranty difference for the two vacuums. The NV 351 you get a limited warranty of 90 days while you get a warranty of 5 years when you purchase NV352.


    NV 351

    NV 352


    Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

    Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology


    HEPA filter Traps 99.9% of dust and allergens

    HEPA filter Traps 99.9% of dust and allergens


    Superior cleaning on all surface types

    Superior cleaning on all surface types


    Lift away function detach

    Two cleaning modes


    15. Conclusion

    The shark navigator is an excellent high performance and versatile vacuum cleaner suitable for all types of floors. If you have pets, it is great at picking up pet hair on carpets. It comes at a relatively affordable price with low maintainace costs. The lift-away technology has a press button for lifting away the canister and for easy cleaning on different areas of the house. The Bagless large capacity dustbin which allows you to clean without taking breaks.