Shark Rocket Hand Vacuum HV 292 Review

    Shark Rocket Hand Vacuum HV 292 Review

    1. The Best Shark Rocket Hand Vacuum HV 292

    You can never get disappointed with a shark vacuum cleaner, especially the hand vacuums. They are convenient, fast, and delivers great performance.

    The Shark Rocket Hand Vacuum HV 292 is an affordable, easy to use, and lightweight vacuum. You can use the device on your car, house, or even on your RV while on the go.

    It has a great suction power which enables it to be a great cleaner. In addition, the vacuum comes with attachments and tools for all round cleaning.

    The suction power of this device is consistent and power from the start to the end of the cleaning session. It has an elegant and attractive design.

    The sleek and light weight design makes it ideal for cleaning the stairs, seats, and the hard to reach parts of the house. In addition, it is a great vacuum when it comes to picking up pet hair. It comes with a true pet motorized brush specially designed to handle pet hair and dander. You might want to consider this vacuum if you are living with pets in the house.

    As mentioned above, the HV 292 is light weight weighing less than 4 pounds. It perfect for people such as elder who cannot handle heavy objects for long.


    2. Specifications

    • Product Dimensions: 9.65 x 4.92 x 13.58 inches
    • Total Weight: 3.7 pounds
    • Power: corded
    • Clearing Width: 4.5 inches
    • Filters: Washable
    • Attachments Included: True Pet Motorized Brush, Crevice tool, Dusting Brush
    • Manufacturer: SharkNinja
    • Cord Length:15 feet
    • Model number : HV292
    • Bin Capacity: 0.105 gallons
    • Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars from 3,393 ratings
    • Form Factor: Handheld vacuum
    • Type of Brush: True Pet
    • Assembly Required? No
    • Warranty: five years (5) limited warranty
    • Batteries Required: No
    • Included Components: Brush
    • Recommended Surface: Multi Surface

    3. Features of Shark Rocket Hand Vacuum HV 292

    • True Pet Motorized Brush – the brush is specially designed with pet owners in mind. It perfectly picks up pet hair, dirt, and debris on the floors, carpets, seats, and on fabrics. It has deep cleaning abilities for the carpets, furniture, and car interior.
    • Easy to Empty Dust Cup – the dust bin of this device is easy to empty and to clean. Hold the cup over the trash. Press the button to open the bottom door to release the dirt.
    • Washable filters- you can wash and reuse the filters. It saves you money.

    4. Design

    • Portable and ultra-lightweight. A total of just 4 pounds
    • The true Pet Motorized Brush is handheld for deep cleaning
    • The dust cup is easy-to-empty. No bag needed and it allows you to empty by just touching the button.
    • 15-foot-long power cord so you do not have to pause and recharge. You can clean the whole room continuously.
    • Powerful suction and cleaning from the start to the end possible thanks to the amperage (amps):3.4

    5. Attachments: Shark Rocket Hand Vacuum HV292

    1.12 Inch crevice tool for cleaning on tight spaces

    2.Dusting brush for multiple floor surfaces and carpets

    3.Mini motorized brush specially designed for picking up pet hair and dander from surfaces.

    4.Home and Car detail kit for cleaning on tights spaces between the car seats and sofas

    6. How to Use Shark Rocket Hand Vacuum HV 292(Video)

    Shark Rocket handheld vacuum HV292 is among the best performing handheld vacuums delivering a suction power of 400W. Watch the video below and experience its performance.

    7. FAQ: Shark Rocket Hand Vacuum HV 292

    1.Why has my HV 292 vacuum lost suction?

    One of the reasons why your shark vacuum has lost suction is due to clogged filters. Remove the filters and clean them. Once they are dry, place them back into the vacuum. Check if the suction has gotten restored. Also, you can replace the filters.

    2. How Can I increase the suction power of my vacuum?

    First, unplug the vacuum. Empty the dust cup and remove the dirt. Remove the filters and clean them with clean water. Then, check the airflow on the handle, the vacuum hose, and the front wand. Also, check the brush roll and remove the dirt or debris that is stuck on it.

    3. The brush on my vacuum is not spinning.

    If the brush of your Shark Rocket Hand Vacuum HV 292 is not spinning is if the nozzle is disengaged. Ensure the nozzle is completely attached. Press down the handle to tightly attach it.

    If it does not start even after this, unplug the vacuum and check if the nozzle is blocked. Remove dirt and debris and ensure it is clean.

    4. Why is my vacuum blinking red light?

    The red light in the vacuum is an indicator that the brush roll part is jammed. To clear the blockage, turn the vacuum off.

    5. Why is my vacuum overheating?

    Overheating happens when the dust bag is full and needs to be emptied or the filters are dirty and clogged. Also, it could happen due to blockage of the floor tool, or of the hand piece, and the wand. Ensure everything component of the vacuum is clean to clear the air ways for proper circulation, which will cool off the vacuum. If your vacuum shuts itself unexpectedly, turn the vacuum off and unplug it from the wall socket. Allow your vacuum about 45 minutes to cool off before you start using it again

    8. Review: Shark Rocket Hand Vacuum HV 292

    Reviews and Ratings

    The HV 292 Vacuum has been rated over 1500 times from different sources. The total rating is 92.3 out of 100 which is an excellent rating.


    • Cost- HV 292 vacuum costs 30% cheaper compared to the hand held vacuums such as the upright Shark Rocket.
    • Suction- the Shark rocket HV 292 has a powerful suction that is consistent from the start to the end. The suction slightly deteriorates when the dirt cup is nearly full.
    • Filters- this vacuum utilizes washable filters, which significantly reduces the cost of purchasing new filters.
    • Attachments – the vacuum comes with several attachments such as a good and flexible hose attachment, a dusting brush and crevice tool that fit on the hose.
    • Motorized brush- the vacuum comes with a motorized brush for removing and picking up pet hair from the carpets, bed and seats. The pet brush and other components of the vacuum are easy to install or assemble.
    • The Dust Cup-the vacuum comes with a large and easy to empty dust cup.
    • Light weight-the entire vacuum including the attachments weighs less than five pounds. Even with all the attachments, it is a lightweight vacuum compared to most handheld vacuums in the market.
    • Attachment Kit- The vacuum has an extra attachment kit that comes separately and it is suitable for cleaning the hard to reach parts in the furniture, the nooks and the crannies in your spaces and cracks on the floors.


    • Filters- the manufactures provide that you can wash and reuse the filters several times. However, with every wash, the effectiveness of the filters deteriorates.
    • You cannot use the hose of this model with the Shark Rocket upright vacuum. This means, you cannot share some of the accessories of this vacuums with other shark models.
    • The handle of the vacuum can cause the carpal tunnel syndrome or other stress injuries after the repetitive and occasional spot cleaning.

    9. Shark Rocket HV292 Vs Dyson Handheld Vacuum


    Shark HV 292

    Dyson Hand held Vacuum

    Power Supply

    Has a cord. Uses direct electric power supply.

    Li-Ion battery

    Time usage

    With direct power supply, it gives you endless cleaning time.

    The battery depletes so you have to pause cleaning to recharge. It can be time consuming.

    The filters efficiency

    It utilizes multiple foam filters that are washable and replaceable.

    Dyson hand held vacuums utilizes HEPA filters which are considered the most efficient. They are suitable for people who are prone to asthma, or respiratory issues.

    Performance- Both the vacuums perform excellently.

    Excellent performance best for cleaning sofa, upholstery, car seats, bed and mattress, pet hair and dander etc.

    Excellent performance best for cleaning sofa, upholstery, car seats, bed and mattress, pet hair and dander etc.


    10. Conclusion

    The Shark Rocket Hand Vacuum HV 292 is an affordable, lightweight, and portable handheld vacuum which offers efficient and deep cleaning. It comes with a true pet motorized brush which is a plus for people with pets. Pet hair will no longer be a nuisance in your seats, carpets, or bed. The cost of this vacuum is friendly at almost one thirds less compared to most hand held vacuum cleaners. It comes with great features such as consistent and good suction power, washable and reusable filters, and not controlled by batteries. In addition, it comes with several attachments that aid in the excellent performance of the vacuum. The cord, which is 15 foot long allows for easy and convenient cleaning without restricting your movement.