Shark Rocket Powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum Reviews: AH452 vs AH401

    Shark Rocket Powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum Reviews: AH452 vs AH401

    1. Reasons to buy shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum

    A clean and orderly room is always refreshing and welcoming. There are several cleaning solutions in the market, and vacuum cleaners come in handy in ensuring all dirt and dust is captured when cleaning surface. The shark rocket powerhead AH452 bagless vacuum is one of the vacuums that have incorporated modern technologies to make cleaning fun, easy, and efficient. The vacuum is highly convenient due to its features such as an adjustable telescopic handle that can allow the user to twist their hands and reach below furniture when cleaning. The vacuum is suitable for both carpets and floors due to its ability to switch between the two modes through fingertip controls on the handle. The performance of the vacuum cleaner is remarkable due to the positioning of the motor, the dirt cup, and brushrolls on the powerhead.  Thus, the vacuum is suitable as a cleaning solution due to its efficiency in cleaning surfaces fast and easily while maneuvering from one corner to the other because of its long cord. There is no fear of power loss due to battery failure since the vacuum is corded. All these advantages, coupled with the low cost of the vacuum, offer good reasons for buying the shark rocket powerhead AH452 vacuum.

    1. Shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum Specifications:






    Shark rocket




    30-day capacity

    45-day capacity


    44.9” tall x 12.6” deep x 12.2” wide

    (114 cm tall x 32 cm deep x 31 cm wide)


    9.9 pounds


    600 watts

    Power source

    27-feet cord




    The shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum is a hand-held cleaner that can fully recline to access dirt in hidden spaces such as those beneath the furniture easily. It has a 27 feet cord to allow users navigate easily, as well as avoid the problem of running out of power while cleaning. The vacuum also provides two cleaning modes to allow users switch when cleaning bare floors and carpets respectively. Other features include a telescopic handle, controls on the handle, and swivel steering.


    The shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum is an in-hand lightweight machine. The hand-held part of the vacuum is comprised of the power cord, the motor, and the bin, all of which weigh about 4.2 pounds. The vacuum is corded and it has a floor noozle that is 3 inches in height and 10.2 inches in width.


    Replacement Parts & filters & Accessories:

    The shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum comes with several attachments, including the floor nozzle, the extension tube, the crevice tool, the pet upholstery tool, and the dusting brush. The vacuum also comes with a dust-Away tool that comprises of a microfiber pad that is washable and removable. Some of the accessories that come with the vacuum cleaner include the storage bag that makes the vacuum cleaner highly portable. Users can also purchase additional attachments like an extension hose or a car detailing kit. Since the vacuum cleaner is corded, it uses power directly from the main energy source rather than relying on an inbuilt battery. The shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum is available in color blue.


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    1. FAQ about shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum

    Why is the suction of my shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum not picking up?

    There could be several reasons for loosing suction on your shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum. Start by emptying the dust cup because a full dust cup may the reason why the vacuum is losing suction. Additionally, cleaning the filters regularly ensures the vacuum works optimally. The shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum manual has step-by-step guidelines on how to rinse and clean the filters. Once washed, the filters should be air dried before use.

    What can I do if my shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum suddenly stops working?

    The shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum is programmed in such a manner that it turns off automatically if it overheats. This is enabled by the motor protective thermostat. Should your vacuum turn of automatically, unplug it from the power source and clean the filters, as well as empty the dust cup if it is full. Additionally, clear any blockages that might be in the inlet openings, accessories or tube. Let the vacuum rest for about 45 minutes to cool off before plugging it in and restarting.

    The dust cup of my shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum does not latch back onto the floor nozzle

    The most probable cause of this mishap is a poorly closed filter access or brushroll garage, therefore, you should check to see that they are properly closed. You can achieve this by pressing on the dust cup firmly until it produces a click to indicate that it is firmly attached to the floor nozzle. The vacuum will start running as normal once the dust cup is properly closed.

    What does the brushroll indicator light on my shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum mean?

    The indicator light on the shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum guides the user regarding the status of the brushroll. A solid green indicator light shows that the brushrol is on and that it is working optimally. On the other hand, a solid red indicator light implies that there is a blockage that is affecting the brushroll’s ability to work well. The user should switch of the vacuum and clear the am before proceeding. A flashing red indicator light warns that the motorized floor nozzle is overheating, which calls for the user to switch o the vacuum and allow it to cool down before proceeding.

    1. Shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum reviews

    According to customer reviews, the shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum is very lightweight, which makes it easy to use. Its efficiency is enhanced by its impeccable suction. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner is highly convenient since it is easy to maneuver. The shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum can be used on both hard floors and carpets, which implies great performance. Most of the components are contained within the powerhead, including the dirt bin, brush roller, and the motor. Specifically, the brush roller is placed directly below the motor and this increases the performance of the vacuum through improved suction and efficiency.  The positioning of the dirt bin and brush roller together increases performance by ensuring all the dirt is taken up into the dirt bin. When cleaning the shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum, the convenience of placing the filter in the powerhead allows the user to easily access and clean the filter. Further, the brush roller is also easy to access and clean since it snaps out in seconds for cleaning. Thus, the design of the model makes it highly effective.

    Although the shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum has several positive features and its efficiency is evident, reviews indicate some common problems associated with the vacuum. For instance, the vacuum stops working abruptly after sometime, ranging from a few months to about a year of use. Moreover, the vacuum is not very streamlined or sleek in its appearance.  


    1. Comparison:shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum vs AH401


    Shark Rocket AH452

    Shark Rocket AH401


    Upright/stick vacuum

    Upright vacuum

    Bagless system




    44.9″ x 12.6″ x 12.2″

    45.3″ x 12.6″ x 12.2″


    Telescopic wand

    Non-telescopic wand

    Cord length

    30 feet

    25 feet


    Centre LED headlight on vacuum head






    9 pounds

    9 pounds

    Cleaning path

    10.6 inches

    10.6 inches

    Interchangeable brushrolls



    Dust capacity

    0.20 gallon dust bin

    0.2 gallon dust bin


    600 watts

    600 watts


    Shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum 


    Easy to store due to the storage bag for keeping the vacuum when it is not in use

    Increased performance due to the dual brushes which are designed especially for the bare floor and the carpet respectively

    The vacuum weighs only 9 pounds making it a lightweight that can be easily maneuvered around

    The handle has fingertip controls to allow the user switch the vacuum on or off without bending

    The vacuum is easy to maneuver due to the swivel steering technology, making it possible to reach hidden areas

    Placing the motor at the base reduces the vacuuming weight significantly.

    It is easy to remove the brushes and dirt cup for cleaning or replacement


    The dirt cup is relatively small making it necessary to empty often when working on a large area

    The agitation is relatively weaker compared to superior upright vacuums

    The vacuum cleaner does not have HEPA filtration, which may affect allergic people

    The vacuum is not designed to clean upholstery

    Shark rocket powerhead AH401 upright vacuum


    It is a lightweight weighing only 9 pounds, which makes it portable and easy to move from one room to another, just like AH452

    It is easy to maneuver and handle in your hand due to its adjustable height

    It makes floor cleaning easy due to its compact design and telescopic handle

    Like the AH452, AH401 has fingertip controls to easily switch between modes and transition seamlessly

    It is suitable for both hard floor and carpet cleaning due to its powerful cleaning

    The shark rocket powerhead AH401 vacuum has all its most functional components at the head making it efficient

    The powerhead is unique in that it has removable brushrolls and it comes with two interchangeable brushrolls

    The vacuum’s power steering technology is remarkably dynamic, enabling the vacuum to access areas under furniture

    The vacuum has a good cleaning-to-weight ratio

    The LED headlight makes it possible to clean even in the dark places

    The pop-up dust cup makes it easy to empty the vacuum by stepping on the foot pedal


    Like AH452, AH401 has a cord, which makes it hard to move around

    The 25 foot cord comes in the way of cleaning making it a nuisance

     Though convenient and easy to empty, the dust cup is small and it fills up fast

    1. Conclusion Is shark rocket powerhead AH452 stick bagless vacuum worth it?

    After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the shark rockect AH452 vacuum, it is evident that the pros outweigh the cons. This implies that it is worth it to invest in a shark rocket powerhead AH452 and enjoy the several benefits it offers. In comparison with other vacuums such as the AH401 model, the performance of the AH452 is competitive, especially on carpets and rough surfaces or floors. However, the AH452 vacuum is not suitable for cleaning upholstery. Given its low price and competitive performance, the vacuum is worth it. Users can purchase the vacuum and expect a return on their investment.