The 6 Best French Press Coffee Makers and How to Choose the Best Brand?

    The 6 Best French Press Coffee Makers and How to Choose the Best Brand?

    Did you have a cup of coffee brewed from a French press coffee maker and can’t stop thinking of its delicious taste? Are you now planning to buy a French press coffee maker but are unsure which one is best for you?

    Made from different designs and styles, it might feel a little intimidating to choose the right French press coffee maker. But don’t worry, we get to cover what to consider before buying a French press, the best French presses in 2022, and their pros and cons. 

    We believe all this information will help you make a more informed decision on the best French press coffee maker to buy.

    Are French Press Coffee Makers Good?

    A French press is a type of coffee maker that enables you to manually brew coffee in hot water for several minutes. Having been in existence for over a century, interestingly, the idea came from an Italian manufacturer but the coffee maker remains popular all this years.

    Made with a cylinder carafe, a plunger and built in filter, the French press coffee maker doesn’t scald the coffee beans thus allowing maximum flavor extractions. The resulting flavor is richer and more intricate than what other coffee makers can accomplish.

    Keep in mind, there are many different styles and sizes of French press to choose from but mind you, they all serve the same purpose of providing a rich tasty coffee. Known for its many benefits, here are some reasons why French press coffee makers are good.

    • It is cost effective-meaning it is financially convenient to brew than buying a cup of coffee everyday
    • Portable- Aside from using the French press at home, it is also a great travel companion for camping or when running errands.
    • Simple to use, clean and store-Although French presses come in different sizes, they are easy to use, clean and store. Keep in mind; all this makes the French press worth your investment.

    What to Consider when buying aFrench Press Coffee Maker

    Just like other coffee makers, there are some factors you need to consider before buying a French press coffee maker. So, here are the 5 things to consider before making a purchase.


    French presses coffee makers are made from different materials such as glass, stainless steel, and stoneware. With each having its own pros and cons, you need to find out which is best for your home or office.

    Heat Retention

    Being a non-electric coffee maker, French press coffee maker doesn’t retain hot coffee for long. Tied to the French’s press material, it is important to consider this factor when choosing the material as the three materials have different heat retention.


    French presses only make a few cups of coffee at once. The sizes range from 12 ounces (2 cups) to 34- ounces (4 cups). Therefore, you need to buy the best French press depending on the size of coffee lovers in the house or office.


    The price of the French press will vary from the material you choose to the capacity the French press holds. For instance, glass is far more affordable than the stainless steel and stoneware French presses.  As for the size, a large French press will be more expensive than a small one.

    Ease of Cleaning

    Cleaning the French press is also an important factor to consider before buying. Is the coffee maker dishwasher safe or requires you to wash it by hand.

    Here are the 6 Best French Press Coffee Makers

    Bodum Chambord French Press- Best Classic Coffee Maker

    Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

    Reason to Buy: The Bodum Chambord is a classic French press coffee maker made with high quality borosilicate glass. Introduced in the 1950’s, the French press has not changed much which is interesting as it is still one of the best-selling coffee makers on the market.

    Bodum Chanbord French Press Design and Features

    The Bodum Chambord is made of the borosilicate glass that makes up the main body. The glass exterior is linked to a top ring as well as a safe to grip handle made of Polypropylene with a matte finish.

    What’s more the stainless steel plunger prevents the ground beans from escaping when the coffee is poured. Available in a number of sizes, the Bodum Chambord starts at 12, 17, 34 and 51 ounces. It also comes in different colors such black, white, copper, gold, cork and copper to match your kitchen.


    • Classic and user friendly design
    • East to use and clean ( Dishwasher safe)
    • More environmental friendly- no plastic capsules or paper filters
    • Double filter minimizes graininess 
    • Affordable


    • Glass is thin making it easy to break
    • Not insulated -doesn't retain heat well

    For the Best Prices: Buy on Amazon

    Espro French Press P7- Best High-End French Press


    Espro P7 French Press Coffee Maker

    Reason to Buy:Espro P7 is a high end French press with double-walled stainless steel design made to last for years to come. The coffee maker consistently brews smooth and delicious coffee that stays hot for hours thus enabling you to enjoy your coffee at your own pace.

    Espro P7 French Press Design and Features

    The Espro French Press P7 is made of double walled stainless steel design that offers long lasting heat retention. The patent pending filters get beneath the grinds and filters twice thus leaving the flavor intact. Another great feature is the double lip seal that prevents any grinds form passing the filters.

    An awesome French press for travellers, the Espro P7 comes in matte black, white, polished and brushed stainless steelcolors. As for the cup sizes, the capacity is 18 and 32 ounces. It is also dish washer safe and can be used to brewing cold coffee.


    • Sleek design
    • Excellent heat retention
    • Easy to use
    • No risk of breaking it
    • Double filter minimizes graininess 


    • Pricey
    • Smaller capacity than alternative
    • Tight seal makes it a bit difficult to pull plunger out

    For the Best Prices: Buy on Amazon


    Kona French Press- Best Budget Coffee Maker

    Kona French Press coffee maker

    Reason to Buy:Kona is a budget friendly French press with a stainless steel filter and tight screen that provides residue free coffee. The Kona French press is lightweight with a unique design thus making fit perfectly in your home or office.

    Kona French Press Design and Features

    When it comes to design Kona is known for offering an additional element from other French presses. Made with borosilicate glass which is thick and resistant to thermal shock, Kona goes the extra step with its ergonomic handle. Rather than metal, the French press has an ear shaped plastic handle.

    The BPA free plastic handle wraps around the sturdy glass carafe, therefore, preventing you form burning yourself while pouring the coffee. In addition, the Kona French press can be completely disassembled and all its components are dishwasher safe. As for colors, it comes with both black and red and holds a capacity of 12 ounces (1 cup) and 34 ounces (8 cups).


    • Stainless steel filter
    • Unique design
    • Budget friendly
    • Easy to use


    • Plastic frame which can easily break
    • Available in only two colors

    For Amazing Prices: Buy in Sears

    Coffee Gator - Best Constructed French Press Coffee Maker

    Coffee Gator French Press

    Reason to Buy:The Coffee Gator is a unique French press due to its design and double filter features. Made with stainless steel, it also comes with a cool handle and has great heat retention therefore making it suitable for household use as well as traveling.

    Gator’s French Press Design and Features

    Almost all French presses have the same design; however, the Gator French press is a bit different from the others. Made from stainless steel, the Gator’s outer side is layered with a darker tone which gives it a unique look.

    What’s more, the lid and plunger are also made from stainless steel, it comes with double filters and it is also rust proof. This means you won’t have to clean off layers of rust in case you leave it wet overnight.

    Designed to perfection, the Gator has a vertically angled cool touch handle that offers safe handling. It also comes with a variety of colors which are grey, orange, pink and silver and can brew up to 34- ounces of coffee in a single batch.


    • Stainless steel mesh filter
    • Great design ( touch screen display)
    • Rust proof
    • Double filters
    • Durable


    • Pricey than stainless steel alternatives
    • Not dishwasher safe
    • Not transparent

    For All Colors: Buy in Walmart

    Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel- Most Reliable French Press

    Frieling Double-Wall Stainless Steel

    Reason to Buy:The Frieling double walled stainless steel French press is a reliable coffee maker. The French press is known to keep hot drinks up to four times longer than a normal glass carafe. Moreover, it comes in different sizes making it ideal for different coffee lovers.

    Frieling’s French Press Design and Features

    The Frieling Double-Wall Stainless Steel is constructed with heavy metal from top to bottom. Available in brushed and polished finishes, the Frieling coffee maker has two stage filter system. They are a pre-filter and a super fine mesh filter connected with a sturdy metal wire coil intended to prevent any sediments sneaking into your cup of coffee.

    Featuring a stunning mirrored finish, the French press is made with a narrow handle which ensures there is no drip spout every time you pour a cup. Ideal for different users, the French press comes in five sizes- 8,17,22,36 and 44 ounces.


    • A stunning design
    • Strong double walled stainless steel
    • Available in multiple sizes
    • Superior coffee flavor


    • Expensive
    • Heavier than other French press models

    For The Best Price: Buy in Target

    Le Creuset Stoneware - Best Stoneware French Press

    Le Creuset French Press Coffee Maker


    Reason to Buy: Le Creuset is one of the best makers of ceramic French press coffee makers.  Modernly made the French press has top grade heat retention and it’s easy to use making it a great household coffee maker.


    Le Creuset French Press Design and Features


    The Le Creuset is popularly known for its classic design and quality built. Made using durable high quality stoneware, the Ceramic French press has a non-transparent body coated with glossy enamel that gives it a shiny look. The plunger is stainless steel and it has a mesh sieve for filtering the coffee grounds.


    With a long handle, Le Creuset is available in an array of eye catching colors such as Black, red, blue, silver, orange, coffee, grey and magenta. Aside from that, it comes with a capacity of 15, 17, 34 and 50 ounces. The French press is also easy to clean as you only need to soak in warm soapy solution and all the dirt comes out in seconds. You can also dish wash if you like.




    • Beautiful
    • Easy to clean- either hand wash or dishwasher
    • Well built
    • One hour heat retention
    • Comes in multiple colors




    • Wobbly lid
    • Non-transparent
    • Scratching sound when pressing plunger


    For Best Discount: Buy in Wayfair

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    Where Can I Buy Fresh Press Coffee Makers

    There are many stores that you can Fresh press coffee makers. Offering different prices and shipping options, here are some of the best stores to buy your French press coffee makers.



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