The 7 Best Bose TV Soundbars of 2022: Reviews

    The 7 Best Bose TV Soundbars of 2022: Reviews

    You may be excited with great anticipation when you are purchasing a quality big-screen, but when you have just unboxed your screen for operation, you will not be that much impressed by the low sound quality from the built-in speakers. A big TV screen is at its best performance with a great sounding speaker, and the recent advanced technology has over the years introduced TV soundbars to get all customers sorted.

    What is a Bose TV Soundbar?

    The Bose TV smart soundbar 900 is a device that supports immersive surround sound technology that also incorporates the integrated voice assistant and the multiroom audio features. The product has got one HDMI input and one audio input. There are also AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth sources, Wi-Fi for wireless connection, and an Ethernet port for wired connection. The soundbar comes with a small remote that can change the input, adjust volume and allow you to access resets. These features make this device an ideal sound for your expensive TV screen.



    It is slim and sleek in design

    It is pricey

    It supports Dolby Atmos

    The bass output is so-so

    It features an automatic room adjustment


    It supports built-in Alexa and Google assistant



    Here are the 7 best Bose TV Soundbars

    With so many soundbars in the market, here is a filtration of the seven best Bose TV soundbars that will give you the best sound quality and bring the convenience and luxury your home deserves;

    • Bose Soundbar 700
    • Bose Soundbar 500
    • Bose Solo 5
    • Bose TV Speaker
    • Bose Lifestyle 650 Home Entertainment System
    • Bose Smart Soundbar 300
    • Bose Smart Soundbar 900 with Bass Module 700

    Check out the details on the above-listed best Bose soundbars and get to know which models suit both you and your family for a greater entertainment experience!

    1. Bose Smart Soundbar 700

    This is the best-selling soundbar that has gained rapid popularity for its stunning white and black finishes. The soundbar model is highly compatible with the Amazon Alexa app, HDMI-ARC, and AirPlay 2, which facilitates in production of an unreal sound from your quality device. The amazing part of this electronic appliance is that it can adjust to the optimum sound that is needed in a room.


    • It allows wireless connectivity
    • It is highly durable
    • It delivers a wide soundstage


    • It is pricey

    Enjoy the well-balanced profile that allows you to listen to a variety of your favorite music playlist. 

    Buy on Amazon.

    1. Bose Soundbar 500

    With the first glance at this Soundbar model, you will definitely admire it as it is designed to display a slim and sleek make that contributes to a sweeter and better sound experience. The product allows Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Apple airplay two connections for wireless streaming of any video or audio track on your television.


    • It features built-in voice assistants
    • It comes with the Bose SimpleSync technology
    • It produces quality sound


    • It is expensive

    The device can allow you to add a Bose bass module and other Bose Bass surround speakers for even better performance. 

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    1. Bose Solo 5

    The Bose model is a high-caliber audio device that offers power smart features that you cannot easily find in other Soundbar models. The machine is worth having since it allows Bluetooth connectivity that delivers a decent sound quality. There is a universal remote in the product’s package.


    • It is affordable
    • It delivers a decent sound quality
    • It is compact with a sleek design


    • It does not have a display

    Enjoy the high sound quality with a frequency range from 61Hz to 19 kHz. The bass of the device is also adjustable. 

    Buy on Amazon.

    1. Bose TV Speaker

    This model is regarded as the company’s best small soundbar that is well-known for its excellent performance with dialogue-centric content that includes movies and TV shows. The clarity of vocals featured by this product makes it gain a huge demand among buyers.


    • It has Bluetooth connectivity
    • It is highly compact 
    • It offers quality sound


    • It does not do well with the music

    Thanks to the affordability of this Bose soundbar model, that makes your TV worth listening to and watching. 

    Buy on Amazon.

    1. Bose Lifestyle 650 Home Entertainment System

    As you are looking for a premium soundbar, you will not have to wander looking for other models; the Bose Lifestyle 650 really cares for the audio quality of your television. This product is a 5.1 surround sound system that includes a soundbar, subwoofer, and additional speakers. 


    • It accepts Bluetooth connectivity
    • It delivers high-quality audio output
    • It has a durable make


    • It is pricy

    With the additional multi-speaker system, you get to experience a wonderful soundbar performance. 

    Buy on Amazon.

    1. Bose Smart Soundbar 300

    You might be thinking of adding excitement to your television sound system, and the Bose smart soundbar 300 is the ultimate solution. This device comes with a 5-driver 3.0 system. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Airplay 2, Chromecast, video control technologies, Spotify connect over Wi-Fi and other interesting features.


    • It is highly compact
    • It is good for dialogue enhancement
    • It has wireless support and expansion


    • It lacks Dolby Atmos and EQ

    The soundbar is absolutely affordable, and you can access it once you are in the Bose soundbar market. 

    Buy on Amazon.

    1. Bose Smart Soundbar 900 with Bass Module 700

    The model features a powerful 10-inch driver, a compact footprint, and wireless connectivity that qualifies this device to gain public love. The product allows the addition of theatre, for instance, sub-bass to your soundbar system. The appliance is highly portable since it features a lightweight nature.


    • The wireless sub facilitates a placement
    • It is compatible with other Bose soundbars
    • It delivers massive bass


    • It is pricey
    • It is prone to wireless interference

    Make a wise step into purchasing this modest soundbar that is geared towards delivering quality and comfortable sound from your television. Buy in BestBuy.

    Bose TV Soundbar Compared to other brands.

    Another exceptional soundbar brand is the Sonos Arc, which can tune itself to any room to deliver the crispest and most acceptable audio output automatically. Unlike the Bose TV soundbar, the Sonos Arc is not compatible with any subwoofer. There is the Yamaha YAS-209 soundbar that accepts compatibility with other additional systems that include subwoofers.


    Bose smart soundbar 900

    Sono Arc Soundbar

    Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar

    Size (inches)

    41.14 x 4.21 x 2.29

    45 x 4.5 x 3.4

    36.6 x 4.3 x 2.5 (soundbar), 36.6 x 4.3 x 2.5 (subwoofer)


    Not specified

    Not specified

    200(soundbar), 100(subwoofer)


    No (optional)




    HDMI eARC; Optical in; Ethernet port; ADAPTiQ; Subwoofer out

    Ethernet; HDMI ARC

    1x HDMI in; 1x HDMI out; 1x Optical in


    Wi-Fi; Bluetooth (4.2); AirPlay 2

    Wi-Fi and AirPlay 2 capable



    Here are the questions that can help you determine the best soundbar that will make your homestay full of fun;

    How much does a Bose soundbar cost?

    The cost of these products ranges from sub-$200 to $1500, depending on the model that you intend to install in your home. Other models combine a soundbar with a subwoofer and other speaker components while others do not, making a difference in the prices.

    Is the Bose Soundbar 700 worth it?

    This is a top-performing soundbar that has dominated the soundbar market over the years due to its outstanding capabilities that are proportional to its price. The performance of this product will never disappoint you once you start using it. 

    How long do Bose soundbars last?

    Suppose you keep this soundbar in a single location, protect the device from power surges, and use it regularly at a moderate volume. In that case, the appliance can last for decades without giving you any unnecessary maintenance expenses. The sound quality is kept consistent over a long period.