The Best Balance Bike for Kids

    The Best Balance Bike for Kids

    In recent years, a plethora of balance bike options has flooded the bike market. Most of the many balance bikes are just junk, and after a thorough research and lab test on several balance bikes to help you pick the most ideal for your toddler. This article will help you avoid being scammed and save your money and time selecting a perfect balance bike.

    Why should I buy a Balance Bike for Kids?

    Another name for balance bikes is push bikes or run bikes. These are pedal-less bicycles that are designed for small kids who can walk and have acquired decent motor capabilities. Your kid should be at least 18 months old for him or her to start balance bike riding.

    A balance does a lot to our children. Your kid's gross-motor skill development is enhanced, an easy transition to a pedal bike is achieved, and most importantly, the kid's confidence is built. Developing gross motor skills is essential when it comes to preventing injuries, developing a basis for future advanced motor skills, and self-regulation. 

    Apparently, kids will view balance bike riding as a hobby and real fun, but in reality, it is part of the daily exercise that kids need for proper growth. Another great thing about bikes is that you get a chance to explore outdoors instead of your staying all day long watching cartoons. 

    The burning question for most customers is how do they choose the most suitable and authentic balance bike. Here is what you should consider.

    • Size:your child should easily put both feet flat on the ground
    • Weight:the bike should not exceed your kid's weight by 30%
    • Material:a bike made of composite is the best if you need durability.
    • Safety:Ensure that the bike has a rounded or recessed bolt.
    • Brakes:choose a bike with effective brakes.

    The best Balance Bike for kids?

    Top pick: Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

    Best Runner-up: REI Co-op Cycles REV 12 Kids' Balance Bike

    Best Features: Woom 1 12-Inch Balance Bike

    Best Popular: Prevelo Alpha Zero

    Best Retro Appeal: GT Vamoose Balance Bike

    Best Budget: Banana Bike LT V2

    Since you see the essence of your kid having a balance bike, you do not have to do any further research anywhere. Below are the details you deserve to know already before you go out to purchase an ideal balance bike for yourself.

    Top-Pick: Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

    In a veneer of simplicityStrider 12 Sport Balance Bike hides a prodigious design as it is easy to assemble, lightweight-6.7-pounds, and provides a wide range of adjustability. If you gauge all balance bikes, you will definitely feel the difference in this model. The design of this balance bike model feels the most mini-me-friendly as it features kid-narrow handlebars along with toddler-size grips.

    The balance bike model has an eight-inch stand-over height for easier balance, and the seat post with an adjustability range of up to nine inches. In the features package, the machine includes an ultra-light, a maintenance-free nylon bushing headset, pleasantly grippy foam rubbers that will not need inflating, and other exciting traits.

    Your Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike is worth the high price as it guarantees your child safety, long-lasting fun, and exercise intertwined with luxury.

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    Best Runner-up: REI Co-op Cycles REV 12 Kids' Balance Bike

    Can chance that you are not able to find our top pick balance bike for your kid, then the best alternative or option is to grab the REI Co-op Cycles REV 12 Kids' Balance Bike. The bike model gives cushioning and traction of rubber tires mostly for indoor riding. The machine shares almost all features of the Stride Sport, though it is heavier than the strider.

    Thanks to the thoughtful design meant for kids that include a low-top tube along with a height-adjustable seat b five inches. The balance bike has been designed to feature wide handlebars to ensure safety and stability. Assembling this bike model is pretty fun and easy.

    Get the high-quality fee of the clean welded with the flawless painting that makes everyone adore its physical make. There is less energy needed to lift this balance bike as it is made of an aluminum frame that also enables easy maneuverability. 

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    Best Features: Woom 1 12-Inch Balance Bike

    Woom balance bike developers understand the essence of weight when it comes to kid’s bikes. The bike model is extremely lightweight as it measures just 6.6 pounds. This lightweight nature is achieved from the aluminum frame design. This makes bike riding absolutely fun. 

    Your kid can enjoy full comfort as the machine uses the 12-inch pneumatic tires that are mounted on the spoked wheels making it perfect for smooth riding. An efficient hand-brake is installed to ensure that your kid easily controls the bike’s speed. The brakes can also be a hassle to adjust for the uninitiated.

    The recessed hardware installed at the wheels ends the possibility of your child’s legs getting snagged as the removable rubber O-ring delivers a flexible steering limiter to stop any front-wheel jackknifes. 

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    Best Popular: Prevelo Alpha Zero

    This is the most celebrated balance bike that serves as a bridge between entry-level bikes and high-end options in the kid’s bike market. The Prevelo Alpha Zero weighs 8.6 pounds making it lightweight enough for your kid to be able to control it. Thanks to the effective V-brake positioned underneath the chainstays to keep the bike from scratching your child.

    Other features meant for safety are well-rounded-off nuts. The Prevelo Alpha Zero balance bike ensures your child gets the comfort they deserve; that is why they stand over height is low and pneumatic tires for a smooth riding experience. Remember, you do not need any tool to adjust the seat height as it features a quick-release post.

    If you find a chance to choose an ideal balance bike, then look for the Prevelo Alpha Zero balance bike for even greater fun and happiness for your kid. 

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    Best Retro Appeal: GT Vamoose Balance Bike

    The GT Vamoose Balance Bike is the most stylish balance bike that is well-designed for young ones to start out bike riding. This bike has all the basics your kid needs for balancing, cruising, and moving without any distraction from pedaling. For your kid to comfortably ride on the balance bike, the durable bike features alloy rims and a top mount stem.

    There is a handlebar made of steel with dimensions of 500mm by 130mm. With this handlebar size, your kid will find it easy and safe to ride. The two different frame sizes present for growing young one some options along with the LegitFit system. 

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    Best Budget: Banana Bike LT V2

    If you really need to buy a balance bike for your child and find it almost impossible due to the high cost, the best solution for you is the Banana Bike LT V2. This model features an updated design that involves updated bearings and an upgraded seat. This model is meant for toddlers who are at least 18 months old.

    The balance bike’s saddle adjustable height starts from as low as 12.2 inches. Most users love how light but strong this machine is as it ensures the rider enjoys its company. This balance bike is better than scooters or starter pedals as it is much safer for our children to use. The tires of this model are puncture-proof, and you will never be required to inflate them.

    The model may look simple, but it is one of the most convenient and reliable balance bikes your kid needs every time he or she wants to play as it incorporates the metal bicycle headset along with three eye-popping colors for you to select from.

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