The Best Bowflex Home Exercise Workout Gym Equipment Reviewed: 

    The Best Bowflex Home Exercise Workout Gym Equipment Reviewed: 

    Is it Worth it to Buy a Bowflex Home Exercise Workout Gym Equipment? 

    The Bowflex gym workout setup is ideal for beginners who are looking to take their fitness and workout game to the next level, from the comfort of their homes. It is ideal for home usage because homeowners mostly have limited spaces for their gym equipment, hence this workout gym will work perfectly with the vast majority of homeowners because it does not take up a lot of space. 

    It is also ideal for individuals who are suffering from illnesses such as Arthritis and joint pain because it is a relatively liberal workout gym, which is specifically designed for beginners. 

    There are several pros of Bowflex’s Home Exercise Gym. The whole product is versatile as it includes several workout forms and exercises. Next, it is space-effective, hence you can even cram it in a tight apartment without any worries. It provides a significant platform for beginners to begin their fitness journey because it is easy to use due to its light weights. Lastly, Bowflex makes equipment that is considered to be robust and of the highest quality. 

    However, there are a few downsides to Bowflex’s Xtreme 2 SE. It is not suitable for advanced or even intermediate lifters because of its relatively light weights and gradual force curve, which offers a gradual increase in force. A design flaw which is prevalent with this home gym is its habit of losing resistance over time as the rods lose their rigidity. 

    Overall, this home gym is ideal for beginners who are getting into weightlifting and their fitness journey. The rest of the customer base is advised to look for other options. 

    Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells 

    Bowflex also makes state-of-the-art dumbbells that are known for their quality and performance. Currently, Bowflex makes two models: 552 and 1090. Both have their own pros and cons that will be discussed now. 

    These models offer great innovation to your fitness regime as they replace the usage of several different weight categories, making them ideal for saving space. They replace 15-17 pairs of weight. Moreover, these weights are easily altered through a built-in dial system on the dumbbells bodies. These dumbbells also come with premium grips and molded plates to maximize comfort and performance. 

    Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells 

    Replacing 15 sets of weights, these innovative dumbbells adjust weights from 5 to 52.5 pounds. Its selection dials are highly easy to use. With a single switch, you can easily choose your exercise mode according to your selected resistance. 

    These efficient dumbbells are known for their connectivity as well as they can be connected to the free Bowflex SelectTech training app on either iOS or Android. 

    The only downside to these dumbbells is their price of $198.97. Although they are great accessories for working out, qualified as well, still, the price point is widely considered to be exorbitant. 

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    1090 SelectTech Dumbbells 

     Considered the big brother to the 552 model, the 1090 has a wider range of weight, from 10 to 90 pounds. They can impressively replace up to 17 pairs of weights, clearing up space in your home. On the other hand, they are ideal for toning muscle and weight loss. Connectivity to the SelectTech app can be easily done through your phone. 

    The whopping $400 price tag is a major downside to these exquisite and innovative products, 

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    Bowflex Max Trainer 

    Bowflex’s Max Trainer is another name for their elliptical line of fitness equipment. However, there is a mix to it. The Max Trainer involves motions from an elliptical and a stepper to provide the user with a high intensity workout while being low-impact as well. 

    With the help of the 1-year JRNY membership, you can have access to a multitude of workout videos to learn and practice too. 

    Here are the best Max Trainers from Bowflex. 

    Bowflex Max Trainer M5 

    Although the Max Trainer M5 has been discontinued in the US market after 7 years. It is still a knockout of a fitness machine. It has been known to offer safe resistance levels and intensities in order to allow for a zero impact experience that is easy on your joints. 

    Since there is no pain or danger of damage or injury, users have frequently reported them having continuous high intensity workouts on the trainer. Basically, you will be able to exercise with better quality and quantity because you would not be tired for lengthy periods of time, providing you a better fitness regime. For those involved in the HIIT fitness regime, Bowflex Max Trainer is ideal for them. 

    16 different resistance levels and the opportunity to get a full body workout as your upper body’s arms will be in constant motion as well will allow for an increase in your performance and calories burnt. 

    Since the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 has been discontinued, you can find it brand new from anywhere. However, you can still scour the internet for a used piece, you are highly likely to find one. 

    Bowflex Max Trainer M6 

    For $1,699, you can get your hands on Bowflex’s Max Trainer M6, an outstanding product which will significantly raise your fitness game to the next level. Its unique burn rate display is an amazing motivator to get you going above and beyond during your workout. 

    Moreover, 16 different levels of resistance is ideal for boosting performance and comfort. A heart rate monitor, larger repositioned console, magnetic media rack for tablet or smartphone, Bluetooth connectivity, the ability to connect two devices or profiles at once, and multi-grip dynamic handles allow for an accessible and comfortable experience. 

    Its astoundingly compact design is known to save space up to 2 times more as compared to its predecessors and prior models. 

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    Bowflex Treadmill

    Bowflex takes a different approach to their treadmills as they recognize some of the key motivators behind individuals using treadmills, such as escapism. Bowflex’s aim to remove the dread from working out has been seen with their treadmills as well. 

    They have plenty of exquisite treadmills, each containing a JRNY membership through which individuals can gain access to several custom-made workouts that have been created with the help of machine learning. 

    The T56 offers an incline up to a staggering 20%. Moreover, Bowflex offers some of the most intriguing analytics on their reading screens. 

    Bowflex BXT6 Treadmill 

    Although it has been unfortunately discontinued, the Bowflex BXT6 is an outstanding treadmill which goes for a relatively cheap price as compared to other Bowflex products. The JRNY app comes preloaded, heart rate monitoring and performance tracking ability is one of the best in the industry when it comes to Bowflex treadmills, and it can accommodate running and walking up to speeds of 12 miles per hour. 

    A 7.5 inch backlit LCD display has got you covered with its brightness and attractive graphics. Since Bowflex has great emphasis on safety and an easy experience, BXT6 comes with a Comfort Tech Deck Cushioning System. 

    The treadmill is foldable, has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, and offers an incline of a staggering 15%. 

    These are all highly impressive features given BXT6’s meager price. However, since it has been discontinued, your only chances of getting it is through an online website. 

    Bowflex Treadmill 10 

    Bowflex Treadmill 10 is a serious contender for one of the most formidable treadmills on the market due to its build quality. The 10 inch HD touchscreen display will allow you to be fully immersed in the JRNY reviews and workouts that you will be seeing. Moreover, you can also login to your Netflix or Hulu account to watch a movie or your favorite show while working out. 

    A -5% to 15% incline is excellent for adding more effort to your workout situations. Moreover, the heart rate armband with Bluetooth recognition will motivate you to achieve more as it will display your progress on the screen. 

    A recommended user weight of 400 pounds is an outstanding figure as this weight capacity is barely reached by an ordinary treadmill, but then again, this is not ordinary. 

    Although it goes for $1,999, we have no problems with the price because of its unique features and amazing quality that justifies the price any day of the week. 

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    Bowflex Treadmill 22 

    Bowflex 10’s bigger and wider brother is Bowflex Treadmill 22. It is a beefier version which is priced at a whopping $2,699. It has a 22 inch adjustable and tilting console with an HD touchscreen display. You will also get an impressive -5% to 20% of incline, a range that has never been seen before within Bowflex’s competition. 

    A spacious running track, measuring 60 inches in length and 22 inches in breadth provides enough space for individuals of every height to easily workout on it. The JRNY membership of 12 months, a weight withstanding capacity of 400 pounds, and heart rate monitoring via Bluetooth cements this treadmill in the hall of fame. 

    If you can afford it, this is an ideal way to get into the fitness world with a bang. 

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    Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill 

    This $1,499 treadmill is a solid option for those individuals who are looking for a mid-tier treadmill which is known to do the job without any hassles. Although it has been discontinued by Bowflex, it can be bought from all over the internet. 

    The innovative burn rate console is a dynamic display of information which shows you the amount of calories you have burnt in a dynamic and continuous manner. Its Comfort Tech feature allows for immense safety and comfort to be achieved through a softer landing that absorbs impact and a humongous running path of 20’’ x 60’’. A 7.5 inch HD touchscreen display with in-built buttons for nine different controlled workout options offers an enticing experience with the treadmill. A motorized incline of an impressive 15% is a good way to test your limits and increase the rate at which your calories are being burnt. 

    It is a shame that this amazing and cost-effective treadmill has been discontinued by Bowflex. However, you can still get it on WallMart if you keep looking for it over there, or on the internet as well. 

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    Bowflex Bike 

    Bowflex bikes, similar to their other products, are known to be of high quality and an aesthetically common shape with other Bowflex’s products. 

    Bowflex C6 Bike 

    Impressively, C6 offers as many features as you can think of in an exercise bike. Its price point of under $1000 makes it one of the most cost-effective exercise bikes on the market because it never compromises on quality or comfort. 

    It possess 4-way adjustable handlebars, adjustable sidebars, and a staggering 100 levels of magnetic resistance. Do not underestimate the strength of this bike as it supports external weight of up to 330 pounds. 

    The bike also comes with a HD LCD that tracks your analytics and progress. 

    Unfortunately, this awesome bike has been discontinued by Bowflex, hence you will have to try your luck with used products marketplaces such as Ebay. 

    Bowflex Velocore Bike 

    This exciting exercise bike offers something new everyday through its massive 22 inch HD touchscreen display that delivers professional workouts, streaming capabilities, and analytical tracking. 

    The unique Lean Mode present in this bike allows you to lean left and right when you are exercising on this bike in order to achieve a drastically original experience of cycling in the mountains on a swoopy and curvy road. A free 1 year JRNY membership will do you great wonders because of its vast array of guided workout sessions and interactive guidance. 

    6-hand position handlebars and an enormous 100 levels of resistance massively increases comfort and performance from this bike. You can adjust resistance and tension levels to your liking. 

    It can also withstand a weight capacity of 330 pounds in one go. 

    This 2,199 exercise bike is definitely worth every penny because of its sheer quality and vast variety of incredible features that have huge practicality in real-life scenarios. 

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    Bowflex C7 Bike 

    An all-rounder of a bike, there is barely anything going wrong with this outstanding exercise bike because of its long list of features, including: JRNY membership, 7 inch HD touchscreen display, 100 resistance levels, and a bonus of 1.5 kg dumbbells being included in the deal as well. 

    Dual-sided pedals allow safety and comfort. If you are getting bored, you can stream your favorite movies on Netflix through the screen. 

    $1,738.9 gets you C7, a stunning exercising experience. 

    But it here 

    Bowflex Home Gym 

    Bowflex home gyms and their relevance were discussed at the very beginning of this reading, so we will jump right into discussing Bowflex’s two most popular indoor gym sets. 

    Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym 

    For $974, you can purchase a proper home gym in the form of PR1000 Home Gym from Bowflex. With over 25 pre-installed exercises and a rowing station, you can build your muscle while doing cardio as well with PR1000. 

    210 pounds of power rod resistance allows you to fully tone and develop the muscles of your abs, biceps, triceps, calves, back, shoulders, and many others. Basically, you get a full body workout. 

    A media rack holds your device as you watch it for some entertainment while you gym at your home. The best thing about PR1000 is that it takes up a low amount of space. 

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    Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE 

    The new and improved X2 SE has gone through several changes in becoming an excellent product of today. You can seamlessly change between exercises and weights without having to change cables and the new ergonomic seat padding and shoulder harnesses significantly increase comfort and safety. 

    Taking advantage of 70+ workouts is an excellent opportunity to step up your fitness game from the comfort of your own house. 

    The only downside to this gym set is that it is not for intermediate or advanced fitness enthusiasts because its exercises are relatively light and easy. Moreover, its rods lose their resistance after some time. 

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    Bowflex TreadClimber 

    A treadclimber allows you to use your treadmill on an inclined bias where emphasis is given to climbing, for example climbing a staircase. This is an intensive activity where plenty of calories are burnt, hence it is good for everyone. 

    Bowflex’s TreadClimbers are known for low impact functionality. 

    Bowflex TreadClimber TC5000 

    With TC5000, you get a unique opportunity to try different styles and methods of working out, all in one go or individually as well. You can use this machine elliptically, climbing, or walking on an incline. The possibilities are endless. 

    Its workout programs can be adjusted to 12 levels of intensity. Since it is smaller than a typical treadmill, it can be easily stored in indoor spaces. 

    This product has been discontinued by Bowflex. 

    Schwinn IC4 vs Bowflex C6 

    Although both of these exercise bikes are ideal in their own rights, having several pros and minor cons, what differentiates between them is personal preferences in the end. However, we will still compare these two impressive pieces of fitness equipment for your better understanding. 

    Bowflex C6 is pricier compared to Schwinn IC4, $100 more. The whole design profile of these two bikes is totally different as the Bowflex C6 has black on black frame with minimal hints of red, however the Schwinn IC4 champions a more sportier look with blue and white accents. 

    Since the Schwinn can be found in several stores, it is oftentimes subject to favorable discounts and offers. However, you can not get such compensations with the Bowflex. 

    Otherwise, if we compare both bikes, they are almost identical in their technicalities as everything is similar, from a max user weight of 330 pounds on both bikes to the same stats tracked by both devices. 

    Bowflex vs Peloton 

    If we compare Bowflex C6 with the Peloton’s Bike, we see several differences, and there is a lot to extrapolate from this comparison. Firstly, even after Peloton decreased its rates recently, the C6 is still $1,200 cheaper than its counterpart from Peloton. 

    The Bowflex has been the outright winner in this regard because it does not have a lofty screen that bothers and distracts users unlike the Peloton. Moreover, it offers dual-sided pedals and ergonomic seat padding because Bowflex prioritizes comfort to a great degree, hence making their products more flexible and user friendly. Surprisingly, there is no option to pause your workout with the Peloton, hence Bowflex C6 offers great value and accessibility. 

    Powerblock vs Bowflex 

    Bowflex offers interactive and innovative dumbbells in its 560 and 1090, with connectivity features, and ease in shifting between weights with just a simple switch. However, Powerblock is a specialist in making dumbbells, and for all the right reasons, it comes out on top because it offers better value, simplicity, and rigidity. 

    The majority of individuals want adjustable dumbbells with no bells and whistles such as the ones offered by Bowflex, hence Powerblock becomes the victor because of its simplicity and price-value proposition. 

    BowFlex vs Nordictrack 

    While Bowflex primarily focuses on providing entertainment and comfort with their equipment, it is oftentimes seen as a brand for beginners who are getting into fitness and muscle building because it has low intensity workouts and light weights and resistances. 

    However, this is not the case with Nordictrack as it does not take it lightly with its users. Although it has several features in place to safeguard the comfort of its users, it is primarily for intermediates and even advanced muscle builders and fitness enthusiasts because Nordictrack equipment is more challenging and of higher weights and resistances.