The Best Car GPS Tracker in 2022 Review and Buying Guide!

    The Best Car GPS Tracker in 2022 Review and Buying Guide!

    Vyncs has earned itself a noble position in the GPS tracker 'sector' with every added item in its portfolio. Come to think of it, everyone is working hard to get themselves an automobile to escape the numerous cons of public transportation and for some self-esteem.

    So, what measures do you take to secure your hard-sought new toy? Here's where the Vyncs GPS tracker sets in.

    What is a Vyncs GPS tracker?

    The Vyncs GPS tracker is among the most reliable car-tracking tools for monitoring your vehicle in real-time. It has several distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from the other trackers we're used to seeing. One of these is that it doesn't require a battery to work - pretty unique. Maybe not yet.

    This review will look into everything surrounding the Vyncs GPS tracker in its wholesomeness. Welcome.

    How does the Vyncs GPS Tracker work?

    The Vyncs GPS Tracker connects to your car's OBD2 port to retrieve the car's health information, pulling data on how well you drive the car. If you are lucky to have numerous vehicles or would love to track a relative's car, the tracker provides you with a solution to manage your fleet; on a premium subscription, though.

    Why don't you hang around and see if this could be your next GPS tracker?



    When we talk about performance, Vyncs offers more than you expect. It comes with services that you won't get from most of the other GPS trackers. The biggest perk is making sure you subscribe to the premium packages and choose to either receive location updates after every 30 seconds or so. You can also always receive updates only when your vehicle gets into a geofenced location. That is also available on the LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker.

    Moreover, with Vync’s 24/7 roadside assistance, you can always get assistance anytime you develop problems on the road. Again, the Vyncs GPS tracker is not location-locked, unlike other GPS trackers that tend to only work within the US. With the Vyncs tracker, you’ll be able to track your car anywhere in the world with the international Sim Card that comes in handy.

    Above tracking your car's location, Vyncs also equips you with the nitty-gritty details about your battery voltage/health, fuel economy, fuel level, and fault codes. What else do you need to keep your car's performance at an optimum? At least the Vyncs tracker extends its service beyond the car tracking alone.


    Vyncs GPS tracker has a unique design to it. Unlike others which can be carried in your backpack or purse. Vyncs saves you the inconvenience as the tracker only needs to be connected to your car's OBD2 port to work. Isn't that a good idea to ensure the tracker is hidden from unsuspecting carjackers? And again, if the tracker is meant for your car, why don't you only use it from there?

    The tracker is tiny and portable, smaller than most other trackers. Only the Tracki 2020 GPS Tracker spots a smaller size.


    Vyncs won't let you get a monthly subscription for your real-time car tracking. However, it offers an insanely lucrative yearly plan after you've paid a one-time activation fee.

    There are four subscription packages to choose from, and they include;

    • Vyncs Basic - Regular 3G real-time car tracking.
    • Vyncs Premium - The Vyncs Premium is almost similar to the Basic plan but accommodates an annual roadside services package.
    • Vyncs Pro - Again, the Vyncs Pro is similar to the Basic Plan but has a Live Map Auto Refresh and a 60-second GPS update.
    • Vyncs Mo - Vyncs Mo carries all the services of the Vyncs Pro but has a 24/7 roadside assistance feature.

    If you have a fleet of vehicles and would love to have them tracked, there's a Vyncs Fleet provision that aims to track fleets of vehicles more effectively.

    Another good thing about the Vyncs GPS tracker is that you'll always enjoy real-time tracking regardless of the subscription plan you choose. If the tracker stops functioning, Vyncs will send you a replacement tracker, something not all tracker services will offer.

    Other Features


    Reckless driving alerts. For example, in cases of over-speeding, harsh braking, or cornering.


    The Vyncs device is equipped with an accelerometer that senses high-speed careless braking and momentum events. The map records the exact points where the events happened.

    Device meddling.

    The device signals when plugged back into the OBD-II port. That increases safety as the signal means that the device had been plugged off the vehicle.

    Speeding graph.

    The graph helps show how much the driver speeds at different points.

    Trip performance index.

    This is obtained from the evaluation of each trip from the safety side. Several trip performance indexes are put together to develop the long-term driver's score.

    Roadside services

    On the standard Vyncs account, consumers can buy upgrades for roadside services. The services include winching, towing for free, fuel delivery, etc. You get free roadside services in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico with a Vyncs Premium +.

    • Idling map.
    • Events spent idling are shown on a map in Vyncs Fleet.

    Fault codes.

    These are Codes that are stored by the onboard computer diagnostic system. These are stored in response to a problem found in the car by the system. The Vyncs gadget takes the information and displays it in your account, where you can see it. Your vehicle is telling you that there is an issue going on, and you need to get it diagnosed and repaired.

    Battery condition.

    The Vyncs reports the health condition of your vehicle's battery.

    Maintenance reports.

    Vyncs consistently reminds you about the maintenance of the vehicle. With the Vyncs Fleet+, you can monitor the maintenance records and customize maintenance tasks.

    Tracing fuel cost.

    The Vyncs Fleet + allows its user to track the pricing of fuel.

    It gives you Customized Fuel-saving tips.

    Vyncs links fuel usage with driving habits and shows the aspects of one’s driving habits that increase fuel consumption.

    Automatic tracking of mileage.

    Not only does the Vyncs tracker automatically track your vehicle's mileage, but it also creates trip logs. That is done without an OBD-II device. By downloading the Vyncs app on your phone, you get 40 free trips per month.


    • Automatic mileage log creation.
    • Great battery power usage.
    • You get roadside assistance in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
    • Categorization of trips. Whether personal, charity, or business trips.
    • Huge tax deductions when you use the Vyncs mileage tracking.


    Pros and Cons of the Vyncs GPS Tracker


    • The Yearly subscription saves you time.
    • Most packages include Roadside Assistance, which is vital if your car breaks down.
    • Easy installation
    • Worldwide service with the International Sim-card issue.


    The Roadside Assistance service is limited to Canada, the US, and Puerto Rico.

    Why Should I Buy the Vyncs GPS Tracker?

    Do you need a quality GPS tracker for your car? Vehicle tracking is at its peak with the Vyncs GPS tracker. The reliability of its tracking extends to more than just showing you where your car is in real-time. Since its connection is established through the OBD2 port, the tracker will read your car's speed, engine health, RPM, and other important car entities and uses them to compile a report that is a perfect reflection of your car pinpointing its current location.

    Is the Vyncs GPS Tracker Worth Buying?

    Yes. The Vyncs GPS Tracker is definitely a worthwhile investment, especially where there are offers like Roadside Assistant in different subscription modes. Again, fleet tracking will be a great bargain if you actually own one. The yearly subscription is relatively cheap.

    Comparison with Tracki 2022 Model Mini GPS Tracker

    The Tracki 2022 GPS Tracker is a versatile tracker that can be used to monitor the location of anything that moves or valuables. The tracker is patented and covers unlimited distance. Moreover, you get panic attack buttons for making distress calls as opposed to the Vyncs.

    The tracker will send you automatic alerts when it gets outside a geofenced area. Besides, the 3G Tracki GPS Tracker also works worldwide with an international SIM card. You also get 60-seconds real-time GPS updates with date and time records. Tracki also replaces your lost device and has a lifetime warranty.

    Comparison Table



    Tracki GPS Tracker

    Vyncs GPS Tracker




    Roadside Assistant





    Connects to the OBD2 Port

    Easy to install






    Real-time tracking

    Yes, 60-second alerts

    Yes, 3-minute automatic alerts

    15, 30 & 60-second updates are subscription-based





    1. Is there a monthly service fee for Vyncs, Vyncs Premium+ or Vyncs pro+?

    The answer is No! They don’t have a monthly service fee.

    Services are paid for only once a year.

    1. Is the price for the second-year renewal different from the first year?

    Yes, the second-year renewal price is different from the first year. There is no activation fee in the second year as it was already paid for in the first year.

    1. Can one tell if the Vyncs GPS tracker has been unplugged?

    Yes. Every time the Vyncs device gets plugged in, you get a notification. This implies that the device had been earlier unplugged from the vehicle. The reason why the tracker lacks a battery is because of security.

    1. How often does the Vyncs GPS tracker get updated?

    After every minute, the Vyncs tracker gets updated automatically. The vehicle's location is updated according to the GPS points report. However, there are other upgrades that one can purchase for their device. A 60, 30, and 15-second GPS upgrade is available on the website.

    1. Do all Vyncs packages auto-update GPS Locations?


    By default, Vyncs will report a new GPS point every 3 minutes while the engine is running. If you would like to increase the frequency at which the device reports GPS points, you may purchase any one of the following upgrades for the device: