The best E-book reader: 1.Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, 2.Kobo Clara HD, 3.Onyx Boox Note Air 2

    The best E-book reader: 1.Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, 2.Kobo Clara HD, 3.Onyx Boox Note Air 2

    Why should I buy the best E-book reader?

    For many years, people have spent a fortune on books to read and acquire knowledge. An e-book reader is a great way to carry thousands of books at a time, and it can last for weeks on a single charge. 

    An e-book reader or e-book device is a mobile electronic device used to read and access various books of your choice. These are thin, rectangular-shaped tablets used to consume content on the go. An e-book device is preferred to a tablet because it is lighter and smaller, making it more portable and easier to carry. 

    While the touch-screen technology used in e-books readers looks the same, there are some key differences that buyers should be aware of before purchasing. They're also better at absorbing light and reading in bright sunlight. Moreover, their non-glare screen reads better even in bright sunlight, which is not easy to do on a tablet.

    You can also customize the look and feel of the e-book by changing the font size and style. Many e-book readers also let users borrow books from their local library.

    E-book readers are typically cheaper than tablets. They also have a battery that lasts for up to two months. Basically, these devices are more comfortable to handle and read on compared to all other devices.

    Although tablets are bigger than e-readers, they're not as waterproof and are not ideal for reading outside. For bookworms, they have screens that are not glare-free.

    Life is way different from how it was when paperbacks were first invented. And eBook readers come in handy for modern-day readers. Even the most stubborn book collectors can't resist the convenience and great experience an eBook reader can offer.

    What To Consider When Buying the Best E-book Reader

    Screen Size and Resolution

    Most e-readers have a sizing screen roughly six to seven and a half inches in diameter, the size of your average paperback. It allows one to handle page and text sizes that you’re already familiar with.

     Most e-readers use e-ink or electronic ink, which creates a visual on the screen similar to looking on a physical page. It has sharp contrast and low light designed to decrease eye fatigue associated with looking at a computer screen.

    Memory Size

    Most e-readers have excellent memory capability, starting at 4GB, going up to 32GB maximum. To show you how many books an e-reader can carry, 8GB of storage equals around 6000 books. It should be enough even for the book enthusiasts.

    Audio capability 

    If you want to listen to books too, not all e-readers offer this capability. It’s a good idea for you to double-check to make sure your device supports audiobooks.

    Battery life 

    E-readers have come a long way in terms of extended battery life. Its battery can keep power for the most extended periods compared to phones. Even for an avid reader who spends long hours reading every day, an average kindle can last for at least a week. 

    Here Are 10 Best E-book Readers
    Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2021)


    This e-book reader makes reading easy on your eyes. Additionally, it is waterproof making it possible to handle even in the beach and around the pool. The device has enough storage space for you to download as much books as you would wish.

    Its display comes with built-in light, 300 PPI, and 16-level grayscale. On-device storage is 8GB, which can hold thousands of books. Also contains a battery that holds power for 10 weeks on a half-hour read per day.

    Additionally, it fully charges for approximately 5 hours. It has Bluetooth for audiobooks which is not a feature found in most kindles.


    • Water-proof reading
    • Sharp, well-lit display
    • Larger screen
    • Has got hands free capabilities
    • Durable


    • No cellular option
    • Has a below average battery life.

    Amazon Kindle Kids' Edition


    The Amazon Kindle Kids’ Edition has a bigger and sleeker screen compared to others. I also allow for parental control, regulating what people can read and at what time. Additionally, a one-year subscription is also required to use the device efficiently.

    It is quite similar to the 2021 paperwhite but best designed for kids. It comes with a smaller bezels and more lighting options. It’s also waterproof (with an IPx8 rating); this ability makes it favorable for use in pool areas and the beach. You get a year’s subscription to Amazon Kids. Moreover, it comes with a case and a two year no question asked replacement guarantee.


    • Water-proof
    • Good impact resistance.
    • 2-year replacement guarantee
    • Kid-friendly
    • Durable
    • Lightweight


    • Distracting interface (in adult mode)
    • Below average battery life.

    Kobo Clara HD


    Kobo Clara HD has a glare-free touch screen which makes it comfortable to read from. It also has a large storage space which can carry up to 6000 books at a time. Its long-lasting battery life makes it efficient for use to read books for longer periods without having to recharge regularly like normal tablets. Its brightness can also get adjusted to increase brightness where necessary.

    The device boasts of being lightweight and its good antiglare abilities, which makes it possible to read for longer hours without your fingers and eyes getting fatigued. Additionally, its large screen gives a better reading experience.


    • Dimensions- 4.3x0.33x6.28 inches
    • Weight- 9 ounces
    • Batteries – 1 lithium-ion battery
    • Item model nember-W249-KV-BK-KEP


    • Enough storage
    • Can read on direct sunlight
    • Battery life that lasts for a week


    • Not water resistant

    Apple iPad 2021


    The Apple iPad is known for its touch ID which enhances its security. Its immense storage space of up to 256GB storage makes it possible for persons to download as much books as they would wish to read. Among its unique features is its lightning connector for charging and other accessories.

    This device has got a very high processing power which makes it efficient in downloading and processing files. Instances of hanging are less likely to occur when using the Apple iPad. Additionally, its large storage space makes it favorable for the books enthusiasts, making it possible for them to store all their books without having to delete any. Additionally, it has cameras which you can use to capture high quality images.


    • A13 Bionic chip that delivers faster CPU and graphics performance.
    • 2-inch retina display.
    • 12MP ultra-wide camera and 8MP back camera.
    • Total storage of up to 256gb storage.


    • You can access high quality games through the device
    • It has a fast WI-FI
    • It has a large storage space
    • It has a large display


    • It is not waterproof
    • Relatively lower battery capacity

    Onyx Boox Note Air 2


    This device has got a flexible split screen which you can use to access multiple pages at once. You can use it to write and draw more flexibly and also, it has got great display format attractive for reading. The device is known also for its high-performance and ease to use gives the users a good experience.


    • Screen:10.3” HD carta glass screen
    • Resolution:1404x1872 carta (227dpi)
    • Touch: Boox pen plus stylus touch with magnets (4096 levels pressure sensitivity) + capacitive touch
    • CPU: advanced octa-core processor
    • RAM: 4GB LPDDR4X
    • ROM: 64GB UFS2.1
    • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4GHz + 5GHz) + BT 5.0
    • Front Light with CTM (Warm and Cold)
    • OS: Android 11.0
    • Documents Formats: PDF (reflowable), PPT, EPUB, TXT, DJVU, HTML, RTF, FB2, DOC, MOBI, CHM...
    • Image Formats: PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP


    • Has a lithium battery
    • Good screen resolution
    • Fast
    • Compatible with a stylus pen


    • It is not waterproof
    • Below average battery life.

    Kobo Libra 2


    The Kobo Libra 2 is well known for its waterproof feature which makes reading in moist areas an enjoyable experience. It also has adjustable brightness which makes it possible to read in different environments. Its glare-free touch screen makes the device suitable for use when reading for longer periods.

    This device has got an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to use and read for long hours. It also has got the capability to connect with audio devices via Bluetooth to enable you to listen to audio books. The Kobo Libra 2 not only has an efficient storage space, but also a large screen for comfortable reading.


    • Improved 7” HD E-ink Carta 1200 touch screen
    • Have an ergonomic design and page turn buttons.
    • Audio books with Bluetooth wireless technology.
    • Storage of 32GB
    • The screen size of 7 inches


    • Listen to audio books via Bluetooth headsets
    • Water resistant
    • Large touch screen for good display
    • Large storage
    • Durable


    • Costly

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