The Best iPad Air 4th Generation Cases 2022

    The Best iPad Air 4th Generation Cases 2022

    Let’s face it, no matter how careful you are with your iPad, you cannot protect it 100% all the time. That’s where an IPad case comes in handy. The case is able to give you that extra protection you need from any accidental fall, scratches, dust, or dirt.

    Aside from that, you get other cool features that enable you to use your iPad to the maximum. That’s why in today’s post we are going to look at different categories of the best iPad Air 4th Generation Case.

     From the best-rugged case, best leather case to the most budget-friendly, you get to choose which case best suits your iPad Air 4thGeneration.

    Why Should I Buy an iPad Air 4th Generation Case?

    An iPad Air 4th Generation Case is made to protect your iPad from drops, scratches, dust, and dirt Designed with incredible features and functionality. The iPad Air case comes with amazing features such as a wide range of colors, texture, and pattern options to go with the color of your iPad.

    As for functionality, you can opt for an iPad Air case with a stand that offers a comfortable viewing angle, a keyboard or trackpad, and much more.

    Note that, there are several types of iPad Air cases to choose from. These include:

    • Leather iPad Air Cases: They are mostly made from genuine or full-grain leather material that has an attractive appeal while still protecting your iPad from knocks, stains, and spills.
    • Ultra-Light Hard Shell: This type of iPad Air case is made from hard plastic that protects only the back of the iPad.
    • Silicrylic Hard Shell:Unlike the ultra-light, the Silicrylic protects the back and front of your iPad as well as a Silicone core for shock absorption.
    • Ultra-Thin Smarty Complete Case: These types of iPad Air cases protect the back of the iPad and also have a stand for reading.

    The Best iPad Air 4th Generation Cases

    iPad Air 4th Generation cases come in different types and it might be a bit confusing on which case to choose.  However, don’t worry as we have made it simpler for you with a list of the best Ipad Air case to choose from. Here is the summary.

    • Best Choice:OtterBox Defender Series
    • Best Value Case: ESR Slim Smart Case
    • Best Rugged Case:OtterBox Defender Series
    • Best Leather Case:Fintie iPad Air Case
    • Best Overall Case:Urban Armor Gear UAG iPad Air
    • Best Case with Keyboard:Apple Magic Keyboard
    • Best Thin Folio: Logitech Folio Touch iPad Keyboard Case


    Best iPad Air 4th Generation Rugged Case

    OtterBox Defender Series

    OtterBox Defender Series (Black)

    OtterBox Defender Series is one of the best rugged iPad Air 4th Generation cases.  The case is made with two protective layers, a soft inner shell, and a rugged exterior. It also comes with a built-in screen protector that safeguards your iPad’s display. The best part is the screen protector doesn’t interfere with any of the touch screen functionality.

    In addition, the case comes with dock covers that prevent dust, debris, or dirt from accumulating in the ports.  Also, the case offers two viewing angles when you prop your iPad. An added bonus is the case allows you to charge your Apple pencil with ease.


    • Offers touchscreen protection
    • It has  full access to the phone’s port, camera, and mic
    • Superb drop protection
    • Provides port covers


    • Limited color choices ( only black)
    • Bulkier than most cases
    • Expensive

    For Best Buying Option: Buy on Amazon

    Moko iPad Air 4th Generation Case

    Moko iPad Air 4th Generation Case (Sky Blue)

    Another rugged iPad 4th Generation case is from Moko.  The case has an outer covering that is visually pleasing and very tactile. Boasting of two-layered structure, the case has a built in stand as well as a screen protector that snaps onto the front of the case.

    This keeps the iPad from accumulating dust or being scratched as well as guards from accidental drops and shocks. Furthermore, the Moko case also enables you to charge without taking off the case.

    Another great deal of thought is the Apple pencil holder and document pouch that is convenient to carry small pieces of paper.


    • Stylish design
    • Apple pencil holder and document pouch
    • Sturdy protection
    • It has a secure magnetic kickstand
    • Fits perfectly


    • Lacks wake/sleep function
    • Doesn’t allow the pen to charge against the iPad

    For Best Buying Option: Buy at Sears

    Urban Armor Gear UAG iPad Air

    Urban Armor Gear UAG iPad Air (Magma)

    Are you looking for the ultimate protection for your iPad 4? The UAG iPad Air is a rugged case that weighs 130 and provides protection against drops, bumps, and scratches. Moreover, the case is waterproof making it ideal for any weather environment.

    Perfect for your daily life, you get to easily access your iPad touchscreen and ports and it has a built-in Apple pencil holder. Note that, the case allows you to shoot different height settings or viewing angles that are possible with the case are also well selected. 


    • Provides strong protection
    • It is water-resistant
    • It has a pen holder
    • Fits well with ports easily accessible


    • Not compatible with magic keyboard
    • Feels heavy

    For Best Buying Option: Buy at Walmart

    Best iPad Air 4th Generation Leather Case

    Casemade Real Italian Leather Cover

    Casemade Real Italian Leather Cover (Tan)

    Looking for a more old-school leather case for your iPad 4? The Casemade Real Italian Leather is the ideal case for you. The case is lined with a soft brush feel that keeps your iPad’s display scratch-free as well as protects against dust and dirt.

    Made with Full grain cowhide leather, the case has a smooth internal texture that brings maximum comfort to your iPad.

    The case has a dual-position stand that allows you to have two viewing angles and has also integrated an automatic sleep/wake-up function. What’s more, you get easy access to your camera, charging port, headphone jack, volume rocker, and pencil dock.


    • Luxury slim cover
    • Great value for leather
    • Excellent fit and finish
    • Soft inner lining
    • Dual stand


    • Lack of original label
    • Limited colors

    For Best Buying Option: Buy at eBay

    Woolnut Leather Sleeve Cover


    Woolnut Leather Sleeve Cover (Cognac Brown)


    Made to provide a luxury touch to your iPad, the Woolnut Leather Sleeve Cover is tough but also soft to the touch.  Designed for Apple iPad Pro 12.9, the case is made from Vegetable tanned full-grain leather.

    The interior is lined with soft and fluffy fabric which protects the iPad from scratches while still providing a wonderful protection cushion. Made for maximum functionality, the case allows you to charge your iPad in the sleeve.

    Pleasantly to hold and carry, the slim and sleek shape also keeps the case inconspicuous especially when carrying in a backpack.


    • High-qualityleather
    • USB-C ports are fully accessible
    • Comfortable to carry
    • Thick enough for extra protection
    • Soft interior


    • Expensive
    • Limited color options

    For Best Buying Option: Buy at Amazon

    Fintie iPad Air Case

    Fintie iPad Air Case (Purple)

    Fintie is another great leather Ipad Air 4th Generation case. Durable, the case exterior is made with Synthetic leather while the interior is a soft microfiber. Apart from that, the case has a built-in magnetic strip on the front flap which wakes up the iPad when you flip it open and put it to sleep when you flip it close.

    That’s not though, the case allows you to adjust the iPad to multiple angles when capturing pictures or shooting videos.  Also, the case has a document card pocket for your business or bank cards and a dock for your Apple Pencil. Don’t forget that wireless charging is also possible when the case is on.


    • Stylish stand cover
    • Durable
    • Sleep/wake feature
    • Has document pocket and a pencil dock


    • Only compatible with iPad Air 4th Generation 10.9 inch
    • Doesn’t come with a lot of color options

    For Best Buying Option: Buy at Best Buy

    Best iPad 4th Generation Keyboard Case

    Apple Magic Keyboard

    Apple Magic Keyboard (Black)

    The Apple Magic case enables you to not only protect your iPad but also offer a good typing experience with its sharp-looking keyboard.  The case also has a built-in trackpad that makes your iPad function as a laptop thus giving you the freedom to hold meetings while typing at the same time.


    That said, the keyboard case has a front and back protection design as well as a USB-C port for pass-through charging. Additionally, the keyboard has a backlight and viewing angles although limited.


    • Sleek design
    • It has amazing trackpad functionality
    • Allows you to charge the iPad using the USB-C port
    • Doesn’t require Bluetooth pairing- automatically pairs using the smart connector


    • No function keys
    • Very expensive
    • Heavy

    For Best Buying Option: Buy at Walmart

    Logitech Folio Touch iPad Keyboard Case


    Logitech Folio Touch iPad Keyboard Case (Black)


    Logitech Folio Touch iPad Keyboard is a well-designed case that protects your iPad as well as offers keyboard functionality. The case also has a full set of function keys, backlit keys with adjustable brightness, and a trackpad for easy screen navigation.

    What’s more, the case boasts of having laptop capabilities due to the A14 Bionic chip under its hood. This makes it possible to type notes or reply to emails while on the move.

    Another stand-out feature is the magnetic strap that secures the Apple Pencil when the case is closed therefore preventing the Pencil to fall off.  That’s not all, the case allows you to tilt the screen way back or make it more upright depending on what you are doing on the iPad.


    • Solid built quality
    • Uses smart connector
    • Provides edge to edge protection
    • A row functions of keys
    • Good cut out for buttons


    • The case is pretty bulky and heavy
    • No extra USB-C charging port

    For Best Buying Option: Buy on Amazon

    ProCase Keyboard Case

    ProCase Keyboard Case (Black)

    If you have been looking for an IPad Air 4th Generation Keyboard case with a twist? Then look no further as the ProCase Keyboard Case is the one for you.

    An excellent case to protect your iPad from scratches and scuffs, the keyboard case is magnetically detachable, that’s cool, right? This allows you to leave the keyboard at home when not in need of it.

    Aside from that, the keyboard case has a Pencil holder and is easy to install and remove.   It also has all the proper cut openings, therefore, making it easy to access the iPad’s buttons.


    • Holds iPad securely
    • Easy to use
    • Detachable keyboard
    • It has a CAPS lock light
    • Long battery life


    • Gets really dirty easily
    • It is quite heavy
    • Doesn’t have a trackpad

    For Best Buying Option: Buy on Amazon

    Best iPad 4th Generation Budget Case

    1. ESR Slim Smart Case


    ESR Slim Smart Case (Rose Gold)

    Are you on a budget? ESR Slim case has you covered.  A budget-friendly case, ESR Slim saves you money while still protecting your iPad.  Specifically designed for the iPad Air 4th Generation, the case has a front flap that also acts as a stand.

     The front cover has built-in magnets so it automatically puts the display to sleep on close, or wakes up when you open it. On top of that, the case provides precise cutouts for volume controls, speaker, mic, camera, and power/TouchID.

    Lastly, the case has a slot for the Apple Pencil and the material is flexible enough to allow you to install/remove the case without too much difficulty.


    • Range of colors
    • Affordable
    • Easy to install/remove
    • Protects the edges of the iPad
    • Offers standing position when the cover is folded


    • Doesn’t fully protect the iPad from high falls or hard places
    • The cover doesn’t magnetically attach to the back

    For Best Buying Option:  Buy on Amazon

    DTTO Case for iPad Air 4 2020

    DTTO Case for iPad Air 4 2020(Black)

    DTTO is another budget-friendly iPad Air 4 Generation case that will protect your device from accidental drops, scratches, and dust. Well built, the case has a nice soft texture yet is very comfortable on the hand.

    The lid can be folded into a bracket and held together by magnets. There is a slot on top of the case that enables you to put your Apple Pencil and fits perfectly.

    The cutouts are designed perfectly to enable to access all ports, the speakers, cameras, and the sensors too. Overall, the case gives you a more professional appearance wherever you go.


    • Magnetic smart cover
    • Sleek with a professional appearance
    • Built-in pencil holder
    • Lightweight
    • Offers multiple angle views


    • Auto wake /sleep function doesn’t work
    • Exterior material can easily get dirty

    For Best Buying Option: Buy at Sears

    TiMOVO Slim Stand Protective Cover

    TiMOVO Slim Stand Protective Cover (Silver)

    TiMOVO slim stand allows you to protect your iPad without putting a dent in your pocket. The case is a sturdy plastic that fits the iPad Air 4th perfectly and the frosted clear back shows off the color of your iPad beautifully.

    Furthermore, the case has a cut-out on the side so that the Apple Pencil can charge. It also has a good-sized cut-out at the top so that you can use the Touch ID without any trouble. There is also a good-sized lip to protect the back camera and also a sleep/wake function that works perfectly.

    Not only that, the cover extends a little past the front of the iPad, allowing you to easily lift the cover. Do note that the case also has a tri-fold design that enables you to place the iPad in different stand configurations. 


    • Multiple colors
    • Offers Apple Pencil charging
    • It has multiple stand configurations
    • Button cut-outs align well
    • Affordable


    • Provides limited protection
    • Cover flips open but doesn’t secure while you’re using the iPad
    For Best Buying Option: Buy on Amazon