The Best Nordictrack Home Exercise Workout Gym Equipment Reviewed: 

    The Best Nordictrack Home Exercise Workout Gym Equipment Reviewed: 

    Is It Worth it to Buy a Nordictrack? 

    Nordictrack is a tried and tested manufacturer in the fitness world, operating for a respectable 40 years. Having established an incredible reputation in the fitness world, for exercise bikes and treadmills mainly, Nordictrack has cemented itself as one of the best fitness brands on the market today, gaining immense popularity on social media as well as bagging features on several platforms, including:NBC News, USA Today,andForbes. 

    If you are in the market for fitness equipment, you should definitely consider Nordictrack as their equipment is trustworthy and of substantial quality. 


    Now, we shall review some of the best fitness equipment from the famous manufacturer to educate you on these products and aid you in your buying decision. 

    Nordictrack T series 6.5 SI Treadmillis a praiseworthy treadmill that has been gaining popularity recently for its lengthy list of superb features. It offers a 10 inch smart HD display with a 30-day iFit membership free trial and dual 2’’ digitally amplified speakers that have amazing sound quality. 

    When it comes to features, it offers a 0-10% incline, 0-10 MPH speed, one touch controls, and an impressive weight capacity of 300 pounds. For your convenience and proper guidance, this treadmill also offers 20 built-in workout programs as well. 

    Overall, for $1,199, this is an excellent option. 

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    Nordictrack Elite 900 Treadmillis a cheaper alternative to T series 6.5 SI as it goes for $789. It boasts a 7’’ HD touchscreen, amplified audio speakers, incline adjustment, 20 on-board programs, and many more. 

    It can also withstand a user weight of up to 300 pounds and has a maximum incline of 0-12% and speed limit of 0-12 MPH; better than its more expensive counterpart. 

    This is an affordable machine, and it gets the job done in a remarkable way, hence we definitely recommend it to every indoor fitness enthusiast. 

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    Nordictrack Elite 700 Treadmillis another affordable treadmill that gets the job done in an effortless manner due to its sheer quality. A month’s iFit membership and 20 workout programs ensure your complete guidance throughout your fitness journey using this inspiring treadmill. 

    For $768, this is a bargain because it has all the features possessed by its more expensive counterparts, more or less. It has a multi-window LED display, two built-in speakers, an incline of 0-10% and a similar speed limit, and numerous other features. 

    It can also withstand a user weight of up to 300 pounds. Overall, it is the cheapest option on this list yet, however, it does not compromise on quality and performance to a great extent. 

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    Nordictrack 1750 treadmillis a premium treadmill from the brand that costs $1900. It has a multitude of features, including: a 14’’ tilt and pivot HD screen, automatically adjusting speed and incline/decline with the ActivePulse technology, and a premium sound system. 

    An innovative, all-new ergonomic design allows crucial levels of comfort to be reached. 

    The above mentioned features are new; they are not available in the previous entries, hence this is a far more attractive option for fitness enthusiasts. However, price is a big factor and it all comes down to your personal preference of features. 

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    Nordictrack EXP 7iis a new and innovative option when it comes to modern Nordictrack treadmills as it has Automatic Trainer Control, allowing you to train with the best in the best way possible. 

    Its patented FlexSelect cushioning is extremely comfortable as it has low-impact cushioning and a road-like experience. A 7’’ HD display with dual amplified speakers on both sides are a given mandatory feature when it comes to Nordictrack treadmills. 

    Given its $1,099 price, there are several industry leading features on this remarkable treadmill. It is surely a blind-buy, in our opinion. 

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    Nordictrack c700is an economical option as it carries a price tag of only $597. You get some standard Nordictrack features such as iFit, a 7’’ interactive HD touchscreen display, a Smart Response motor, auto-adjusting incline control, and speeds of 0-10 MPH controlled with its helpful One Touch feature. 

    Adjustable deck cushioning allows for an amazingly comfortable experience even for such a low price point. Lastly, it can also withstand a weight of up to 300 pounds. 

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    Nordictrack Commercial 2450treadmill is a beast when it comes to fitness machines of substantial quality. This mammoth machine is best for commercial gyms because of its immense utility. A $2,499 price tag provides you with a stunning 22’’ tilt and pivot HD display, ActivePulse cardio cruise control, iFit, auto-adjusting speed and incline, a premium sound system, and a new feature of lower step-up height. 

    This treadmill is best suited in gyms as it is built for commercial purposes, hence you should not be worried about the price as it is justifiable. 

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    Nordictrack Commercial 2950is a goliath when it comes to commercial treadmills. A whopping price tag of $2,999 enables you to utilize a bright 22-inch display that can be used for browsing the internet as well. You can watch your favorite show on Netflix while you workout. 

    An integrated heart rate monitor, FlexSelect, Active Pulse, premium speakers, and every other feature currently offered by Nordictrack will be offered in this gigantic package. If you do not mind the hefty price, this is certainly the best purchase you can make from Nordictrack in their treadmill lineup. 

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    Nordictrack Commercial 1750is a relatively cheaper new and improved entry in Nordictrack’s commercial lineup. It is priced at $1,899, however it has all the bells and whistles that you would expect from the best in the lineup. 

    A 14’’ tilt and pivot screen, iFit, Active Pulse, Auto-adjusting speed and incline, faster incline/decline response, and a new ergonomic design that is both comfortable and aesthetic, are some of the many impressive features of this considerable machine. 

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    Nordictrack Commercial s22i Studio Cycle is one of the best fitness cycles on the market because of its unique and mesmerizing features, such as: a whopping 22’’ HD 360° rotating screen, new 30W sound system, new iFit compatibility, and auto-adjusting resistance and incline. 

    Its hybrid SPD and toe clip pedals are new and improved, providing the user with the ultimate comfort. An ergonomic design and padded saddles and the ability to withstand an impressive 250 pounds of user weight make its price of $1,849 quite reasonable. 

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    Nordictrack Elliptical 

    Nordictrack A.C.T Ellipticalhas been revamped and improved. Although its price has been pushed up to $1299, it still provides the same value due to several improved features. iFit live enables you to get the best workouts, the paddles have been made wider for better accommodation, and the seating has been made ergonomic. 

    With 24 different resistance levels and 32 workout programs, you are in for a treat with this product. 

    Unfortunately, this has been discontinued, but you can buy a used one online. 

    Nordictrack iFit SpaceSaver SE7i Ellipticalis priced at $1,249. Some of its outstanding features include: 10’’ HD smart touchscreen, an 18’’ auto-adjustable stride, and 22 digital resistance levels. 

    The product is also enabled with Automatic Trainer Control to allow you to get the maximum benefit from training with professionals who will guide you in a dynamic and live learning experience. 

    It also has dual speakers. However, being an elliptical, it has a weight capacity of 215 pounds. 

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    Nordictrack Commercial 14.9 Ellipticalis one of the best ellipticals on the market today given the vast amount of features you get for $1,799. It possesses a 14’’ smart HD screen, 20% incline, and auto-adjusting speed and incline. 

    Oversized cushions and auto-adjusting stride lengths allow for maximum comfort. Since this is a commercial design, it can withstand a user’s weight of up to 350 pounds, truly impressive.

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    Nordictrack Adjustable Dumbbells 

    For $349, you can get Nordictrack’s Adjustable Dumbbells that offer 2.5 pound increments, iFit programs, and easy adjustments with 5-in-1 weights. Adjustable weight increments include: 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, and 12.5. 

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    Nordictrack vs Peloton vs Proform, Which is Better? 

    All three brands are ideal in their own regards. The debate of which brand is better than the other is immaterial in our opinion because in the end, it all comes down to personal preferences when it comes to choosing in between these three highly successful fitness equipment manufacturers. 

    While Peloton is known for its online coaching presence and prowess, Nordictrack is known for its treadmills; Proform is best known for its exercise bikes. So, we see how every brand has their own speciality which they have mastered.