The Best Rated Android Smartwatches for Your Wrist in 2022

    The Best Rated Android Smartwatches for Your Wrist in 2022

    Smartwatches have been around for a while now, although tech companies didn’t fully realize their potential until 2010. An Android smartwatch is an Android-compatible portable device also called Wear; it is designed to be worn on the wrist like a typical wristwatch. Smartwatches work like smartphones in that they have applications and use touch screens; some also record your heart rate, blood count, and so on. Wearing a smartwatch is like wearing a mini-computer on your wrist.

    There have been upgrades and advances in silicon miniaturization from the first smartwatches created to new models. Some tech companies create a dedicated-purpose smartwatch that is more rugged and optimized with trackers and sensors to support back-country expeditions. Some others released smartwatches designed to serve scuba divers; these models withstand extended time at significant depths.

    The best Android smartwatches offer several standard features, including notifications of important activities and events. They feature applications, can manage media playback on your behalf, support voice dictation, and can help you track your workouts. Most Android smartwatches feature a GPS for tracking their wearers and giving you location-specific alerts. This article contains the best-rated Android smartwatches you can get this year; we tested using their specs, features, review score, performance and price.

    A Quick Rundown

    Best Overall Android Smartwatch: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

    This smartwatch is the best among the best smartwatches; it contains a plethora of features that you will enjoy using.

    Best Overall Runner-Up Android Smartwatch: Galaxy Watch 3

    Here’s a Tizen-powered smartwatch from Samsung pack with features designed to make wearing it fun and exciting.

    Best Comfortable Android Smartwatch: Versa 3 by Fitbit

    If you’re a fitness specialist or just one who loves to work out, you will find this Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatch superb. It provides access to the Health Metrics dashboard, giving you access to fitness stats and letting you dive deeper into your health.

    Best Sporty Smartwatch for Android: Galaxy Watch Active 2

    This Samsung Galaxy Watch Active model is even more solid than its prior model, thanks to its updated design and improved battery life.

    Best Affordable Smartwatch for Android: Versa Lite

    This smartwatch is Fitbit’s cheapest option among its several smartwatches. However, its low price tells nothing about how effective it works, especially with its feature-rich system.

    Best Old Model Android Smartwatch: Fossil Sport

    This Android smartwatch is arguably one of Fossil’s first watches that can stand with the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch.

    Best Android Smartwatch with Battery Life: Honor Magic 2

    This smartwatch is another great option if you need high-end fitness features more than smart features. The smartwatch’s best feature is its battery; it can last one to two weeks upon full charge.

    Best Innovative Smartwatch for Androids: TicWatch Pro 3

    TicWatch Pro 3 is a great option for a cheap, all-rounder smartwatch that isn’t necessarily excellent in any one aspect.

    Best Budget Smartwatch for Android: TicWatch E2

    TicWatch E2 is the cheapest Android smartwatch option on this list; it offers fantastic features for its price.

    Best Fitness-Tracking Android Smartwatch: Garmin Venu 2 Plus

    The Garmin Venu 2 Plus is a nice upgrade to the prior model; it introduces voice assistants and on-wrist calls.

    Best Android Smartwatch for Runners: The Garmin Music Music Forerunner 245

    This smartwatch has a long-lasting battery, an accurate GPS, and the ability to track many workout categories – it is excellent for runners.

    The Best Top-Rated Smartwatches for You in 2022

    Best Sports and Fitness Smartwatches for Androids:

    1.      Galaxy Watch 4

    This smartwatch from Samsung is a revamp of the company’s software. It combines the functionality of Wear OS and the look and feel of Samsung’s Tizen platform. This Tizen smartwatch combines great fitness features with strong battery life and comfortable design. The Samsung Watch 4 is a sequel to an interesting iteration of the brand’s top smartwatch formulae. This new model is a sequel to one of our favorite Android smartwatches and the first time the company has embraced Wear OS software.

    The watch features One UI Watch 3 OS built by Samsung itself with the help of Google; it is pragmatic and precise. This watch is excellent for anyone looking for a high-end smartwatch that can track your fitness progress and workouts. It lacks the ‘Active’ branding but carries on the luxurious characteristics of the prior Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. This model packs a 3-in-1 health sensor for heart rate measuring, reading body composition, and taking ECGs.

    Furthermore, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the first major smartwatch to offer bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), putting Apple behind. This smartwatch is the best for people with Android smartphones, especially Samsung.

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    2.      Fossil Sport

    This smartwatch is lightweight and designed to be comfortable for various exercises. Its GPS features and accurate heart rate monitor indicate that it was designed with fitness in mind. However, despite its focus on sports and fitness, the smartwatch’s design is still premium; it is one of the most powerful Wear OS devices available. Fossil Sport is a fantastic option for fitness lovers, but its high cost may put many people off. Nevertheless, there is hardly a better gym companion than Fossil Sport.

    The smartwatch is a mid-range sport watch offering key smartwatch features and workout tracking in a smart package. It is a light, attractive, and durable smartwatch primarily focused on fitness; it also comes with a sporty silicone strap. While this smartwatch isn’t exactly bursting with high-end features, its hardware is suitably up to date. This is a great option for avid runners, but  this might not be a great option if you’re more interested in the smart features.

    The Fossil Sport smartwatch delivers lightweight and durable features in spades; its body is entirely composed of aluminum. There’s a dial in the center of the watch’s side with a customizable button up and under. The bottom button is programmed by default to Google Fit, while the top button is programmed to Fossil’s proprietary software.

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    3. Garmin Venu 2

    Garmin Venu 2 is one of the best Android smartwatches doubling as a capable companion for workouts and stylish lifestyle devices. This upgrade features Garmin’s reputation for accurate GPS and thorough fitness tracking. However, it features a stronger sell for those who want their smartwatch to be an extension of their smartphone. Unfortunately, this Garmin still doesn’t have a large third-party applications store, and it steers clear of LTE support.

    Nevertheless, despite lacking those things, the Garmin smartwatch embraces more communication tools for a complete smartwatch experience. The Garmin Venu 2 features newly-updated on-wrist calls, emails,  and voice texts, making up for its huge price. The Garmin Venu 2 has sleek features like the round face, sleek hardware details, and side buttons. It also comes in different size options of 40mm and 45mm cases.

    The larger size option comes in two color combinations - one with a black band and slate bezel and the other with a blue band and silver bezel. On the other hand, the smaller one comes in four colors - slate, silver, rose gold, and soft gold.

    The Garmin Venus 2 also has an impeccable battery life that is just as good as they advertise - it can last up to 11 days. This smartwatch is easy to navigate, accurate and has some excellent features. The Garmin Venu 2 has a touchscreen, but that only complements the buttons, which are essential for navigation. Also, the combination of buttons and touchscreen means less chance of errant taps from sweaty fingers and fewer fingerprint smears.

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    Best Budget-Friendly Smartwatches for Androids:

    1. TicWatch E2

    The TicWatch E2 is one of the best cheapest smartwatches for Androids on the market. Its cheapness in no way indicates that it doesn’t perform well because it does. The device is only cheap because it comes from a Chinese manufacturer, Mobvoi; it offers fantastic features for its price. The watch is impressive because, despite being cheap, it offers a good two-day battery life and all the features of Wear OS.

    This smartwatch offers cost-effective Wear OS experience without overdoing ostentatious designs or flashy features. The watch’s maker, Mobvoi, claims it is the ultimate swim and fitness companion featuring a later upgrade for a second-generation wearable. The smartwatch is swim-proof; it can survive a pool trip because it is designed to track your lengths. It has intelligent fitness features, a larger and longer battery life, and more power under the hood than the prior model.

    The E in TicWatch E2 stands for Express; it distinguishes the new TicWatch S2, which was launched simultaneously. Both models feature identical specifications; the only difference is their design. TicWatch E2 is more functional than fashionable; it features a crown button with switched sides, making it a more traditional watch. It doesn’t have any rotating feature to let you scroll through notification cards and menus; you will need to use your finger on the screen.

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    2. Versa Lite

    The Versa Lite is Fitbit’s third smartwatch; it offers impressive features even at an affordable price. The Versa Lite is a pared-back version of the Fitbit Versa; it also offers all you may need in a fitness watch. However, at this price, the Fitbit Versa Lite doesn’t provide access to music or Fitbit Pay; this is okay if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option. The Versa Lite edition comes with a few features stripped away to tone down the Fitbit’s smartwatches’ typically high price.

    The Versa Lite is not the cheapest option for Android smartwatches, but it is significantly lower than most Versa’s. Moreover, the watch is great if you prefer fitness options to fashion, or functionality to wearables. The Versa Lite is the company’s most lightweight smartwatches yet; it is comfortable and particularly fitting on smaller wrists. It is water-resistance and can survive being dipped up to 50 meters in water, but it doesn’t feature swim tracking.

    The water resistance feature is more for when you accidentally drop it inside water or are caught in the rain. The watch features a touchscreen on the front, with a 300 x 300 resolution full color display, the same as the Fitbit Versa.

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    3. TicWatch Pro 3

    TicWatch Pro 3 is another creation of the Chinese manufacturer, Mobvoi; it is an all-rounder smartwatch cheaper than high-end rivals. It has a good enough performance as far as we are concerned; it was the first to use the high-end 4100 Snapdragon chipset. It also has a long, two to three days battery life; it can last as long as forty-five days if switched to Essential mode.

    This smartwatch has a good crisp, bright and responsive screen, measuring 1.4 inches; it has all typical fitness and health features for a smartwatch. It also has a sleep tracking feature, but we discovered it is not accurate. The watch has an outlook that streamlines its large size to prevent it from feeling chunky. TicWatch Pro 3 is the perfect option for people who want a classy-looking watch with functional features, even if they don’t stand out.

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    Best Android Smartwatches For Runners:

    1. Honor Magic 2

    The Honor Magic Watch 2 is perfect for those looking for smartwatches with a long battery life and fitness purposes. It has a range of new and returning health features like exercise pace tracking and stress monitoring, which everyone needs apparently. However, you may not find the smartwatch very useful if you don’t exercise very much because it has limited lifestyle tools.

    Honor Magic Watch 2 is a fitness-centric smartwatch that features new exercise-racking features, building on its predecessor. It also borrows some design elements from Huawei Watch GT 2 and puts them in smartwatches designed for younger people. The watch features a main body with removable straps; it comes in two size variants: 42mm and 46mm. The bigger size has a bigger screen, higher resolution, and twice-as-long battery life than the original model.

    The 42mm is cheaper, but it lacks features like a long-range Bluetooth connection, a microphone for calling, a built-in speaker, and a loudspeaker for workout motivation.

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    2. Garmin Forerunner 245

    Garmin Forerunner 245 is a great smartwatch companion for runners; you will particularly enjoy it if you love listening to music while running. The GPS smartwatch is designed to run half and full marathons, dutifully tracking every step. Garmin Forerunner 245 has a large display that is easy to read and customizable menus. This smartwatch is small and light but has a colorful display and can store music onboard.

    Garmin Forerunner 245 eliminates the need to take your smartphone along when you go running. Plus, it has a more impressive battery life than its predecessor, version 235, with a more refined design and less boxy shape. Although both models have transflective displays, the 245 has a much brighter backlight.


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