The Best VR Games to Buy in 2022

    The Best VR Games to Buy in 2022

    VR games have taken the gaming experience to the next level. The VR games enable you to travel to other worlds and experience a virtual adventure like no other.

    So, are you looking for the best virtual reality (VR) game? You have come to the right place as this article will share with you the best VR games to buy in 2022.

    Why Should I Buy a VR Game?

    As you know a VR game enables you to fully be immersed in a 3D environment where you get to interact with the world’s elements. Done by putting a pair of VR headsets, you can also use other accessories such as sensor-equipped gloves, hand controllers, and many more.

    The VR games are meant to boost your adrenaline rush as you interact with the virtue world. From the dense graphics and 360-degree capabilities, you get to enjoy your favorite VR game irrespective of time and place. What’s more, the controllers enable you to modify the game environment in any way you like.

    There are many types of virtue reality (VR) games you can choose from. The most popular ones are:

    • First-person VR shooter games
    • Action VR games
    • Virtual reality racing games
    • Gambling and VR casinos
    • Story/RPG VT games
    • Horror Games in VR
    • Exploration games
    • Artistic/Creative

    The above genres enable you to choose the right VR games as you get to enjoy the benefits of playing VR games.

    So what are the benefits of VR games?

    • Provides Realistic Experience:Unlike watching television, a VR game takes enables you to have real experiences in a new environment.
    • Increases Intelligence: VR games can improve your intelligence. For example, puzzle VR games train your brain to be patient; shooting games increase skills, and so on.
    • Helps in Overcoming phobias:Playing VR games can help you overcome phobias such as heights, water, or darkness.
    • Burns Calorie:While playing a VR game you get to walk around the room, and flap your hands as you try to complete your mission. This movement helps you burn calories as you enjoy your game.
    • Reduce Stress: VR games offer an escape from the world’s day-to-day stress.
    • Pain Relief: Interestingly VR games can act as pain relievers especially when someone is in chronic pain as it helps one forget their pain while playing.


    What to Consider When Buying aVR Game


    Before purchasing any VR game you need to know if it is compatible with your headset.  Not all VR games are available on every system and it would be a shame to purchase one that you aren’t able to play.

     Space Requirements

    Different VR games come with space requirements. This simply means some games can only be played while sitting down while others require you to move around the playing area. Therefore, ensure you buy a VR game that fits your room.


    Sometimes it is not easy to know which type of VR game you are purchasing by just looking at the name, therefore it is highly recommended to check the genre of the game to avoid buying the wrong VR game.


    Duration of the Game

    Do you like playing for hours or weeks? Then always check the duration of the game before making any purchase.



    Before buying a VR game, you should check out reviews from critics as well as the general public.  Visit different unbiased sites to find out of the VR game is worth buying or not.


    Update Cadence

    VR games aren’t perfect and most are released with some bugs. However, most VR developers fix them in future updates. Before you purchase a VR game make sure the VR game developers offer future updates.


    VR games cost differently, therefore, ensure you get the best game according to your budget.

    Here are the6 Best VR Games

    Hitman 3

    Reason to Buy: Hitman 3 will take you on a dramatic world of adventure all around the world.



    Hitman 3 is the latest entry in the Hitman games. An amazing game, the Hitman 3 is interactive with better maps than the previous Hitman.  Each level in Hitman 3 is fun and in-depth as you get to kill a specific target or more, enjoy retrieving a secret file.


    This is all while in the midst of heavily armed guards or suspicious bystanders. You also get to change into different outfits to access restricted areas unnoticed. Additionally, the game allows you to pull your saved files for Hitman 1 and 2.


    Keep in mind that the game is best enjoyed on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.



    • Loads of replay value
    • Provides a new set of awesome levels to explore
    • Plenty of opportunities to assassinate
    • Attractive storyline full of suspense




    • Too short
    • Requires internet connection to get points and rewards


    For the Best Deal: Buy on Amazon


    Doom VFR (PS VR; HTC Vive)


    Reason to Buy:The Dome VFR is a fast paced action game that adds a fun expansion to familiar locations of the Dome 21016 game.



    If you have a PlayStation VR or HTC Vive, then you are ready to play the Doom VFR. An incredible game, the Doom VFR offers three different controller options. This means you can use the PlayStation move controller, PS4 dual shock controller, or PS aim controller.


    The game comes with a combination of two different forms of movement. One of them is the standard point to teleport while the other one is the slow-motion effect. Also, the game has new shield Burst ability, a crowd control function that allows you to drive back your enemies a long distance with an overloaded electric shield.



    • It is intense and immersive
    • Teleporting capability
    • Excellent graphics and VR integration
    • Fun to play
    • Has three different controller options


    • It has too much dead space between kill zones
    • Somehow short


    For the Best Deal: Buy at Best buy

    I Expect to Die 2


    Reason to Buy:I Expect to Die 2 is a great brain-stimulating game that enables you to solve mysteries as a secret agent in VR.


    Do you love James Bond, Sterling Archer, or any other secret agent? Then you will enjoy playing the I expect to Die 2 game. The game requires you to be always alert for booby traps, be able to evade highly trained assassins, dodge poisonous darts, as well as divert flying grenades.


    However, the best part is you will have your own handler who will help you out on your mission. Though you won’t know his name or what he looks like, you will hear his voice which is all you need as you go from one level to another.



    • Amazing challenging missions
    • Incredible opening credits
    • Offers multiple achievements
    • Fun with great humor



    • You cannot check the mission objective
    • It’s a seated experience only


    For the Best Deal: Buy at Steam


    Farpoint PS4 VR Game

    Reason to Buy:Farpoint is a great game that blends sci-fi and mystery that allows you to experience zero gravity.



    The Farpoint is a fun game to play, based on two scientists who open a wormhole to another galaxy, having followed them you find yourself blasting away hostile aliens and robots while still trying to locate the scientists. 


    The aliens include both large and small spiders while the robots are also large and small found on land and in the air.The scenery changes as you progress through the game which is vast mountains, strange terrain, and glowing caves.


    • Fun with Aim Controller
    • Amazing VR experience
    • Great value
    • Incredible co-op mode



    • Not enough freedom
    • The game’s pace might cause nausea for some players


    For the Best Deal: Buy at eBay


    Elite Dangerous: The Legendary Edition 

    Reason to Buy:Elite Dangerous is a quality game that you could play for hours on end either alone or with others.



    The Elite Dangerous is a game full of drastic turns and twists. Having the whole of the Milky Way Galaxy to explore, trade, pirate, bounty hunt, missions, and passengers, you can play the game solo or interact with other players fully online or on private servers.


    The game enables you to play the various factions of human-occupied space, investigate the mysterious aliens or jump into a massive community goal that sees players across all platforms.  All this is done inside a ship. Do note that you need to have a variety of ships to suit each and every mission.



    • Amazing space game
    • Huge galaxy to explore
    • Able to forge your own path forward
    • Great graphics
    • Huge selection of weapons and add ons for your ship



    • Not easy to play especially in the beginning 
    • Provides little guidance
    • Time-consuming


    For the Best Deal: Buy at Walmart


    Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series (PS4)


    Reason to Buy:Vader Immortal enables you to bask in Star Wars surroundings with the incredible Darth Vader himself.



    Vader Immortal is a great Star Wars VR game that tells a three-part story. Designed exclusively for virtue reality, the game is an interactive adventure where you descend into Darth Vader’s mysterious fortress and encounter dangerous enemies including Sith Lord himself.


    In the three episodes, you get to learn how to use a lightsaber in episode one where you get to destroy the enemies with it. Episode 2 allows you to pull and throw things with the Force while episode 3 enables you to use the thermal detonators and blasters.


    Keep in mind; that the enemies are coming at you with different weapons with some of them shooting at you, while others have lightsaber weapons of their own. Do note that the PlayStation only has teleport locomotion options while other versions have free movement.



    • Highly engaging
    • Lightsaber Dojo is awesome
    • Incredible soundtrack, music, and voice acting
    • Great visual
    • Plenty of VR comfort options
    • Good storyline


    • Pretty limited gameplay
    • A bit twitchy


    For the Best Deal: Buy on Amazon