The Best WiFi Extender in 2022 (Ring Wi-Fi Extender) Review

    The Best WiFi Extender in 2022 (Ring Wi-Fi Extender) Review

    Have you experienced a scenario where your Wi-Fi signal won't reach your devices? Isn't it much of a risk when your security cameras are experiencing some downtime? For that reason, you'll need to get something that will amplify the Wi-Fi signal to reach its intended target. That's precisely what a Wi-Fi extender will do – the Ring Wi-Fi Extender!

    What is Ring Wi-Fi Extender?

    A Ring Wi-Fi extender is a Wi-Fi extender from Ring designed to amplify the base station's Z-wave network and allow for more excellent coverage over all your security devices within a certain location. A Ring Wi-Fi extender might be the most valuable asset to invest in, especially if you have a Ring security system in your home.

    Ring Wi-Fi extenders are numerous, and they come with striking differences, but all work towards a common goal; amplifying your network's strength. Nonetheless, when the choices are this many, mistakes are almost inevitable. Therefore, it is essential to learn about the devices and know what you're getting yourself.

    Ring Wi-Fi Extender Review: Is it Worth Buying?

    With the ease of installation and reliability that Ring Wi-Fi extenders come with, it is safe to conclude that they are quite a worthwhile investment. That’s not to forget the noble task these devices have to do to enhance the security in your homestead. Even when the Wi-Fi extenders tend to be a little expensive, they’re worth every penny.

    We'll look into two of the most popular Ring Wi-Fi extenders, the Ring Chime Pro and the Ring Range Extender, and compare them.

    Comparison With the Ring Chime Pro Wi-Fi Extender

    The Chime Pro is a notifications hub and Wi-Fi extender from Ring and is only compatible with Ring security cameras and doorbells. On the other hand, the Range Extender helps keep your Ring device connected to your base station but only uses Z-wave. For that reason, the extender is not compatible with all Ring devices – Interesting, right? Well, there’s more to the devices that we should learn. Shall we?

    Let’s begin with a comparison chart.


    Ring Range Extender

    Ring Chime Pro





    Extends Z-wave up to 500 feet

    Extends Wi-Fi up to 2,000 square ft.


    1.86×3.19×1.66 inches

    4.06×2.72×1.00 inches


    Ring Alarm System

    Ring Cameras and Doorbells

    Power Supply

    Plugs into outlet

    Connects to Wi-Fi and plugs into the outlet


    Buy on Amazon

    Buy on Amazon


    Approx. $24.99

    Approx. $49.99


    Ring Chime Pro


    The Ring Chime Pro can extend Wi-Fi connectivity up to about 2,000 feet within your home.  It is perfect for those cameras and doorbells placed on the periphery or around blackspots. It is also tiny, bringing the issue of the convenience of placement to rest. So, what features does this Wi-Fi extender have?


    The Ring Chime Pro is one of the most amazingly 'wholesome' Wi-Fi extenders. It is a three-in-one device that hosts a notification chime, Wi-Fi extender, and night light. Here's a list of all features you get from the Chime Pro.

    • An in-built automatic night light.
    • A chime box to sound notifications from other connected devices.
    • Wi-Fi extension; up to 2,000 square feet.
    • Easy, straightforward setup.
    • Updated sleek design.
    • The Chime Pro plugs into any wall outlet design in your home.
    • A variety of new Chime sounds to select from.

    Devices Compatible with the Ring Chime Pro

    The Chime Pro is pretty compatible with numerous devices. You won't have trouble connecting the extender to any Ring Security Camera or Doorbell. Don't worry about the device's current version, as the Ring Chime Pro connects to any of them. They only have to be connected to the Wi-Fi.

    Here’s the list of all devices compatible with the Ring Chime Pro;

    • Ring Video Doorbell
    • Ring Video Doorbell 2, 3, 3 Plus, Pro, Elite
    • Ring Peephole Cam
    • Indoor Cam
    • Stick-Up-Cam (Solar, Plug-in, Battery)
    • Spotlight Cam (Solar, Wired, Battery)
    • Floodlight Cam

    NB: The Ring Chime Pro DOES NOT work with any other product except those powered by RING.

    Ring Range Extender


    The Ring Range Extender is a brilliant extension idea, especially if you have Ring-powered devices in your home. If you previously owned a Ring Alarm System, you should eye the Range Extender as your next investment.

    The Range Extender does just like its name suggests by guaranteeing no dead spots or places where the connection could be lost. The extender can work from up to 250ft from your base station. It can also be placed 250ft away from other Ring-powered devices, making it a total extension of 500ft.

    If your home is huge, the Range Extender should do just perfect, eliminate dead spots, and increase connection strength. Your home doesn’t need to be large for the extender to work. Any sized home is a good fit.


    The Ring Range Extender is not a security device, but it ensures your security devices are connected and reliable. Don't mistake that!

    Here are the features the Ring Range Extender offers;

    • Range extension by 500 feet
    • Back-up battery (lasts 24 hours)
    • Can plug into any standard outlet
    • Easy to set-up

    Devices the Ring Range Extender works with

    The Ring Range Extender is a versatile connector. It is compatible with ALL devices that make up a Ring Alarm System. All the Ring Alarm System devices use Z-wave technology in place of Wi-Fi, making them only compatible with each other.

    Again, it would be best to have a Ring Alarm Base Station for the extender to work. All other devices will function seamlessly if you have them connected to the base station and Ring Extender. Here are the devices that connect to the Ring Extender.

    • Keypad
    • Base Station (Necessary)
    • Motion Detector
    • Contact Sensor
    • Alarm Food and Freeze Sensor
    • CO Listener and Smoke Sensor
    • Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit
    • Panic Button


    Why Should I Buy the Ring Wi-Fi Extender?

    As said before, security is paramount, and that’s what Ring devices offer us. However, the reliability of the Ring security systems is often compromised in the instance of insufficient network coverage. That’s why you need a Wi-Fi extender. These devices’ importance is often overlooked, especially in places with medium-sized or small homes.

    A ring Wi-Fi Extender should be your next investment if you own a Ring-powered security device in your home.


    Does Ring Wi-Fi Extender work?

    Yes! The Ring Wi-Fi extender works. You only have to give it the correct placement and make sure nothing is hindering the transmission of both Wi-Fi and Z waves. However, one of the reasons you might get a weaker signal or no signal is when the extender is more than far enough for the waves to reach the target.

    Is the Ring Wi-Fi Extender worth the money?

    Absolutely! If you understand the use cases and tradeoffs where Wi-Fi or other wireless extenders make sense, you'll realize the Ring Wi-Fi Extender is worth it. It is a practical solution to a physical problem. The issue here will be to determine if it will be helpful in your home. If you're as good with it as without, it makes little sense to buy a Wi-Fi extender.

    What is a Z-wave?

    Z-wave is a wireless communication method your Ring Alarm device uses to relay messages to the Base Station.

    Which is the best location to install a Ring Wi-Fi Extender?

    The best location to install your Ring Wi-Fi extender is between the Alarm System and the Base Station. You should confirm the minimum distance requirement before installing so that you don't install it 'too far.'

    Why doesn’t my 1st Gen Range Extender Connect?

    If your 1st Generation Ring Wi-Fi Range Extender doesn’t connect, try the following solutions;

    • Ensure your extender is receiving power. If it’s not, try a separate outlet.
    • If the problem doesn’t concern power, try plugging the extender into a power outlet nearer the base station.
    • Kindly press and release a button located to the tight of the device.

    Why doesn’t my 2nd Gen Ranger Extender Connect?

    If your 1st Generation Ring Wi-Fi Range Extender doesn’t connect, try the following solutions;

    • Make sure your extender is receiving power. If not, plug it into another power outlet.
    • If the problem doesn’t concern power, try plugging the extender into a power outlet nearer the base station.
    • Kindly press and release a button located to the tight of the device.
    • If the device blinks thrice, it’s trying to connect to your network.
    • If the device blinks red once, that means it can’t communicate with your Base Station.
    • If the device blinks once, it's up and connected to your network.

    How can I remove my Range Extender?

    You might need to move, and you might not need the services of a Wi-Fi Extender in your new destination. These are the steps to follow to completely disconnect yourself from your Extender’s services;

    You can only use the Ring App for this action.

    • Tap the Menusection on the mobile app and head to Devices. From the Alarm Base Station,select the Extender you wish to remove.
    • Tap Removefrom the Gear Icon at the top right.
    • Unplug the Wi-Fi extender, then put it back in again.
    • Wait for some seconds to see if anything happens. If not, press and release the button to the right-hand side.
    • The app will notify you that you have removed a device. Leave the extender unplugged.