Turtle Beach Wired/Wireless Headset Reviews: Accessory for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch

    Turtle Beach Wired/Wireless Headset Reviews: Accessory for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch

    Are Turtle Beach Headsets Good?

    A Turtle Beach Headset is the first place you should check if you want an elevated video game audio experience. Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and others have been a great part of our gaming selves. And using them for whatever reason is good. But it becomes better if you have a quality headset like those from Turtle Beach.

    With years of experience to back them up and quality, modern, innovative, and comprehensive products, Turtle Beach has since become a household brand across all platforms. The brand’s Stealth, Atlas, Recon, and Elite lines are some of the best that you can find in the market, with compatibility options for various devices from PCs, mobile devices, and of course, gaming consoles. But what really separates Turtle Beach Headsets from their counterparts is the way they were built and the goal why they were built – they were specifically made for playing games.

    A quality headset makes an impact on the quality of the gaming experience. And keeping this in mind, Turtle Beach produced headsets that are perfectly fit for gaming. With the design of the mic, the way speakers are tuned, and the level of comfort, Turtle Beach headsets are definitely way better than the others. And that works for gamers; after all, you might be using it for long hours. So, it really needs to feel good, comfortable, and cozy. And since Turtle Beach Headsets are really good and top of their game, of course, the price is quite at the top as well. But if you do not mind forking more for something that could give a spectacular gaming experience, then go for it. Even the entry-level headsets of this brand sound great and feel great – the very reason why they are easily one of the best, if not the best, headset accessories for Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.

    List of 5 Best Turtle Beach Headset & Reviews

    Turtle Beach headsets are a good choice if you are looking for a headset that you could partner with your gaming console. And to help you find the one you are looking for, here is the list of 5 Best Turtle Beach Headsets.

    1. Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 SuperAmp


    Reasons to Buy:

    Athlete-tuned speakers

    Pro Gaming Mic

    Bluetooth Connectivity

    Swappable magnetic deco plates and ear cushions

    App-based Audio Control


    Reasons to Avoid:


    Not noise-cancelling

    Not that breathable



    Easily one of the best Turtle Beach Headsets is the Turtle Beach Elite 2 SuperAmp. This wired gaming headset with a dynamic transducer is a perfect choice for gaming professionals. Created in collaboration with top esports teams, Turtle Beach Elite 2 SuperAmp is sure to be a great gaming accessory for those who are competing professionally - it performs and fits well.


    Turtle Beach Elite 2 SuperAmp is equipped with a SuperAmp USB dongle that will allow you to mix audio and control volume easily. Moreover, the Turtle Beach Audio Hub companion software, which can also be downloaded to your phone (app), is a great technology that will enable you to do and have access to EQ presets, mic monitoring, and surround sound settings, and a mic noise gate. Furthermore, despite not having a noise-canceling feature, the mic in this headset can still make your voice clear and detailed as it does an amazing job of isolating background noise. But of course, it fell short of actual noise-canceling performance since it does not filter that much, especially in crowded places. It is also not that breathable; sweating would start after extended gaming sessions.


    1. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

    Reasons to Buy:


    Highly comfortable

    Noise-canceling removable microphone


    Reasons to Avoid:

    Not that well-suited for music

    Lack of tuning support



    Turtle Beach Elite Atlas is not the most expensive or the cheapest Turtle Beach headset. The price is average, but the performance is surely not mediocre. This headset is well designed. It is comfortable to use, functions well, and its look (color) will not attract as many people as those vibrant ones. And combined with that look, the noise-canceling removable mic of Turtle Beach Elite Atlas is another reason why you could comfortably use it outside without gathering too much attention.


    The 50mm Nanoclear over-ear speakers of this headset are another feature that will definitely ensure better audio and hence a better gaming experience. However, this headset does not have a support application for tuning nor a built-in surround sound. Despite these, Elite Atlas is still a quality headset - a rather straightforward gaming headset that you could use outside.

    1. Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Wireless

    Reasons to Buy:


    Doubled battery life than the previous generation

    Very Comfortable

    Accurate Microphone


    Reasons to Avoid:

    It might be too fit for some

    Not noise-cancelling



    Among Turtle Beach headsets, the Stealth 700 Gen 2 could easily be considered the best wireless one. The prior generation is good, but this upped the ante as it has serious upgrades. This headset is really good from the looks up to the features and specifications. It has a flip-to-mute mic that folds neatly, a sleek look, and good button positioning and sizing. The battery life is also amazing as it can last for 16-hours.


    In terms of performance, the mic of this headset is pretty accurate. The default sound profile is a good feature as it is well-suited for action-packed adventure games. And suppose you do not want the default setting. In that case, you can always use the companion app, where you have access to EQ presets for customization. However, like the first one in this list, Stealth 700 Gen 2 does not have a noise-canceling feature, making it not so ideal in crowded and noisy environments. It also leaks a lot of sounds, especially if you are using it for maximum audio. It also fits comfortably; however, there are times when it clamps too tightly to one’s ears.


    1. Turtle Beach Recon 50X


    Reasons to Buy:

    Straightforward design



    High-sensitive microphone



    Reasons to Avoid:

    Not noise-cancelling

    Does not have app support

    Stiff padding and headband design



    If you are looking for an affordable but high-quality Turtle Beach headset, then Recon 50x is the best option. The design of this headset is pretty straightforward. It also does not have many extra features. However, performance-wise, this wired and versatile headset is good considering the price. The 40mm speakers of Recon 50x can give you both crisp high and low thundering sounds. The boom mic is also amazing since it makes your voice clear and natural, especially when you are gaming with your friends. And despite not having a noise-canceling feature, it does a good and decent job separating sound from background noise. Furthermore, the warm sound profile of Recon 50x is a good partner if you are trying to bring out sound effects in games.


    However, since Recon 50x does not have lots of features, it is to be expected that there are some downsides. This headset does not have app support, so customization is quite hard to achieve. The padding and headband do not feel comfortable if you are using the headset for extended gaming hours. Other possible issues that users might encounter while using this headset are the somewhat muddy sound profile, the somewhat cluttered mixes, and the lack of detail in voices and instruments in some instances.

    1. Turtle Beach Recon 200 Gen 2

    Reasons to Buy:


    Variable Mic Monitoring

    Rechargeable 12-hour battery

    Bass boost

    Athletic fabric and softer memory foam

    Glasses-friendly design

    Flip-to-mute mic


    Reason to Avoid:

    Plastic Design



    If you are looking for a budget-friendly headset and are willing to fork in some bucks, then Recon 200 Gen 2 might be what you are looking for. Unlike Recon 50x, Recon 200 Gen 2 offers more customization features, albeit for a higher but affordable price. With this headset, you will get a great value for your money. Recon 200 Gen 2 packages variable mic monitoring, flip-to-mute mic, glasses-friendly design, and comfortable memory foam. The 40mm speakers of this headset deliver immersive and detailed gaming audio as well.


    Unfortunately, the design of this headset is plastic, so you need to be more careful in using it. But that’s it. Other than that, Recon 200 Gen 2 is a great choice. It has good and decent features, can stay up to 12 hours, and can even keep going without power in passive mode.


    Where to Buy a Turtle Beach Headset

    If you are looking forward to buying a Turtle Beach headset for yourself or others as a gift and worrying about where to buy it, do not think too much about it. Buying a Turtle Beach Headset is not as hard as you think. Same with other brands, you can check their items in stores online. Aside from their website, you can also buy Turtle Beach Headsets in various e-commerce stores. For reference, below are some of the platforms/e-commerce stores that you can check and follow to buy a Turtle Beach Headset.

    1. Turtle Beach Website
    2. Amazon
    3. Costco
    4. Walmart
    5. Target

    Are Turtle Beach’s Headsets worth it?

    Turtle Beach’s Headsets are definitely worth it. Regardless of whether you are a casual player, a hardcore gamer, or an esports professional, Turtle Beach has the right headset for you. And that right headset has an amazing design, wonderful features, and a justifiable price range - every penny you spent in Turtle Beach is worth it. So, if you are looking for a headset for your Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch, then be sure to first check the headsets from Turtle Beach