Tymo Ionic, Dyson Corrale, Remington S5500 Hair Straightener Brush Compare and Reviews!

    Tymo Ionic, Dyson Corrale, Remington S5500 Hair Straightener Brush Compare and Reviews!

    Tymo Ionic, Dyson Corrale, Remington S5500 comparison! How we Compared!

     There is nothing like the sleekness and shine that is achieved through a hair straightening brush. However, the problem is that it is tough to find a suitable one for your hair. We have evaluated hundreds of hair dryers, hair tools, and curling irons to discover the ones that are worth the penny you for them. We searched over 75 flat iron products from more than 20 makers to locate the best available flat iron. We tested them in a controlled atmosphere in a Climatology Chamber for evaluating the capability of a flat iron to maintain straightness. We considered their size, weight, ease of use, ability to provide shine, ability to smoothen the hair, and user satisfaction. We also tested for durability by using the Drop Tester to replicate falls from 3 feet on the tile flooring apart from efficacy and safety.

    Comparison Table: Tymo Ionic VS Dyson Corrale VS Remington S5500


    Plate Type

    Temperature Range


    Tymo Ionic

    Ceramic plates or tourmaline coating

    170 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit


    Dyson Corrale

    Copper and tourmaline

    330 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit


    Remington S5500


    310 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit



    1. Dyson Corrale: The other Dyson hair straightener Dyson Airwrap gets all the attention. But many people fail to realize that the same company also makes a flat iron that is noteworthy. As usual, Dyson went all-out for this model of hair straightening flat irons by providing a cordless design. This was a minor breakthrough in the case of beauty tools when it first hit the markets in 2020. Naturally, the hair straightener costs close to $500 on the web. But despite the hefty price tag, Dyson Corrale sells well. You can find several restock scrambles that are reminiscent of another bestseller, PS5. 


    Within Corrale you can find some innovative heat styling technology. Dyson claims that they have perfected it over 7 years and performed close to 600 hours of trials. Its flexing plates bend around your hair instead of tugging and clamping. This means the instrument grabs the outermost pieces and applies even tension. The plate edges of Dyson Corrale are lined by using tourmaline for boosting the negative ion production, promoting shine, and combating static. Although Corrale is slightly heavy at 1.23 lbs., it can go cordless. This is a major advantage when you are a professional that is working on a set or a person that is annoyed with being tethered to some outlet.

    Dyson Corrale is available in three colors, black nickel/fuchsia, black/purple, and purple/black. It also offers a charging dock, a charging cable, and a travel case. The charging cable plugs into either the straightener directly or into a dock. It is possible to charge the Corrale on the go by using the cable. But Dyson recommends the use of the dock to provide the lithium-ion batteries a good charge. You can get the battery to reach 90% within 40 minutes. Dyson Corrale also has an intelligent heating control system that monitors the heating constantly. So, the heating is always maintained at a consistent temperature. Buy in Amazon.

    1. Tymo Ionic: In case you are looking to save some time by straightening a greater number of hairs in every stroke, the Tymo Ionic hair straightening brush must be one of your possessions. You will immediately notice that the tool appears pretty different than other tools. This is because instead of the usual bristles, it comes with wide triangular teeth. This means there is more hair passing through the teeth for every stroke. It also means you will need less time than when the hair is exposed so, there is lesser heat damage.

    The Tymo Ionic can heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit within just 30 seconds. For temperatures in a higher range up to 410 degrees, it takes around 60 seconds. By using 5 different heating settings, the straightener can take care of all kinds of hair types such as thick, thin, and curly. There are special heating settings available for the hair that are color-treated. The ceramic heating element available means even heat distribution minus the hot spots. Therefore, there isn’t any fried hair in the offering while using Tymo Ionic.


    The straightener comes with an anti-scald design. It is a great advantage as there are several people out there that have burned their ears, face, neck, or fingers while trying to straighten their hair by using a flat iron or a big barrel curling iron. The Tymo brush leaves your hair silky, straight, and smooth. Although we do not comment on the packaging normally, when we received the Ionic, we were impressed by the quality it offered. It was a delight to find out that the brush is available with a heat styling glove. You can also find clips for parting the hair with a handy stove bag to store both of these items.

    It is a great product for the price. In case you are searching for a straightening brush having a conventional bristle design with an advantage of ionic technology, there are as many as 16 heating settings available with Ionic. It can dissipate heat in the region of 450 degrees for stronger styling. Buy from Walmart.

    1. Remington S5500: Selecting a flat iron hair straightener only because it is cheaper is normally a bad idea. These cheap plates are metal coated with ceramic and they are also prone to ineffective heating and serious fluctuations. A natural reaction when these problems surf up is to crank up the temperature or try and hit the same strand of hair again and again. This is where the hair is likely to get damaged. The S5500 from Remington serves as a bit of an outlier. It gives you super affordable pricing. It is an adorable purple-colored hair straightener that offers a titanium-plated coating that can easily guide through several kinds of hair types.

    There is a digital temperature display available that keeps the heating control straightforward. Does it come with some nice technology features? Not really. Is it likely to stop working after the use of one or two years? Probably yes. However, as a hair straightener, it is far more effective than other inexpensive alternatives available and it can develop some good curls for you as well. Keep in mind that there are only so much these inexpensive products can do. Many times, there are terms thrown in the advert for hair straightens such as "anti-frizz technology". But they cannot be taken seriously. The titanium-ceramic plates are going to do a decent job of hair smoothening and improvement in shine. 


    The 1" ceramic floating plates will be perfect for ironing out your curls or waves easily because they glide over the hair. These plates are long and you can iron more hair as a result thereby speeding up the process. The ceramic plates heat up evenly to avoid hotspots. The titanium coating over the ceramic plates allows them to attain high temperatures without damage. Buy in Amazon.

    Tymo Ionic VS Dyson Corrale VS Remington S5500, which one is more worth to buy?

    There are some pros and cons you need to consider while selecting the right hair straightener. Keep in mind that Remington was rated recently as the best brand for buck. The S5500 has earned a five-star rating for the category "value for money" in many places. A similar rating can be seen for size, weight, design, styling, and ease of use also. Dyson Corrale is capable of providing 30 minutes of cordless styling. You will find 4-star ratings for the Dyson product in almost all categories. Tymo Ionic is a terrific choice for even heat distribution without tugging and pulling. It is one of the devices that also does it all. That too at an affordable pricing. So, our choice is Tymo Ionic.

    Other Flat Iron Hair Straighteners

    Chi: The curling irons from Chi can be found in beauty shops and they offer a beginner-friendly design. It is a terrific alternative when you are not familiar with flat irons.

    T3: The T3 products are great alternatives for making a quick job of thick manes. And they will stay straight right throughout the day. These flat irons are especially useful when you have coarse or thick hair.

    Babyliss: These hair straighteners are great if you are opting for an all-in-one kind of styling. The extra-long plates mean you can work with all kinds of hairs. You can create several kinds of styles with thick hair.

    Titanium: Although the flat iron is terrific for thick tresses, it works out for all kinds of hair. There is an invisible screen that appears only when you have turned it on. There are several temperature ratings available for polished and healthy hair.

    Ghd: Ghd features ultra-zone and predictive technology for hair straightening. It automatically recognizes the hair thickness, styling speed, and section size, and can adjust the power suitably.

    Kristin Ess: This is a renowned brand in the field of hair straightening. There is a temperature sensing technology used to provide quick and even heating for long-lasting and consistent styles. It is a professional and affordable hair styling tool.

    HSI Ceramic: This brand offers hair straighteners for professional styling, curling, and flipping the hair. There are dramatic results available for the frizziest and coarsest hair. You can get your hair straightened with minimal effort. There is a double voltage feature available that makes the product travel-safe.

    L'Ange: These are some of the better hair straighteners available in the market. They provide a smooth, clean, and all-day-long straightness to the hair. you can create different kinds of curls by using them.

    Gem: In case you have wavy and thick hair you are going to enjoy working with Gem. The tourmaline plates guide through the hair easily providing smooth tresses for any style.

    Drybar: The Drybar straighteners are great for smoothening, curling, shining, and straightening the hair. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is thick or thin, it works well for them all. It uses ionic technology for reducing frizz.

    Revlon Salon: These hair straighteners from Revlon are perfect for any kind of hair. They are especially more suitable for curly and thick hair due to the blend of copper and ceramic.

    Revlon Brilliance: Revlon is famous for top performance and effective hair straightening. They give you gentle and hair-friendly heating suitable for the hair. These irons can be used for all kinds of hair and they are versatile for styling as well.

    Sugarboo: it is a multi-tasking and sleek hair straightening tool that may be used for a range of styles. It maintains the brilliant and great-looking tresses well with volume and moisture locked in.

    Bio Ionic: This is one of the famous creations from Bio Ionic and comes with sonic vibrating plates. The moisturizing heat technology provides style and smoothening to your hair. The vibrating plates can glide through the hair for a polished appearance.

    Remington: These hair straighteners are terrific for damaged hair and there are nine temperature settings available with them. they provide extremely smooth straightening.