VIZIO V Series 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar

    VIZIO V Series 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar

    What Is VIZIO V Series 5.1 Home Theater?


    Product features

    The VIZIO V Series 5.1 Home Theater is an affordable sound system that offers and adds excellent surround sound. The home theater is easy to set up; you can go from unboxing to listening to music within ten minutes. The home theater system features the soundbar itself, a wireless subwoofer, and a pair of surround speakers. The VIZIO V Series 5.1 is the low-profile approach to 2020's budget system that VIZIO decided to go with.

    The soundbar features petite rear speakers and a subwoofer, with a sub enclosure housing a 5-inch woofer. It features three drivers in the bar, one each at the front left, right, and center channels in a 5.1 system. Several connections are at the rear of the soundbar, including a retro 3.5mm stereo audio input and an optical port. Also included are one HDMI ARC port, a USB port that only supports WAV MP3 formats, and a 3.5mm auxiliary input.

    Connections and Remote

    The bar has a few legitimate built-in features, including Bluetooth for streaming music; it features only Bluetooth technology. Nevertheless, it gives a solid connection and pretty good sound for a soundbar that only uses a Bluetooth connection. There's also the impressive Front Surround Mode feature for setups where putting surround sound speakers behind the ream is impossible. Instead, you will have to put the rear speakers on either side of the soundbar and move the subwoofer to the front.

    There is a remote with the VIZIO V Series 5.1 to access the Front Surround Mode feature. The soundbar utilizes DTS Virtual:X to create virtual surround sound, making it a passable device compared to others. There's also the Dual Stereo Mode that sends the same audio to all five speakers, which is great for watching movies. The regular surround sound is better for movie watching, while the left and right surround sounds are best for music.

    Pros and Cons

    The VIZIO V Series 5.1 has all the basic elements for a good surround setup. That includes the front stage effectively capturing action scenes, rear speakers adding adequate immersion, and the sub. The sound quality when playing music is pretty impressive, as the VIZIO V Series 5.1 soundbar produces a balanced, warm sound. For a soundbar at its price range, it offers pretty excellent sound quality. The DTS Virtual:X is post-processing that supposedly adds virtualized 3D sound to any audio sent to the soundbar.

    The VIZIO V Series 5.1 works with nearly any speaker configuration, which makes sense because there's only so much you can do with front-firing drivers. Furthermore, you can change the levels of dialogue and center, and you can adjust the treble, bass, surround-level, subwoofer, and surround balance. Although the soundbar isn't without its faults, VIZIO made a smart move by making its audio sufficiently customizable. As a result, the VIZIO V Series 5.1 is a true 5.1 sound, which is pretty hard to get anywhere else.

    The soundbar features the durability VIZIO is known for, with a pretty standard one-year warranty. While there's no guarantee that every VIZIO soundbar will last as long as ten years, you will enjoy it for a while. The VIZIO V Series 5.1 is a great deal if you're looking for an affordable soundbar with excellent sound quality. Unfortunately, finding another soundbar in this price range offering a complete 5.1 system with a subwoofer and rear speakers is hard.

    The VIZIO V Series 5.1 is one of the crowd's favorites, even if you have to fine-tune the audio and manage its lack of meaningful features. Of course, the best way to add surround sound to your setup is by getting a traditional home theater. But, if you can't afford that, this model has decent-enough features and good sound, offering value for the masses.


    VIZIO V Series 5.1



    Remote/Control Method

    Voice Control


    3.18” x 36” x 2.24”




    Bluetooth, HDMI


    Why Should I Buy the VIZIO V Series 5.1 Home Theater?

    The VIZIO V Series 5.1 Home Theater is an excellent buy if you're looking for an affordable home theater system. For a home theater in its price range, the home theater provides great sound quality for an immersive listening experience. VIZIO has a wide variety of soundbars with good performance-to-price ratios, and they sound better than they look or feel. While this VIZIO home theater model isn't as premium as other competing brands, it offers many features.

    The VIZIO V Series 5.1 Home Theater has a well-balanced sound and handles stereo dynamics well. If you've got a movie in your collection you're planning to watch, you'll enjoy it better with this home theater. With a good home theater like this, you get a similar experience as if you went out to a theater. You'll also enjoy your video games better, so to speak; they'll become more immersive with crisp imagery and realistic sound.

    VIZION V Series 5.1 Home Theater: Is It Worth Buying?

    We can't say the VIZIO V Series 5.1 Home Theater is cheap because only your budget can decide that. However, we can confidently say it is worth buying, especially when considering all the benefits of owning a home theater. Customers have different needs, so what you need the home theater for will determine how well you enjoy it. For example, if you love horror movies and love to be immersed in the action, you'll find it worth buying.

    The VIZIO V Series 5.1 Home Theater is a great buy if you're looking to enjoy the realistic features of video games. A good home theater makes you feel like you're in the middle of a battlefield and walking right beside the hero. You feel the thrill and excitement of being involved in the event; that's an immersion that can completely change everything. The VIZIO V Series 5.1 Home Theater will change the experience of playing the latest video game or watching your favorite blockbuster.

    Comparison With Bose Solo 5


    The VIZIO V Series 5.1 and Bose Solo 5 have a few similar features and significant differences. First, the VIZIO V Series 5.1 has a 6/10 consumer rating, while the Solo 4 has a 4/10 rating. Second, both models have active amplification types, but the Solo 5 has 2.1 channels, while the VIZIO V has 5.1. Third, neither of both models features a built-in subwoofer, but the Bose Solo 5 receives a higher consumer rating for audio quality.

    Both soundbars don't feature AirPlay support or Spotify, nor do they have a wireless Wi-Fi interface, only Bluetooth. However, when rated, the VIZIO V Series 5.1 got a rating of 6/10, while the Bose Solo 5 got a 3/10. The Bose soundbar doesn't feature buttons, while the VIZIO has power, volume down, source, Bluetooth, and volume up buttons. In addition, the VIZIO V Series 5.1 has an HDMI ARC with one HDMI output, while the Bose Solo 5 doesn't.

    The Bose Solo 5 doesn't have a USB port, but the VIZIO does, whereas the Bose has a Coaxial input, while VIZIO doesn't. Where Bose Solo 5 has no voice control features, VIZIO supports Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Bose Solo 5 doesn't feature the DTS technology; VIZIO V Series 5.1 features DTS Virtual: X. Overall, the VIZIO V Series 5.1 has better features than the Bose Solo 5, which is understandable since it's a newer model.


    VIZIO V Series 5.1












    1 X 2.0







    What sound setting is ideal for home theater?

    If you want a full surround sound experience, you'll be looking to get a good 5.1-channel system. This is because most streaming sources, including Blu-Ray and DVD media, are in 5.1-channel format. Meanwhile, you can go as high as 7.1 channels; these improve the direction of the sound effects, giving you a better feel of your entertainment.

    How many watts does a home theater system need?

    A home theater's ideal amount of power without fear of ever running out is 125 watts per channel. Of course, the more wattage power the home theater system has, the better the sound. Oddly enough, a high-powered home theater sounds louder at lower volumes.

    What basic components do you need for a home theater system?

    The essential components you need for a home theater include a video display, surround sound A/V receiver, and a video source. The video display can be a standard TV, projector, plasma or LCD TV, etc.

    How many speakers do you need for a proper surround-sound system?

    You need two to three speakers in front of you and three to your sides or behind you. Where the audio signal is split into different channels for optimal sound effects, the front speakers carry the most prominent sounds.

    How high should you mount your surround-sound speakers?

    Ideally, surround-sound speakers should be mounted two to three feet above the listener. However, you can also set them four to five feet above, provided your ceiling isn't 30ft tall. If the speakers are too high, the sound will bounce off it and back down to you.