Want Indoor Fitness? Best 9 Home Exercise Workout Gym Equipment You Should Know!

    Want Indoor Fitness? Best 9 Home Exercise Workout Gym Equipment You Should Know!

    What Are Home Exercise Workout Gym Equipment?

    Home exercise gym workout equipment is a set of workout items you use at home to burn weight. These items are typically present in the gym, but you can have them at home to save the cost of visiting a commercial gym. Home workout equipment is a good way to save money over gym membership and keep yourself accountable. It is pretty hard to skip a workout when you have all you need at home.

    If you’ve decided to work out from home, the next step is deciding what part of your body you want to train. This decision determines what set of home workout gym equipment you get. For example, if you’re working your abs, you’ll need equipment like dumbbells and weights to achieve your goal. Home gym equipment options are endless; you can choose from high-end smart workout equipment to simple resistance bands.

    Home exercise workout gym equipment includes rowing machines, treadmills, ellipticals, resistance bands, squat racks, weight stacks, and cardio machines. Depending on what kind of fitness training you plan to do, you can also get foam rollers, yoga mats, kettlebells, weight plates, and medicine balls. There is home gym equipment available for every fitness level or goal, whether you’re aiming to lose weight or build muscle mass. Choosing the ideal and perfect home gym equipment is essential to help you reach your goal.

    List of 9 Home Exercise Workout Gym Equipment for Different Purposes:

    ●      Gym Equipment for Weight Loss:

    If you’re looking to burn calories to help weight loss, you need gym equipment suited for that purpose. Below are three gym machines you can bring into your home and train for weight loss:

    1. Treadmill
    2. Assault bike
    3. Elliptical

    ●      Body-Solid Gym Equipment:

    Body solid gym equipment is suited to help you build a better body and improve your quality of life. Body-Solid is a fitness factory that manufactures the widest selection of weight benches, home gyms, functional trainers, and smith machines. Below are some Body-Solid gym items you can use to achieve your fitness goal at home:

    1. Body-Solid Home Gym EXM2500S
    2. Body-Solid Home Gym with Upgraded 310-Pound Stack EXM2500B
    3. Body-Solid Dual Stack Gym EXM3000LPS

    ●      Gym Equipment for Leg Press:

    Leg press equipment offers an effective way to target your glutes, quads, calves, and hamstrings without the risk of injury. Machines made for leg press have lesser risks than doing traditional squats. You can use these to build mass and strength in your legs safely, whether there’s someone there to spot you or not. Here are gym items for leg press you can set up in your home for your fitness purposes:

    1. BodyCraft Leg Press Hack Squat
    2. Body-Solid Leg Press Machine 310-Pound Stack
    3. Leg Press Hack Squat by Body-Solid

    Workout Items

    The idea of home gyms has taken a drastic turn over the past few years. Where home gym workout equipment was once considered a luxury, many are now open to the idea. Several fitness enthusiasts now dedicate space to work out in their garages and homes. If you are one of them, here are workout items you want with your workout equipment to realize your goals.

    Ab Coaster

    The Ab coaster is a workout machine designed to target the abs, providing users with an easy and effective core workout. The machine helps you engage in fitness activities, increases participation, and rewards you with results. The Ab Coaster has an intuitive movement pattern such that whoever jumps on, novice or professional, naturally understands how it works. The Ab Coaster’s movement keeps the rider’s abdominal muscles engaged while keeping things fun and interesting.

    Glute Ham Developer

    The Glute Ham Developer machine helps you strengthen your glute hamstrings and lower back. It is a piece of versatile equipment with thirteen adjustment points and lifters of different height ranges. It is super sturdy, with footpads featuring thick padding and a durable vinyl cover and steel-endcaps-finished footpads. Besides strengthening your posterior leg muscles, you can also use the Glute Ham Developer for targeted abdominal training by flipping over.

    Upper Body

    Upper body workout items are essential for creating a great upper body workout routine. With good-quality workout equipment and familiarity with common upper body exercises, your fitness goals are as good as set. Upper body workout items include:

    • Chest or bench press for the chest;
    • Shoulder press for the shoulders;
    • Lat pull-down machines for the back;
    • Dumbbells and kettlebells for the arms; and
    • Adjustable bench, abdominal crunch station, or weights for the core.

    Hoist Gym Equipment

    Hoist gym equipment covers a wide range of fitness items offering several features that help deliver an excellent cardio workout. They include flat, incline/decline, and ab benches, cycling bikes, the upright trainer, functional trainers, and squat racks. You can also find power cages, ab machines, shoulder and chest press machines, free weight racks, smith machines, etc.

    Barbell Equipment

    These include barbell collars, racks, barbells, bumper plates, and inclined bench presses. Each of these items is meant to give you a fun, exerting, and result-oriented workout session. The barbell collar is a small metal or plastic clamp used to prevent the weight from falling off a barbell. The collar ensures the weight remains firmly on the bar when you’re doing exercises like squats, and you lose control.

    Top Gym Equipment Brands

    1 – Gold’s Gym Equipment

    Gold’s gym is a top fitness brand with 150 gyms spread across twenty-seven countries. It has been an authority in fitness since the 1960s and is a place for serious fitness enthusiasts. Gold’s Gym is dedicated to making high-quality featured homemade workout equipment and getting results. It offers all of the latest gym equipment and services and is a preferred gym for athletes, celebrities, the military, and fitness enthusiasts.

    2 – Craigslist Gym Equipment

    Craigslist is a gold mine for finding high-quality equipment to set up your home gym. While Craigslist’s website may not be user-friendly or have an intuitive interface, it holds some of the best gym equipment. Once you’ve found your way around the site, you’ll be shopping for gym equipment that you’ll tell your grandkids about someday. Craigslist is undoubtedly one of the best stops for high-end, high-quality gym equipment.

    3 – Matrix Gym Equipment

    Matrix is a top workout-centric brand for gym equipment providing premium performance, connected technology, approachable design, and durability. The brand’s gym items ensure the dynamic workout performance, durability, and functionality needed to get the most from every workout. Matrix is a favorite among health club owners, service technicians, personal trainers, and member technicians. The brand’s equipment offers you everything you love about gyms and sleek designs to fit into your home beautifully.

    4 – CrossFit Gym Equipment

    CrossFit is a top fitness brand that’s all about getting to the gym to knock out super tough workouts with fellow CrossFitters. But, if you’re unable to do that, you can get some of the brand’s key pieces of training equipment at home. These will help you stay dedicated to your training, even when you don’t feel like it. You can get equipment like medicine balls, weighted vests, battle ropes, sandbags, kettlebells, and more to set up an amazing home gym.

    How to Find Best Home Gym Equipment Items That Fit For You?

    Before setting out to find equipment items for your home gym, you need to establish your goals. You can’t know what equipment to buy if you don’t know what you want to achieve through weight lifting. So, consider whether you want to grow muscle, lose weight, improve your fitness for sport, or strength train. Then, choose equipment items that will help you realize your long-term fitness goals.

    Since there are thousands of workout equipment on the market, clarity on what exactly you need is essential. If your goal is to have a flat belly, for example, you’re looking for equipment like benches, weights, dumbbells, and the like. Meanwhile, if you’re doing cardio, you’re looking towards cardio machines, treadmills, and others. If you’re new to gyms and workouts, you may want to avoid the expensive workout machines for now.

    It is essential that you buy the exact gym workout equipment you need. Spending a thousand dollars on a treadmill and then leaving it to gather dust isn’t advisable.

    Best Place to Buy Fitness Equipment?

    There is a whole world of fitness, from aerobic to strength training. If you’re setting up a home gym or whatever fitness specifications you have, there are overwhelming options for fitness equipment. You can get your fitness equipment from several websites, including the top fitness equipment brands we’ve already mentioned. Apart from these four, you can also get from:

    • Fitness Superstore – the best place for full-service gym installation or equipment customization.
    • Fitness Factory– a fitness equipment supply giant with team specialists to guide you through the gym building process.
    • Gym Pros– a well-established brand selling high-standing equipment items and programs for home and commercial gyms.
    • Equip Your Gym– a great place to buy, sell, or rent high-quality fitness equipment.
    • Fitness Outlet is a comprehensive fitness equipment retailer for commercial and home gym equipment packages of all prices and expertise.