What is a Ring Chime Pro Wi-Fi Extender?

    What is a Ring Chime Pro Wi-Fi Extender?

    Ring's range of devices has transformed the home security business since its inception in 2012. The Ring has enabled customers to connect their cellphones with an all-in-one doorbell and video camera system rather than depending on third-party home security providers. However, with Ring's ever-evolving product range, distinguishing between the regular Ring Doorbell and the Ring Chime Pro can be challenging. Ring Chime Pro is a Ring Doorbell and Ring Camera add-on. Instead of hearing warnings exclusively on your phone, Ring Chime Pro allows you to hear them all throughout your house. Ring Doorbell's Wi-Fi network is also extended, minimizing "dead zones" and other network connectivity concerns. When it comes to smart home security, you're likely to have a lot of questions about how Ring's technologies can help you. You may discover about Ring Chime Pro's benefits over its competitors and how it might help your family.

    What does a Ring Chime Pro do?

    The Ring Chime Pro is a three-in-one gadget that acts as a Wi-Fi extender, nightlight, and chime box in addition to amplifying notifications across your house. The Ring Chime Pro streamlines your home security system by combining many devices with tangled connections and different battery packs into a single, streamlined hub.

    The Ring Chime Pro offers two distinct advantages over the ordinary Ring Chime:

    Stronger internet connectivity: The Ring Chime has no effect on your other Ring accessories' connectivity. Ring Chime Pro, however, does.

    Connects to the majority of routers: The regular Ring Chime can only connect to your router if it operates at 2.4GHz. Ring Chime Pro, on the other hand, can connect to your network regardless of its 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz bandwidth.

    Additionally, while the Ring Chime Pro's nightlight may appear to be a fun little add-on for most, it is not included with the normal Ring Chime.

    User-Centric Design

    We've all been in that situation. We unbox a smart home device, install the software, and our phones are unable to connect to it. One of the most important features of Ring Chime Pro is that it aims to make the connecting procedure as easy as possible.

    Ring Chime Pro has a Wi-Fi range of over 2,000 square feet, allowing it to connect to any device within that range. It can also boost the signals of your current Ring doorbells and cameras, which may have previously encountered delays.

    You may also effortlessly sync your devices via the connection interface. The application will lead you through the following steps once you've plugged in the Ring Chime Pro and opened the Ring app:

    • Choosing your Ring Chime Pro from among your other smart home gadgets
    • How to connect your Ring Chime Pro to your router
    • Connecting your Ring Doorbell and Ring Chime Pro goods
    • The app includes videos, photos, and other resources to assist you with device setup.

    The app detects any difficulties you may have when setting up your Ring Chime Pro and offers proactive troubleshooting ways to assist you.

    Hear Alerts and Get Notifications No Matter Where You Are

    Users reported they didn't hear their phones go off or received notifications too late in previous versions. Ring Chime Pro, released nearly nine years after Ring Doorbell, aims to address this issue. Thanks to its expanded connectivity range, you'll never be too far away from your smartphone. When a visitor rings the doorbell or triggers the motion sensor, the alarm may be heard throughout your home even if you are not near your phone. You may modify your notifications using the Ring app to match your specific needs. Here are some examples of what you may pick from:

    • Ding-Dong
    • Triangle Charge!
    • Train whistle
    • Dogs Barking
    • Harp
    • Flashback
    • Westminster

    No Batteries Required

    Your Ring Chime Pro's battery life may be the last thing on your mind as you rush to work, pick up your kids from school, and manage your social life. Fortunately, because the Ring Chime Pro plugs straight into the wall, this is not an issue.

    The gadget may be placed anywhere in your home because of its vast connectivity range. Thus it does not need to share an outlet with your router.

    Ring Doorbell's current model, now in its third generation, includes a rechargeable battery pack that may last anywhere from six to twelve months. With this in mind, your Ring devices will require minimum upkeep while they fulfill your home security requirements.

    Why should you buy the Ring Chime Pro?

    The Ring is a renowned smart security firm that also produces a bewildering assortment of smart home products. Ring, formerly known as Doorbot, was acquired by Amazon in 2018, becoming one of the company's largest acquisitions in its 28-year history. Its products include the third-generation Video Doorbell as well as car security gadgets. In addition, the business has just developed a drone-based security camera that can fly over your house. Ring's All-New Chime is an add-on for its Video Doorbells, smart cameras, and other security systems that emits an audible chime when someone knocks.

    The All-New Chime is a worthwhile investment if you own or plan to own a Ring smart device. It corrects one of the Ring Video Doorbell's key flaws, notably that only the user with the Ring app on their phone can determine whether someone is at their door.


    The entire home, not just the individual registered with Ring's app, may hear the doorbell and any warnings, and the gadget has a variety of notification tones. So, if you want your neighbors or passers-by to think you have a pack of dogs guarding your house, one of the tones accessible is the sound of dogs barking.


    Because the app can only be registered to one person, you won't be able to access volume controls or other options if that person isn't available. The motion sensor can't be fine-tuned, however. Meanwhile, some users have reported receiving a huge number of daily messages about seemingly simple things like passing animals. Some users have also complained that Chime's volume is too low, which means you might not be able to hear it if you live in a large house or one with thick walls.

    Ring Chime Pro vs. Wi-Fi Extender

    It's like comparing pineapples to grapes when comparing a Ring Chime Pro to a Wi-Fi extension. They may fit within one of the six fruit classes, but they are not the same. So, what's the distinction?

    A Ring Chime Pro and Wi-Fi extenders achieve the same objectives in terms of functionality and purpose, but in different ways, and one is more streamlined than the other. The Ring Chime Pro is designed just for Ring devices, whereas Wi-Fi extenders may be used for anything, but only to a limited extent.

    There are two generations of Ring Chime Pros, and we'll use the second version for our comparison. Unfortunately, it's inaccurate to compare it to any Wi-Fi extender because many are highly pricey, use the higher 802.11ax standard, or fall into separate categories. With that in mind, the TP-Link AC1750, Rock Space AC1200, and Netgear Nighthawk X4 are the best Wi-Fi extenders to compare them against.

    Main Differences Between Ring Chime Pro and Wi-Fi Extenders

    To be clear, both the Ring Chime Pro and the three comparative extenders are repeaters. They all "extend" the Wi-Fi signal by definition, but only by repeating the signal received from the router. The Netgear Nighthawk additionally improves signal strength. Except for the Nighthawk, repeaters don't boost or expand the signal; instead, they take what's already there and distribute it to dead zones around your house. The Ring Chime Pro is also confined to Ring devices exclusively, and that restriction is also limited. While the Ring Chime Pro is dual-band, the 5GHz band is presently supported by only three Ring devices:

    Ring Doorbell 3, Ring Doorbell 3 Plus, and Ring Doorbell Pro are three.

    Only cameras and doorbells function with the Ring Chime Pro. Except for the 2.4GHz Ring Base Station, it will not include any additional Ring devices.

    Ring and other smart home gadgets will be compatible with Wi-Fi extenders. On the other hand, Wi-Fi extenders are limited to 32 devices, whereas Ring can accommodate more.


    Does Ring Chime Pro extend Wi-Fi for other devices?

    As long as the Ring Chime Pro is close enough to the extender, it can extend Wi-Fi for numerous Ring devices. On the other hand, the Ring Chime Pro is incompatible with non-Ring devices.

    Does Ring Chime Pro work without Wi-Fi?

    A solid Wi-Fi connection is required for all Ring products in the house (cameras, doorbells, and Chime devices). However, the Ring has not yet developed the ability for your devices to connect to an external data source like you would on a mobile device.

    What is the Wi-Fi range of the Ring Chime Pro?

    For your Ring Doorbells and cameras, the Ring Chime Pro can extend your Wi-Fi up to 2,000 feet within your house (Source: Free Holiday Wi-Fi). As a result, the Ring Chime Pro is an excellent addition for Ring Doorbell and Camera users.