What is a Swagtron electric scooter?

    What is a Swagtron electric scooter?

    Swagtron's greatest product for 2019 was the Swagger 5 (full name: Swagger 5 Elite). However, it has since been superseded by their new flagship mode, the Swagger 7. The Swagger 5 offers snappy acceleration and a peak speed of 29.0 km/h, which is faster than most scooters in this price category. The build quality is adequate for a budget scooter, but it falls short of its more expensive counterparts. The Swagger 5's characteristics, including its built-in, LED information display and style, make it an appealing entry-level scooter for many new riders. The scooter is simple to use, robust, and enjoyable.


    The Swagger 5 is powered by a 250-watt electric motor built into the front wheel that is relatively quiet. The scooter's acceleration is surprisingly rapid, and it can be launched swiftly in its normal zero-start mode. The electric motor accelerates swiftly up to roughly 16 km/h, but it takes a long time to achieve its maximum speed. Even 26 km/h seems fast for a short commute to work and is about all you'll need.

    Hill climb

    The Swagger 5 climbs hills quite well, although not very well. With a 74-kilogram rider, the Swagger 5 completed our conventional 60 m, 10% grade hill climb test in 24.3 seconds (9.0 km/h average speed).


    According to our ESG-approved range testing, the Swagger 5 has a range of 13.8 kilometers. This is less than the 19 kilometers claimed by Swagtron in perfect conditions. The identical 74-kilogram rider performs all of our range tests on the same test loop. The loop features several stops and starts and hills, and harsh terrain. The scooter is driven as quickly as possible in its fastest (least energy-saving mode). The exam is a realistic simulation of rapid cycling in the actual world. The Swagger 5's lithium-ion battery pack has a capacity of 216-watt hours, which is adequate for such a low-cost scooter. The closest rival, the Gotrax GXL V2, has a - battery but has a tested range of 16.3 kilometers.


    The rear disc brake on the Swagger 5 is assisted with an electronic brake on the front wheel. The electronic brake is an all-or-nothing system that activates when the brake lever is pushed. The brake lever isn't great; it feels cheap and drags a little when you pull down. The brake wire is housed in a lengthy and convoluted casing, which is the most likely source of brake cable drag. The brakes were pretty slack out of the box, and the tension screw needed to be adjusted. The adjustment screw is under a lot of stress due to the convoluted brake connection. This made manual adjustments more difficult but not impossible.

    Ride Quality

    The Swagger 5 has great ride quality and is ideally suited to roads that aren't too badly broken. If you ride over rough terrain, you will be rattled. Because the swagger lacks mechanical suspension, the tires provide only cushioning. The combination of a pneumatic (air-filled) front tire and a honeycomb (airless) rear tire provides an incredibly smooth ride. The rear tire has a polyurethane honeycomb structure inside that acts as springs and provides a far better ride than a solid rubber tire. The tire's exterior rubber is somewhat soft compared to other solid tires we've examined, and it provides adequate grip.


    Even though the Swagger 5 is one of the most affordable scooters on the market right now, it holds a particular place in the hearts of certain of our staff members. First, it has a funny moniker that you either like or dislike. The Swagger 5 isn't a particularly powerful scooter, but it accelerates quickly. Third, the zero-start mode is fantastic. Finally, for the price, it is a good scooter. We've been riding this scooter for over a year and believe it's a good buy at the entry-level of the electric scooter market.

    Swagron electric scooter vs. Xiaomi Mi M365

    We pit the Xiaomi Mi M365 against the Swagtron Swagger 5, two deceptively identical scooters with distinct features and benefits. The Xiaomi M365 is the most popular electric scooter in the world and a mainstay of many electric scooter fleets. This is understandable given the superb mix of range, quality, affordability, and weight it provides. On the other hand, the Swagger 5 is a less-known brand with a striking resemblance to the M365 in terms of appearance. It also happens to be the Chicago Cubs' official electric scooter.

    Xiaomi Mi M365 features

    • Based on our range testing, the M365 offers a 40% longer real-world range than the Swagger 5 (14 miles vs. 10 miles or so).
    • Due to improved brake cable routing, the M365 features smoother brake activation and greater linear control.
    • The brake lever is wider and stronger, and it feels excellent in hand.
    • Battery capacity increase (280 watt-hours vs. 216 watt-hours)
    • Handlebar grips and handlebars are one element that secures the scooter to the ground.
    • The charger is of higher quality and has a longer cord, making it more practical.
    • Packaging that is both attractive and well-designed
    • Improved handling and ride quality with dual pneumatic tires
    • The M365 has a certified IP54 certification, which means it can withstand splashes but isn't meant for long rides in the rain.

    Swagtron Swagger 5 features

    • Improved acceleration
    • Is it zero-start? (no kick is required to launch the scooter)
    • Maximum rider weight is higher (319 lb for Swagtron vs. 220 lb for Xiaomi)
    • The M365 Swagger 5 costs $50 less and has a great (or obnoxious?) design. graphics on stems
    • The Swagger 5 is simpler to set up right away.

    Xiaomi Mi M365

    Swagger 5 Elite

    MSRP (USD)



    Top speed**

    16.7 mph

    18 mph


    14.6 mi

    8.6 mi


    27 lb

    26 lb

    0 to 15 mph**

    6.3 s

    – s

    15 to 0 mph**

    16.8 ft

    – ft

    Hill climb time**

    20.8 s

    24.3 s


    280 Wh

    216 Wh


    250 W

    250 W

    Max rider weight

    220 lb

    320 lb





    Regen + Disc

    Regen + Disc

    IP rating



    Complete guide to buying the best Electric Scooter

    Electric is the way to go when it comes to personal mobility. You can put a rechargeable battery and an electric motor on anything with wheels. Electric-powered personal cars of various kinds are on the increase in cities worldwide.

    They're known as e-rideable or light electric vehicles or LEVs for short. Electric rideables not only provide greater power to riders, but they also remove many of the barriers that prevent some individuals from getting out. Whether it's an electric scooter or an eBike, personal eRideables provide a wide spectrum of prospective riders with the freedom and excitement of the great outdoors.


    A battery and a motor are both necessary for an eRideable to be an eRideable. We'll get acquainted with both in this part. Other crucial components (brakes and drivetrain) will be discussed, and the possibility of the battery being powered by the brakes (regenerative braking).

    When it comes time to shop for an electric scooter or eBike, knowing how these components function may help you better understand your needs.

    Knowing what you want from your electric scooter or electric bike can make the shopping for one much easier. It will not just assist you in making purchases. Your possibilities will start to materialize if you understand your needs and ambitions.


    Electric bikes are presently at a pivotal juncture in their meteoric ascent to popularity. Electric bikes are still a new and growing technology in the United States, and they're just now starting to show up in physical stores. Surprisingly, and perhaps because they're such a distinctive vehicle, eBikes can be found for sale in a variety of venues, including bicycle shops, electronics stores, and small car merchants. As electric scooters and electric bikes have grown in popularity, a small but rising number of stores dedicated only to selling them – notable e-bikes – have opened. First, we'll talk about the challenges of purchasing eRideables in a still-developing industry. Then we'll go over the advantages and disadvantages of various purchasing options.

    Before you buy

    Questions for Retailers and Sellers

    You've decided to purchase your e-rideable. You've responded to the questions about your requirements and goals. You've made up your mind about what you desire. It's critical to use your acquired knowledge to ask the proper questions of a merchant or online provider when you purchase.

    + How powerful is the electric scooter or eBike's motor?

    + What kind of brakes do they have?

    + What is this device's range?

    These are some of the most crucial questions to consider when purchasing an e-rideable. But they aren't the only ones. For electric scooters and eBikes, we've compiled a list of FAQs. The list should assist you in locating an e-rideable that is completely matched your demands and objectives.