Which Heavy Duty Treadmill Do I Need: The 500 Lbs, 400 Lbs, or the 300 Lbs Capacity?

    Which Heavy Duty Treadmill Do I Need: The 500 Lbs, 400 Lbs, or the 300 Lbs Capacity?

    There are several manufacturers that produce gym equipment, including the treadmills. That why there is a wide range of brands for gym equipment. When purchasing a treadmill, you should consider your current body weight. Different trends are designed to handle different weight requirements. If you choose a treadmill that does not support your weight, it might get destroyed or not end up not working thus incurring losses. In this article, you will learn how to pick the best treadmill based on your weight and height.

    How Do I Know Which Heavy Duty Treadmill Do I Need? 

    When buying a treadmill, here are the factors that should guide you:

    Your Weight- most treadmills come with weight recommendations. So, choose a treadmill that can handle more weight compared to your current weight. Alternatively, you can choose a treadmill that is specially designed for runners. In most cases, the minimum weight for a treadmill is 200 pounds, while the maximum weight is 500 pounds.  

    Your Height- another consideration when buying a treadmill is your height. Consider a treadmill with a longer belt if you are more than 6 inches tall. A standard treadmill has a belt which is 50 inches long and 55 to 60 inches long for taller exercises.

    The ideal treadmill for heavier people should have up to 500 Lbs weight capacity. The treadmill may not serve you for long if you pick a treadmill with a lesser weight capacity.

    What to Know Before Buying a Heavy-Duty Treadmill

    A treadmill machine is a long term investment. So, when buying a treadmill for gym or home use, there are several factors that you should consider to ensure that it serves you for a very long time. Here are the aspects you should look at.

    1.The Cost- there are tons of brands of treadmill with different specifications hence varying prices. The cost of the treadmill is the key consideration when buying a treadmill. Great treadmill comes at a higher price.

    Although, it is advisable to stick to your budget, remember a good quality treadmill is quite, easy to use, comfortable, and durable. So, if you are considering a good quality heavy-duty treadmill, create a budget of approximately $1500.

    2.The Horsepower of the Motor-the capacity of the horsepower affects the quality and the performance of the treadmill.

    You should figure out the motor and the horsepower specifications when buying the treadmill. If you are heavy weight, you should consider a treadmill with a powerful motor.  The horse power and the motor capacity can ultimately affect the quality of exercise of on the treadmill.

    3. The Maximum Weight- Before buying the treadmill, a key factor to consider is your weight. If you have a higher weight than most people, consider a treadmill that can support a large capacity weight. Pick treadmill that can support few pounds higher than your current weigh.

    4.The Size of the Belt- if you are buying a treadmill for running, consider one that is at least 48 inches long and 18 inches wide. However, if you are more than 6 inches tall consider a treadmill that is 52-inch belt for walking or 54-inch belt if you prefer running.

    5. The Incline- Another key aspect to consider in a treadmill is the level of incline. The best treadmill should give you an incline of more than 10 percent. Additionally, a treadmill with a decline feature makes you have the outdoor running experience. The percentage of incline and decline enables the user to burn calories and lose weight faster compared to a flat decline.

    6. Speed- Whether you are running or walking consider buying a treadmill that can go beyond the speed of 10 mph.

    7. The Level of Cushioning- if you are heavy, consider a treadmill with a running bed with enough cushioning to absorb shock. Additionally, consider a treadmill with a steady belt and frame that does not shift when you move.

    3 Best Treadmills for Heavy Persons

    The best treadmill for a heavy person should have a capacity beyond 300 lbs. Heavy duty treadmills for heavier people should have a wider belt and good shock absorption ability. The following are the top treadmills designed for heavy people.

    1. NordicTrack Commercial 1750

    The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 has gotten a high number of reviews over the years due to high-performance and great features. It has both the incline and the decline feature which helps in faster burning of calories.

    It comes with a 3.5 CHP motor which is specially designed for runners and can support heavier people. In addition, the treadmill has a 14-inch HD touch screen for entertainment while working out or for viewing different in-built programs while working out.

    Also, it can connect to the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi and it can pair with your Bluetooth devices such as headphones. Additionally, it has Heart Rate Monitoring feature which allows the user to adjust the incline and the speed accordingly.

    Another important aspect of this treadmill especially for heavy people and runners is the cushioning. The NordicTrack commercial 1750 treadmill has a good cushioning which you can easily adjust to suit your preferences.


    • Weight: ‎157.85 Kilograms
    • Dimensions: 78.8 x 39.2 x 63 inches
    • Star Rating: 4.9 stars
    • Motor: 3.5 HP
    • Incline percentage: -3 to 15%
    • Running Area: 22 x 60 Inches
    • Foldable: Yes
    • Maximum Speed: 12 MPH
    • Weight Capacity: 300 LBS
    • Built-In Programs: TBD
    1. Bowflex Treadmill BXT216

    Another heavy duty treadmill suitable for heavy weight persons is the Bowflex Treadmill BXT216. It comes with a wide range array of features such as:

    • 0 CHP Motor- The Bowflex treadmill BXT216 has one of the largest motor which makes it to withstand heavy weight and impact.
    • A 15 Percent Maximum incline- this treadmill allows you to climb hills up to 15% level. The minimal incline is 0%. So, you can adjust the incline to meet your exercise needs.
    • 9-inch LCD Display-Additionally, the treadmill comes with a backlit LCD display screen which allows you to watch your favorites work out programs or entertainment of your choice.
    • A heart rate monitor- this Bowflex BXT216 treadmill has wireless heart rate sensors on the front horizontal handlebar. Also, it comes with an additional chest trap for more convenience.
    • A 400 Capacity- the Bowflex BXT216 supports a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs which is within the weight range of a lot of people.
    • Gentle drop folding- this treadmill is foldable which is convenient if you want to save space. The hydraulic arm assists the treadmill to drop gently when you need to use it.

    Bowflex Treadmill BXT216 Specifics

    • Cushioning System: Comfort Tech deck
    • LCD display: 9-inch full color back-lit
    • Motor: 4.0 CHP
    • USB charging port
    • Integrated handrail controls
    • Custom programming in real time
    • Soft Drop folding system
    • Automatic 3x speed fan
    • 22 x 60-inch-long workout surface
    • Belt size: 3-Ply 2.5mm
    • Power incline: 0 to 15%
    • Speed and incline controls in handgrips
    • Weight capacity: 400-pound load capacity
    • Dimensions: 84.5 x 38.5 x 54.7 inches

    The Yujianch treadmill supports a weight of up to 500 lbs. It is specially designed for dedicated runners and heavier people as it can withstand the impact. It is equipped with pressure balance technology which absorbs solid shock.

    Also, it has a LCD display where you can view the 12 inbuilt work out programs. It has distance range of 1- 12 km. It is a low noise machine thus will not cause any disturbance.


    • Max Horsepower: 2 Horsepower
    • Number of in-builPrograms:12
    • Deck Length: 41.33 Inches
    • Deck Width: 15.74 Inches
    • LED display: Yes
    • Speed range: 1 to 12 Km
    • Foldable: Yes
    • Dimensions when unfolded: 48x44x27 inches
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

    Where to Buy Heavy Duty Treadmill

    There are a lot of companies and outlets that deal with treadmills. If you are looking for a reputable place to purchase a heavy duty treadmill, consider the following places:

    1.The Manufacturers- you can order your heavy duty treadmill directly from the manufacturers. Identify the brand you want and place an order.

    2. Fitness Equipment Dealers- Another credible place to purchase a heavy duty treadmill is from reputable fitness equipment dealers. Here you can get a wide array of options from various manufacturers. Look out for one near you or you can also purchase online.

    3. Online Stores- international online stores such as eBay, Alibaba or Amazon are ideal places to buy a heavy duty treadmill. The best thing to do is to conduct a research on the best treadmill that suits your body weight and height.

    So, if you are looking for an ideal heavy duty treadmill machine for either home or gym exercises, you need to put into consideration some aspects. For instance, your weight, the connectivity of the treadmill, the level of inclination and declination, the horse power among others. Choose a treadmill that can withstand the deep impact if you are a runner or your body weight. Remember a fitness machine such as treadmill is quite pricey and a long-term investment. So, pick one that will serve you for a long time.