Which Kids Smartwatch Brand is the Best to Buy?

    Which Kids Smartwatch Brand is the Best to Buy?

    Are kids’ smartwatches any good?

     The kids’ smartwatches are similar to tiny computers. They can be placed on the wrists of your children. They allow your children to communicate via voice calls and text messages. These smartphones allow you to track the location of your kids by using GPS. There are some models available that also allow you to control who calls the children. These kids’ smartwatches were a bit slow to take off in the U.S. However, they have grown in stature in the last few years. But all the top companies do not offer them yet. If a child's smartwatch is connected to the smartphone of a parent, the parent can control the calls from people to the child. This is usually done via Android and iOS apps. 

    It is also possible for the parents to track the child's location on a map provided in the app. In certain smartwatches, you can set up alerts that will activate in case the kid leaves a certain location. SIM cards are available with the kids’ smart watches and you can allot a phone number to the child. This can be transferred to a standard mobile phone later. Overall, child smartwatches are designed for better communication between parents and children and prevent communication with a large number of people around you. However, these devices are not ideal for lengthier conversations.

    Factors to consider before buying a kid’s smartwatch

    Here are some factors you need to consider during your search for the best kid’s smartwatches.


    1. Good communication: Kids and their parents must be able to communicate fundamental info in real-time. Some of these things include the location of the child from where he or she must be picked up. A more effective way is making a voice call. However, even video calls and text messages are pretty effective.
    2. Leaving messages: In case of instances when a parent or a child is not easily available, the other party must have the capability to leave a message. This message can be read later.
    3. Avoid distractions: We are looking for minimal distractions on the kid’s smartwatch. It means restricted social media access and preferably no games.
    4. Durability: Although we are not expecting the smartwatch to be unbreakable, it has to withstand bumps, tosses, and being dropped.
    5. Appeal to the children: We also have to take into consideration the features that will draw the kids to the smartwatch. Some of them include ringtones, a choice of colors, and other ways of customizing the device.
    6. Location tracking: Every parent will enjoy the peace of mind and convenience associated with the capability of tracking the kids’ location.

    Here are the 6 best kids' smartwatches available

    1. Xplora X5 Play: This device is like the Swiss Army knife in the field of children's smartwatches. It comes with a 2MP camera that is built into the device and GPS. The smartwatch can send and receive text messages and voice messages. It can make calls to 50 pre-approved contacts. All these things are necessary for all the paranoid parents that are looking for ways to keep an eye on their children. The companion app is available on both iOS and Android and it is pretty comprehensive as well. You can locate your child on the map and find out about her or his GPD history. 

    There are not many things available on the smartwatch that kids will enjoy but all the basics are covered here. Although the watch is a bit chunky, it is comfortable on your wrist and the 1.4-inch 240X240 pixel touchscreen is both responsive and bright. There are ubiquitous step counter and watch faces available that will be useful for kids having coins. Buy in John Lewis.

    1. Fitbit Ace 3: This is the best Fitbit available for children. The Fitbit Ace 3 is a terrific alternative when you are looking for a smartwatch that will encourage your children to stop gazing at the screen and be more active. This phone provides the capability to count sleep, steps, and activity period. It is also a proper fitness tracker with a built-in heart rate sensor. In case, you are fed up with having to tell the kids to be more active, no need to worry. The Ace 3 can do this for you. It will set the target for the children to sleep 9 hours at night and walk 10000 steps every day.

    For providing more motivation the smartwatch provides stats and achievement badges to the children. It allows them to take part in various challenges against friends and family. All this info is served to the children by using an excellent Fitbit smartphone app. Kids and parents can pair the device with the Fitbit app. The adults get a full version and the kids can only use the Kid View option. The device is water-proof for 50m. So, there is no need to keep reminding the kids to take it off while swimming or washing. Buy on Amazon.


    1. Verizon GizmoWatch 2: This smartwatch allows the kids to call around 10 pre-designated people. You can send and receive text messages by using the smartphone app available, on both Android and iOS. It also allows you to track the child's location and monitor all their communication and use of technology. It doesn’t allow private conversations. But it provides parental control tools that are useful especially when you are looking to keep a close eye on the whereabouts of the children. And also on their use of the device.

    The watch appears like an Apple Watch and also has similar basic features such as watch faces and touchscreen. The watch is available in plastic water-resistant packing and has a silicone strap. Navigation through the app is quite intuitive. Kids can customize the app with one of the seven wallpapers available. Buy from eBay.


    1. Kurio Watch 2.0: Compared to its rivals, the Kurio Watch 2.0 is not as focused on activity tracking and is more about fun. The device is available with 20 apps and games such as Crosses and Snakes and Noughts. You can play these games with friends or alone as well. The little children can send messages through Bluetooth by using either the Android app or other Kurio devices. 

    The smartwatch can also be used as a calendar, an alarm, a calculator, or an activity tracker. You can also play music by using Bluetooth or by making use of the built-in storage. If the kid is looking for customization, he or she can change the wallpaper or watch face. They can swap the silicon bands in and out. There is a "Case of Emergency" app available here. It allows you to add your contact info to the device. You can also add other health details such as allergies and blood type. Buy in Walmart.


    1. Xplora XGO2: This is one of the best value kids' smartwatches, available on the market. Although it is easily one of the more expensive kid's smartwatches on the list, it is worth the investment. If you are looking to get the child a smartwatch that pretty much, does it all, this one is for you. The XGO blends the fitness features of Fitbit and Garmin watches together with a full messaging and selfie capabilities of a Kurio watch. The smartwatch is an improvement from its earlier version and it is waterproof. It comes with a 700 mAH battery with cellular connectivity. You also get a slot for a SIM card but you will have to get the card separately. There are location services available that permit you to track the children’s activities, and set up security zones. Buy in Amazon.

    1. TickTalk 4: If you are looking for an alternative to the top performers such as GizmoWatch2, that will run on the AT&T network consider this device. It comes with all the bells and whistles such as a thick protective shell and video calling. The TickTalk 4 is a square watch with a couple of buttons and a touchscreen. The silver button available on the side will turn the smartwatch on and you can press the silver and red buttons in the pattern for calling 911. However, this feature is a bit awkward to use.

    Parents can send texts, emojis, and voice messages to their children by using the smartphone app. The child may respond with emojis and voice recordings that can be up to one minute long. You can use preset text such as "I am almost there." In case, one of your kid's friends has a TickTalk smartwatch your kid can use his or her radar feature for adding or connecting the friend as a contact. Buy in Walmart.


    How to select a good kids' smartwatch?

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