Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar Review & Setup Manual

    Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar Review & Setup Manual

    What Is Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar?



    The Yamaha YAS-209 is an affordable, overall decent, entry-level soundbar featuring a 2.1 setup; it has a well-balanced sound profile. It features a subwoofer that helps create good bass, making the soundbar useful for many things. There are two channels present on the bar: the left and right channels. Unfortunately, the soundbar can only properly project surround sound with dedicated satellite speakers, although its virtual surround sound setting helps fix this.

    The soundbar has a built-in Alexa feature and controls that even a new user will find easy to use. The Yamaha YAS-209 has a sleeker design than the Yamaha YAS-207, and it features a slight improvement of its features. The soundbar has an excellent frequency response, although it doesn't offer an immersive listening experience due to its lack of height channels and surround sound. It is an all-black soundbar with a simple style made out of mesh, which you can see around it.

    The top and back of the soundbar, where all the featured inputs are placed, are made of plastic. The controls on the Yamaha YAS-209 are placed at the top to ensure you don't see any distracting control lights. The soundbar's subwoofer's design is pretty straightforward and uncomplicated; it is made out of melamine, although its sides and fronts are covered with mesh. The ports on the front of the subwoofer are made from glossy plastic – also an improvement over the Yamaha YAS-207.

    The soundbar's dimension includes 36.4 inches in width, 2.4 inches in height, and 4.2 inches in depth. It is relatively wide but not very high; it may or may not fit between your TV's legs, and it definitely wouldn't cover your screen. The dimension of the soundbar's subwoofer is as follows: 7.5" Width x 16.5" Height x 15.8" Depth. Due to its not-so-wide design, which is about the size of a desktop, the bar's subwoofer will fit in most setups.

    The back of the Yamaha YAS-209 model is similar to that of the YAS-207 but with two input slots and two universal mount holes. Meanwhile, the bar's subwoofer's back is similar to the YAS-207 but features only the power source.

    Pros and Cons

    The soundbar has an overall decent build quality, and the controls at the top make for a nice improvement from prior models. The soundbar is covered in mesh-like fabric, except for the back and top input slots made of plastic.

    The mesh material doesn't help very much, the bar has a simple but chic design. For instance, the material can get dirty and attract dust, particularly if you have pets. It can also rip, although that won't be a problem if you don't move the soundbar around too often. Most of the soundbar's subwoofer design is made of melamine, although one side and the front are covered in mesh fabric.

    The good low-frequency extension that the Yamaha YAS-209 subwoofer creates is excellent for bass-heavy music and movies. Its stereo soundstage is pretty decent; it is slightly wider than the bar and delivers a very focused sound. The sound is focused such that you can quickly tell that objects come from an accurate pinpoint rather than a general location. The Yamaha YAS-209 has an excellent stereo total harmonic distortion performance, with the THD within reasonable limits.

    The soundbar has no significant jump under heavy loads, meaning the sound is clear and pure even at maximum volume. The Yamaha YAS-209 has good center channel performance; its 2.1 system uses stereo channels to create a phantom-localized center. As a result, the soundbar creates a more diffused sound, and the reproduction of center noises is less clear.

    Connectivity and Remote

    The YAS-209 allows for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and HDMI connections - using its slots at the back. It also allows for voice control through the Built-in Alexa voice control unit. 


    Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar


    Bluetooth, HDMI, Wi-Fi


    Wall mount, Soundbar

    Voice Control

    Amazon Alexa






    2.5 x 4.2x 36 inches

    Airplay Support



    Why Should I buy the Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar?

    Buying the Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar is considered an investment for many reasons. First, a key benefit of owning a soundbar is minimizing clutter and limiting stuffing in your space. That means you don't need to create more room for surround speakers and cables if you have the soundbar. Moreover, you need the Yamaha YAS-209 soundbar if you want to save extra money on external surround speakers and all.

    Furthermore, the Yamaha YAS-209 soundbar is a wireless subwoofer system, which takes things a step further by offering flexibility. The Yamaha YAS-209 soundbar provides greater positioning flexibility in that you're not limited, and you can place it anywhere. This device is an excellent buy if you want to enjoy your movies more because it enhances movie dialogues. Also, it's a great deal if you want to stream your favorite music from Amazon Music and Spotify seamlessly.

    Thanks to the featured Alexa in the soundbar, you get excellent sound quality in your movies or music. While it isn't the cheapest soundbar available, the product has everything you'd expect for a moderately-priced soundbar. It offers a more convenient way of having great personal time listening to your favorite music.

    Yamaha YAS-209 Review: Is It Worth Buying?

    The Yamaha YAS-209 is the brand's first smart speaker, released in 2019 and one of the best on the market. Yamaha features Amazon's Alexa for its voice control, making the YAS-209 perform excellently as a smart speaker for TV, movies, and music. It offers excellent sound quality in a compact size, Alexa is very efficient, and the featured microphones work well in noisy areas. In addition, the soundbar features DTX Virtual:X, which offers a rich sound effect, making it a more articulate soundbar.


    The Yamaha YAS-209 soundbar is quite pricey, but it is worth the extra money. The soundbar is easy to use, features powerful output levels, and can replay music and movies. Moreover, you can ask Alexa to play a song, and it'll sound better than it would on a smaller smart speaker. Unfortunately, there's yet to be a soundbar, smart or otherwise, that equals Yamaha for its combination of features and sound quality. The product is a wireless subwoofer combo that features a pair of microphones you can use with Amazon Alexa. It is approximately 37" wide and 2.5" tall, and it can fit under several TVs without blocking the IR port.

    You can also mount the Yamaha YAS soundbar on a wall in a horizontal orientation. Its connections include HDMI (ARC) out and HDMI in, Bluetooth, and optical digital. In addition, you can connect the YAS-209 to Wi-Fi and Ethernet for Alexa support and Spotify Connect. However, the soundbar doesn't feature a built-in Chromecast or AirPlay 2.

    If there's a blockbuster you've been saving to watch at home, you'll enjoy it better with the Yamaha YAS-209. Yamaha YAS-209 sounds and looks better than most soundbars in the same range. Furthermore, the soundbar's microphones work even more reliably in a noisy environment.

    Comparison With Bose Soundbar 500


    Comparing the Yamaha YAS-209 soundbar with the Bose 500 soundbar seems fair since they are both affordable soundbars. According to consumer rating, the Bose 500 is more preferred; Bose 500 has a 7.4 rating, while Yamaha has a 6.4. While both soundbars feature active amplification types, they have different units in the number of channels. The Yamaha YAS-209 has 2.0, while the Bose 500 has 3.0.

    As far as connectivity goes, both soundbars can connect to the internet wirelessly through Wi-Fi. However, the Yamaha YAS-209 has 1/1 HDMI inputs/outputs, while the Bose has 1/0 HDMI inputs/outputs. In addition, Yamaha has a better multichannel sound than the Bose, featuring a separate subwoofer in the package. However, only the Bose 500 soundbar is compatible with Dolby Atmos.


    Yamaha YAS-209

    Bose 500


    36.6” x 2.5” x 4.2”

    31.5” x 1.7” x 4”

    Separate Subwoofer



    Built-in Channels




    Input, microphone, volume up, volume down, power


    AirPlay Support


    AirPlay 2


    Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

    Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

    Voice Control

    Amazon Alexa

    Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa



    How do you sync your TV with your soundbar?

    Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI IN port on your TV and the other end to the ARC port. Then, get your optical audio cable and connect it to OPTICAL IN on your soundbar to hear the TV audio.

    Why is there no sound coming from your soundbar?

    There are different reasons why no sound comes from a soundbar, including when the TV volume isn't turned up. If you're using an analogue connection, check the audio output to ensure it is set to "variable." If it is and there's still no sound, try turning the TV volume up; the soundbar won't work if the volume is down. If it still doesn't work, it may be time to contact the manufacturer, replace it, or return it to the vendor.

    How can you change the settings on your soundbar?

    To change the settings on your soundbar, press the "HOME" button on the soundbar remote. Then select and change the setting you want to your preference. To continue watching your TV, press the TV button.

    How can you make your soundbar sound better?

    Mute or turn off the internal speakers on your TV and let your soundbar's quality sound manifest. Also, consider using high-quality cables like HDMI (ARC) to relay audio signals to the soundbar. Finally, adjust the soundbar's equalizer settings, if you can, to ensure it is optimally programmed for your specific audio source.