All The Shark Robot Vacuum Replacement Parts You Should Know

    All The Shark Robot Vacuum Replacement Parts You Should Know

    The Shark Robot vacuum cleaner is one of the best vacuum cleaners with advanced automation features. It has excellent battery performance, which makes it worth the price. It has several parts that need periodic cleaning and replacement. Here are the six Shark Robot vacuum cleaners you should know.

    Shark Li-ION OEM Replacement Battery

    The Shark Li-ION battery is a vital component of the Shark Robot vacuum replacement parts. The color of the battery might range from black, green, or blue, but they always have unique specifications, such as the RVBAT850 OEM model and 2600mAh battery capacity. The batteries come cleaned or refurbished as needed.

    The 14.4v/14.8v 2600mAh Li-ion power battery is an excellent and reliable option because it makes your vacuum run for a long time. The battery is easy to install and complies with RoHS standards.

    Side Note: Always double-check to ensure that the OEM Model for your Shark battery is RVBAT850 and that the connector is 2 prongs. This prevents you from purchasing the wrong product.

    Shark Robot Vacuum Replacement Side Brushes

    The second Shark Robot vacuum replacement parts item is the Shark replacement side brushes. The brushes feature high-quality resin materials making them environmentally friendly and a non-health hazard. The replacement brushes also feature durable rubber strips that guarantee the Shark robot vacuum to rotate at high speed.

    The brushes have excellent performance. You can bet on them to collect terrible dust from a wide range of surfaces. For optimal performance, it would be wise to frequently replace the brushes (say once after every two months) depending on the frequency of usage.

    Shark Robot Vacuum Replacement Hepa Filter

    HEPA Filters for Shark robot vacuum replacement parts are designed for all Shark ION robot models. The high-efficiency HEPA filters protect the motor room against the infiltration of dust and other particles, thereby prolonging the service life of the motor.

    It would be best to replace the HEPA filters every three months to maintain high cleaning performance, reduce battery drain and reduce dust infiltration. The replacement kit is easy to install.

    Shark Robot Vacuum Replacement Belts

    The next item on our Shark robot vacuum replacement parts list is the replacement belt. The replacement belt is compatible with a wide range of shark robot vacuum models. It is made of extremely high-quality rubber material, making it a durable and flexible premium replacement belt. It is also easy to install on your shark robot vacuum cleaner. It is a long-lasting product that requires to be replaced every after six to twelve months, depending on how frequently you use your vacuum cleaner.

    Replacement Vacuum Hose for Shark Robot

    The new replacement vacuum hose for the shark robot vacuum cleaner is perfectly suited for several models of the shark robot vacuum cleaners. The hose will restore full connection from the head of the floor to the main dust reservoir. It is also simple to replace and install the replacement hose. Hose replacement could take you about five minutes. Here is a video tutorial that will guide you on the procedure to replace a vacuum hose for the shark robot vacuum cleaner.

    Sharks Robot Vacuum Replacement Dust Bin

    The last item on our list of shark robot vacuum replacement parts is the replacement dustbin. It is compatible with several models, such as  RV850, RV750_N, RV720_N, RV725_N, RV850BRN, etc. You must ensure that the item you purchase matches the model number of the shark robot vacuum cleaner.