Different Types of Shark Vacuum Replacement Hose and Everything You Should Know

    Different Types of Shark Vacuum Replacement Hose and Everything You Should Know

    The hose of the vacuum cleaner is one of its vital parts. The vacuum cleaner is rendered useless when the hose fails to work effectively. In that case, there are two things you can do to diffuse the situation. First, Vacuum cleaners are easy to manage, which is why you should try some troubleshooting solutions before finally resolving to throw them away. If the troubleshooting solutions fail to work, then you will need to find a shark vacuum replacement hose.

    How To Replace Your Shark Vacuum Hose

    Fixing a new shark vacuum replacement hose could be a bit tricky, especially for the newbies. This section will guide you on how best to attach a shark vacuum replacement hose and get your vacuum cleaner up and running as if it was new.

    Use the Correct Make and Model

    Different shark vacuum replacement hoses are made for different models. You must be sure that you acquire the correct replacement hose. There are three main ways you can use to confirm the model number of your Shark vacuum cleaner. First, you can check at the bottom of the box, near the bar code, for the model number. Secondly, you can check on the main body of the shark vacuum cleaner at the back of the unit, where you will find a rating label that also features the model number. Lastly, you can check your manual for the model number. Here is an image that shows you the location of the model number.

    After you have known the model number, it is now time to go shopping for the shark vacuum replacement hose. The following are some of the different shark vacuum replacement hoses, their images, and the model numbers they are compatible with.

    Replacement Shark Hose Handle

    Compatible with the following shark vacuum models:

    • NV350
    • NV351
    • NV352

    Replacement Floor Nozzle Hose

    Compatible with Part 193FFJ

    Crucial Vacuum Floor Nozzle Hose Replacements

    Compatible with the following models

    • NV35
    • NV356
    • NV35
    • NV37
    • NV350

    Most of these shark vacuum replacement hoses are easy to replace. But the case is a bit different, where the vacuum cleaner has the hose permanently attached to one end. If this is the case, you will require an additional step to fix the shark vacuum replacement hose.

    Fixing the Shark Vacuum Replacement Hose

    You can follow the guidelines in your instruction manual to replace the Shark vacuum hose. You will have to unscrew the cover of the vacuum cleaner so as to separate the old tubing from the device. You must be keen when replacing the hose and follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your vacuum cleaner. Once you are done with fixing the replacement hose, it is now time to test your vacuum cleaner. You should turn on the vacuum cleaner and use it to ensure that it operates appropriately. If you do not run into complications and you are convinced that the cleaner is operating as it should, then you are all set.

    You can click on the link to watch a video tutorial to guide you when attaching the Shark vacuum replacement hose.