Milwaukee Robot Vacuum: Is it Still Relevant Buy in 2022?

    Milwaukee Robot Vacuum: Is it Still Relevant Buy in 2022?

    What is Milwaukee robot vacuum robot vacuum:

    Milwaukee has been providing durable, heavy-duty, and effective vacuums that have both professional and household applications. However, a Milwaukee robot vacuum is best suited for professional, jobsite cleanups. 

    The company is known for providing competent, robust, and intensive vacuum cleaners since a lengthy time period, hence its reputation exceeds that of its competitors that solely focus on providing on-site vacuums. 

    Milwaukee Logo 

    Milwaukee currently provides two lineups for its vacuum range: compact vacuums and wet/dry vacuums. We will be comparing these different Milwaukee robot vacuum models to understand which option works best for you. 


    M18 Fuel 12 Gallon Dual-Battery Wet/Dry

    M12 Fuel 1.6 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum 

    M18 Fuel 3-in-1 Backpack Vacuum 

    M18 2-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum 

    Key Features 

    Greater than 4.25 HP performance, Highest durability in Milwaukee’s product lineup, interchangeable heads, tanks, and carts make it highly durable

    Better suction (40% more) compared to 18V models, the most compact vacuum, twice as quiet as this model produces only 87 dB(A)

    2X more suction compared to traditional vacuums, ultimate practicality as you can wear, hang and carry it, 76 dB(A) allows it to be three times quieter 

    Powerful motor provides excellent suction power, stackable design incorporates parts and tools, a whopping 30+ minutes of runtime 


    49 minutes (economy)

    26 minutes (economy)

    Over 20 minutes 

    Over 30 minutes 

    Comes With 

    Dual-battery wet/dry vacuum head, 12 gallon vacuum tank, vacuum cart

    1.6 gallon vacuum, 5” flexible hose, HEPA filter, crevice tool

    3-in-1 backpack vacuum, 6” flexible hose, HEPA filter, telescopic extension ward, crevice tool 

    2 gallon vacuum, HEPA filter, 6” hose, crevice tool, utility nozzle 


    12 gallons 

    1.6 gallons 

    1 gallon 

    2 gallons 

    Power Source 






    Tool: 3 years Battery: 3 years 

    Tool: 5 years 

    5 year warranty 


    50.29 lbs 

    9.7 lbs 

    15.70 lbs 

    10.1 lbs 

    Milwaukee robot vacuum robot vacuum M18 fuel 12 gallon dual-battery wet/dry review: 

    Currently, M18 Fuel 12 Gallon is Milwaukee’s flagship vacuum cleaner. It has industry-leading features that are exceptional in their superiority. The prime vacuum cleaner is known for giving its users a trifecta of surreal advantages in the form of: 

    • Exquisite performance: its POWERSTATE brushless motor is capable of generating an output of more than 4.25 HP. Due to this unique feature and its optimized parts, the 12 gallon vacuum cleaner can mop up the most daring of worksite jobs, including cleaning up heavy debris and metal. 
    • Groundbreaking durability: this machine is almost unbreakable due to its robust components and structure. You will achieve a wheel life of up to 8 times due to its reinforced treads and castors. Moreover, the provided hose is also crush and twist resistant as it offers 2 times higher lifespan. 
    • Versatility and practicality: almost every component of this unique vacuum is interchangeable, allowing you to have a tailored cleanup. The interchangeability of heads, carts, and tanks, offered by this superb vacuum offers the ability to change storage, performance, handling, and plenty of other functionalities. 

    Along with this impressive trifecta, you also get numerous free parts with this purchase. A dual bay rapid charger, REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT HD 12.0 Battery pack, crevice tool, extension wand, flexible hose, and many more. 

    In terms of performance, this excellent vacuum comes with a Large High Efficiency Filter which allows microparticle collection. You will never miss even the smallest granules of dust with this competent machine. 

    Although you will be provided with a cart, this is a relatively heavier option as it weighs 50.29 lbs. Since this is devoted for professional application, weight would rarely be a problem with this vacuum cleaner. 

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    Milwaukee robot vacuum robot vacuum M12 fuel 1.6 gallon wet/dry vacuum review: 

    M12 fuel 1.6 gallon is awarded as being the first 12V, wet/dry, vacuum of its kind. It is suitable to call this vacuum ‘the elephant in the room’ because of its amazing features. Surprisingly, this 12V vacuum provides up to 40% more suction compared to its 18V competitors. Its POWERSTATE brushless motor is responsible for up to 45 CFM of suction for both dry and wet surfaces. 

    Moreover, M12 is an outstanding practical option due to its portability as it can be easily carried. This portability provides this vacuum with both household and professional capabilities. Besides its featherweight of 9.7 lbs, M12 further adds to an impressive practical experience by having an on-board storage facility, allowing you to easily manage your storage and the vacuum’s parts. There is also a wall mount hanging plate included in the design for storage efficiency. 

    In normal operation, the M12 produces a mere 87 dB(A) of sound, making it 2 times quieter as compared to its rivals. Its lack of noise emittance allows it to be used in a household setting. Its domestic side can also be proved by its bearable weight and size as well. Thus, M12 is an exquisite choice for someone who needs a vacuum cleaner for professional and domestic use. 

    Alongside the vacuum, you also get several crucial parts and accessories: 

    • HEPA filter 
    • Crevice tool 
    • 5” flexible hose 
    • Utility nozzle 

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    Milwaukee robot vacuum robot vacuum M18 fuel 3-in-1 backpack vacuum review: 

    Compared to a traditional jobsite vacuum, M18 fuel 3-in-1 provides up to 2 times more suction due to its POWERSTATE brushless motor and effective cyclonic design. However, the unique selling point of this mesmerizing vacuum has to be its design, which allows the user to easily wear, hang, and carry it. This is made possible by a removable harness, handle, and hook. 

    Apart from topping practicality in its class, M18 fuel 3-in-1 is also known for its ability to produce the least amount of noise possible. Even in its most hardcore setting, the vacuum operates while producing 76 dB(A) worth of audio. This vacuum is ideal for household usage as well due to the ease of usage that it provides. 

    With the purchase, Milwaukee provides you with the following parts and accessories: 

    • 6” flexible hose 
    • HEPA filter
    • Crevice tool 
    • Telescopic extension wand
    • Dust extractor adapter 

    Cyclonic Technology, a unique feature of this vacuum, provides incredible performance in the form of efficient suction, a prolonging in its filter life, and a time-effective way to empty the bag. 

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    Milwaukee robot vacuum robot vacuum M18 2 gallon wet/dry vacuum review: 

    M18 2 gallon is a solid and easy option to go for if you are looking for an average approach. It delivers tremendous performance due to its 18V motor. Moreover, it provides the user with great practicality in the form of a stackable design with organized slots for storage. 

    M18 2 gallon comes with the following parts and accessories: 

    • 6” flexible hose 
    • Crevice tool 
    • HEPA filter
    • Utility nozzle 

    This vacuum also comes with a fantastic ‘Max Air Flow’ reading of up to 45 CU ft per min. This depicts its exemplary performance on both wet and dry surfaces. 

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    Video of Milwaukee robot vacuum robot vacuum cleaner review: 


    1. Do Milwaukee robot vacuum robot vacuums work well on hardwood floors? 

    Milwaukee robot vacuums are known to work on all surfaces. They will certainly work on hardwood floors because all vacuums are equipped with the necessary equipment, tools, and accessories to perform suction down to the finest grain of dirt. 

    Milwaukee vacuum cleaners work on dry and wet surfaces, hence they are proven to perform well on hardwood surfaces as well. 

    2. Does a Milwaukee robot vacuum empty itself? 

    As of right now, Milwaukee has not designed a single vacuum cleaner that empties itself or has such a technology to do so. Milwaukee’s range of vacuums, which includes compact and wet/dry vacuums, does not include any product that can empty itself. 

    Usually, the user will have to empty the bag once it is full of debris.

    3. Does a Milwaukee robot vacuum do with pet hair? 

    A Milwaukee vacuum cleaner is perfectly capable of dealing with dog hair, or any other type of animal hair. This is because each vacuum is equipped with incredible suction, at an average of 45 CU ft per min. 

    However, most Milwaukee vacuum cleaners are designed for professional usage instead of household use. 

    4. Can I use a Milwaukee robot vacuum robot vacuum on different floors? 

    Yes, you can use a Milwaukee robot vacuum on a variety of floors. Milwaukee has categorized floor types into two sections: dry and wet. You can treat the vast majority of dry surfaces without any worries. These dry surfaces include: smooth, harsh, hard, and uneven surfaces as well. 

    When it comes to wet surfaces, Milwaukee vacuums perform greatly due to their mighty suction power.