The Six Miele Vacuum Accessories You Should Know

    The Six Miele Vacuum Accessories You Should Know

    There are a plethora of reasons to choose a Miele vacuum cleaner. First, you need a brand that has been in the vacuum industry long enough to understand the ever-changing users’ needs. You will be pleased to learn that Miele has been in the business of making vacuum cleaners since 1931. Miele vacuum cleaners are known for excellent cleaning performance, long-lasting suction, great air filtration, and convenience. Here are some of the various Miele vacuum accessories you should know of.

    Miele Universal Swivel Brush

    The universal swivel brush is no doubt the most popular Miele vacuum accessory. It is a versatile cleaning attachment every Miele owner ought to have. It is characterized by a dual-jointed neck that can swivel and pivot at 360°. You can twist and turn it depending on the nature of your task.

    The Miele universal swivel brush also features six inches of soft bristle that dislodge all forms of dirt without scratching surfaces.

    Miele Extended Flexible Crevice Tool

    The extended flexible crevice tool is a must-have Miele vacuum accessory. The crevice tool provides an additional twenty-two inches of reach, which makes it possible to access long and narrow gaps between appliances and furniture.

    The crevice tool is made of a flexible material that makes it easy to bend around corners and other regions where other Miele vacuum accessories cannot reach.

    Miele Extra Wide Upholstery Nozzle

    The Upholstery nozzle is another Miele vacuum accessory you should be aware of. The upholstery nozzle is usually of a standard size in most Miele vacuums. Some are small in size, meaning that you will spend more time cleaning your surfaces.

    Some are slightly over 7-inch wide, and this hastens your cleaning speed. The upholstery nozzle also features longer strips that make it easy to dislodge pet hair and other fine and small particles from your surfaces.

    Miele Radiator Brush

    Next on our list of Miele vacuum accessories is the Miele radiator brush. This accessory is actually a two-in-one tool.

    First, the radiator brush features a curved row of nylon bristles. Secondly, the brush features a crevice tool. When using the Miele radiator brush, you will need to first attach it at the end of the crevice tool and then attach the two to the vacuum handle. Although the crevice tool on the radiator brush can be used by itself, the Miele radiator brush requires the use of the crevice device to attach to your vacuum cleaner. Clink on the link below to learn more about the Miele radiator brush

    Miele Universal Brush

    The Miele universal brush is a hard-to-beat Miele vacuum accessory. It is characterized by its long bristles that are almost 9-inches long, the longest of all Miele Vacuum accessories.

    The Miele universal brush is also large enough to make the cleaning work as easy as possible.

    Miele Mattress Nozzle

    Last but not least on our list of Miele vacuum accessories is the Miele Mattress Nozzle.

    The slim and lightweight with a 3.5-inch wide cleaning head makes this accessory an ideal option for removing dust and hair from your mattress.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Miele Vacuum Accessories Universal?

    Miele vacuum accessories are universal, which means that they can be used on any Miele vacuum cleaner. This is usually the case with non-motorized tools, with a few exceptions for motorized accessories.