Limited Warranty

    The limited warranty applies to products purchased from an authorized 1000SKU.COM retailer. Warranty coverage applies only to the original owner and the original product and is not transferable.

    1000SKU.COM warrants that when used under normal household conditions and maintained in accordance with the requirements outlined in this instruction manual, the equipment will be free from material defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase, subject to the following conditions and exclusions.


    Liability Unless agreed to in writing, the limited warranty does not apply to consequential and incidental damages and if the defect involves.
    Consumable parts such as filters or brushes, which are subject to normal wear and tear and require periodic maintenance and/or replacement to ensure proper operation of your equipment.
    Defects caused by rough or improper handling or use, or damage caused by accident, misuse, negligence, fire, water, lightning or other acts of nature, external factors such as weather, power outages or power surges.
    Improper operation or maintenance, failure to use in accordance with product instructions, or improper connection to a power source.

    Negligent use or maintenance, negligent or careless operation or misuse of the product.
    Accident, abuse, misuse or any unauthorized repair, modification or disassembly or opening of the product chassis.

    Failure by Buyer or a third party to comply with the environmental and storage requirements for the Products as specified by Seller.

    Failure to adequately package the product for shipping.
    If the battery is short-circuited, if the seal of the battery's battery housing is damaged or shows signs of interference, or if the battery is used in equipment other than that specified.
    Failure to use parts in accordance with product instructions.

    Use of parts and accessories that are not manufactured or recommended by 1000SKU.COM.

    Use in a commercial environment where the product is intended for residential use only.

    Extreme or external causes beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to: malfunctions, fluctuations or interruptions in electricity, ISP (Internet Service Provider) service or wireless networks.
    Weak and/or inconsistent wireless signal strength in your home.
    Any product purchased from an unauthorized dealer/reseller.
    Products used outside the country of purchase.
    Lost and/or stolen products.

    Disclaimer of Warranties:

    this limited warranty is your sole and exclusive remedy against 1000sku.com's sole and exclusive liability for defects in your product. This limited warranty supersedes all other 1000SKU.COM warranties and liabilities, whether oral or written.
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    Warranty Service If you wish to make a warranty claim, please contact your local dealer. After contacting your dealer, please have your product serial number and original proof of purchase from an authorized dealer showing the date of purchase and complete details of the product.

    For online store purchases:

    Please contact us through any of the following channels
    Email: support@1000sku.com
    Phone: +1 979-635-0527